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  • Take command of the toughest most deadly vehicles!
    Take command of the toughest most deadly vehicles!
    Strike with precision using orbital Ion Cannons and Nuclear Strikes!
    Strike with precision using orbital Ion Cannons and Nuclear Strikes!
    StrFight together to overcome every obstacle.
    Fight together to overcome every obstacle.
    Take part in the most strategic Infantry and Vehicular battles.
    Take part in the most strategic Infantry and Vehicular battles.
    Go guns blazing with the most diverse arsenal at your disposal.
    Go guns blazing with the most diverse arsenal at your disposal.
    Fast paced action keeping you at the edge of your seat!
    Fast paced action keeping you at the edge of your seat!
  • Renegade X: Patch 5.292 Pending Release

      Started by yosh56,

      Patch 5.292 Released


      Launcher Update: RELEASED

      Full Build: RELEASED


      Full Build Link : Link To Full Build


      Patch 5.292 focuses mostly on map bug fixes, a new and frankly improved grenade/ability system, and more nerfs to sniper's ability to single handedly hold an entire team back while fully exposed.It also further refines several UI elements, and makes it significantly more difficult to switch teams at will during the early portions of match startup. 

      In reality, 5.292 is just a brief update preceding a content update later this year. 


      TL;DR Patch Notes:

      +Grenades are no longer tied to the weapon list. They have their own UI element and are switched to with the 'Grenade/Ability' weapon. Default is 'X' [ala Tac-Rifle] 

      +Added spread to sniper rifles out of scope

      +Frag Grenades actually work now no matter what weapon you have out when they explode



      5.293 Hotfix Changelist


      +Fixed infantry regeneration at ELITE 

      +BHS/Deadeye no longer get the heavy pistol on refill


      +Tech Buildings no longer state they need repairs immediatly 

      +C4 spotting messages should work correctly now 

      +The vehicle stolen messages should work correctly

      +Grenade UI elements now account for veterancy properly

      +'MCT' is now a highlighted element 


      Reservoir :

      +Fixed an out of Map exploit 

      +Fixed shadows 


      5.292 Full Changelist


      +GRENADES are no longer regular weapons | They are switched to with the 'Grenade/Ability' key, which defaults to 'X' (See UI changes)


      +EMP Grenades now lock vehicle down longer with veterancy. They also do tick damage for longer against mines

      +Smoke Grenades now last longer with veterancy

      +500 Snipers: Replaced Heavy pistol with team specific SMGs

      +ALL SNIPERS : Increased spread while firing and not scoped from 0.0 to 0.15; Changed crosshair shape to reflect no longer being fully accurate

      +PIC/Railgun: Damage to infantry reduced 5% 




      Flak Cannon: Reduced pellet damage from 14x8 to 13x8
      Frag Grenade: Damage now respects armour types


      Chem Trooper: 
      Tiberium Grenade: Damage now respects armour types


      +Recon Bike: Base Health increased from 200 > 250 ; Rocket splash radius increased from 250 > 350 ; Base damage incresed from 50 > 60 ; Increased turning ability while sprinting




      +Automated defences now gain veterancy significantly faster. Would not suggest feeding.

      +ELITE now grants +1/0.5s Auto Health Regeneration | Heroic regeneration upped to +3/0.5s  [to vehicles due to a bug in pawns currently]

      User Interface

      +Added a Grenade/Ability timer at the bottom right of the screen 

      +The TAB scorescreen now highlights your name in green

      +Q-spot messages now display the important bits in highlighted colours

      +While you're an Engineer/Technician tanks and infantry in need of repairs will always* have a repair symbol over their heads unless saying something else. [The symbol is larger however if you explicityl state you need repairs]  

      +Added messages for stolen vehicles in the top left of the screen

      Bug Fixes

      +Fixed the Railgun doing more damage than the PIC

      +Fixed the starting TAB scorescreen not showing players at the start of the game

      +Fixed Q-spotting/focusing of Harvesters and Defences

      +Fixed the auto rifle and the tactical rifle not having vapor trails when hit-scan on other clients

      +Fixed stamina not regenerating in vehicles

      +Fixed Frag/Tib grenades randomly doing little to no damage sometimes

      +The surrender countdown should no longer continue counting down in the background 

      Map Fixes/Balance


      +Fixed collision issues in ship floor


      +Fixed out of map exploit and rock exploit near GDI Barracks


      +Fixed B2B spot

      +Fixed the overly epic 'CLEAR EVERYTHING' nuke crate

      +Increased brightness

      +Added vehicle blocking on top of structures


      +Various optimizations

      +Added proper sound attenuation to plank explosion sound so it isn't heard across the map 


      +Various Optimizations

      +Fixed some stuck spots

      +More preventing ARTY/MRLS spam to top of dam


      +Fixed an out-of-map exploit




      +You can no longer change team during the warm-up period of the match [sans Admin change team] 

      +Added server side option to disable team-switching for X seconds [RTC_DisabledTime in Default/UDK RenegadeX.ini] 

      +Fixed Nod soldier being listed as 95 speed on the PT menu


    Looking for Artists - Join us!

      Started by Havoc89,

      Hey community!

      Are you a 3D artist? If so we want to hear from you! We're looking to expand the team and we're looking for both aspiring and veteran 3D Artists specifically specializing in Characters, Vehicles & Weapons. So give us a shout here in this topic, or if you prefer to remain anonymous then private message me!


      Character Artist:

      • High / Low Poly Modeling
      • Create animation friendly geometry
      • Unwrapping / Texturing


      Vehicle Artist:

      • High / Low Poly Modeling
      • Unwrapping / Texturing


      Weapon Artist:

      • High / Low Poly Modeling
      • Unwrapping / Texturing
      • 1st & 3rd Person Optimization (Optional)


      If you aren't specialized in any of these categories, but still wish to help, then let us know anyways! We're always looking to expand the team, and with your help we can make everything more awesome!



    Renegade X: Patch 5.29 Released

      Started by yosh56,

      Patch 5.29 Notes

      Launcher Update: Released

      Full Build: PENDING [Link will be at bottom of this post]


      TL;DR version: 

      +Added 64-bit binaries [requires either starting from the install folder, or waiting on a launcher update to access]

      +Surrender is no longer an instantaneous game over

      +Shotgun spread is normalized

      +EMP grenades greatly affect vehicle repair speeds, meaning you should probably not get EMP'd

      +Comm Centre no longer shows enemies on the overview map; just the minimap

      +Removed a bug that let you rapid fire bolt action weapons ala beta 1



      Patch 5.29 Release Notes


      +Added 5 minute [changeable by server] countdown after surrendering. It's no longer an instantaneous game over

          -Surrender promotes the entire winning team to heroic. 

          -You can still win by base destruction if you surrender

      +Added Unsilenced variant of the default pistol [Applied to tier 0+1 infantry] | Slightly higher range and headshot modifier. 

      +Added support for experimental 64-bit binaries [requires a launcher update] 



      + Projectile guns should no longer get excessive range bonuses from veterancy. 

      + Hotty/Tech : Replaced Heavy pistol with Silenced Pistol

      +EMP Grenades: Increased Damage to vehicles from 0.0*6 to 5.0*6 | EMP'd vehicles recieve 1/4 speed repairs.  

      +Various Units: Veterancy speed modifiers changed to 5%/7.5%/10% from 5%/5%/10% ; 

      ALL Snipers: Armour type changeD to NONE from KEVLAR

      +Kevlar/None armour types now take a 20% penalty to most splash damage

      +The Comm Centre no longer shows all enemies on the overview map [Still shows everyone everywhere on the minimap] - May add a secondary function

      +AutoRifle : Increased Headshot multiplier to 4.0x from 3.0x 

      +ChainGun : Increased Headshot multiplier to 3.0x from 2.0x ; Slightly lowered base range




      Shotgun Trooper: 
      Shotgun: Spread pattern made less random and shape changed ; Decreased damage from 16x12 > 12x10; Increased range from 800 > 1200 ; Increased headshot multiplier from 1.25x > 2x 

      Tac-Rifle: Significantly reduced max range

      Flak Cannon: Spread pattern made less random and shape changed; Damage Per pellet increased from 12x10 to 14x10 ; Headshot Multiplier decreased from 2.25x > 2.0 


      Shotgun Trooper: 
      Shotgun: Spread pattern made less random and shape changed ; Decreased damage from 16x12 > 12x10; Increased range from 800 > 1200 ; Increased headshot multiplier from 1.25x > 2x

      Laser ChainGun BH : Veterancy now grants minor speed bonuses 
      LCG: Increased damage vs. heavy armour slightly 

      LightTank : Increased turret turn speed | Decreased VP worth from 7/9/12/15 > 6/8/10/13 | Increased Vet Sprint modifiers from 0/5%/15%/25% > 0/10%/20%/30% 

      Bug Fixes

      +Picking up health with SBHs should send them to the right state to restealth now. 

      +Fixed hot-swapping bolt action weapons during reload to make them fire faster 

      +Fixed being able to run in scope by using the walk command

      Map Balance







      +AT Mine's explosion is owned by whoever detonated them if it was via gunfire. [Like remote C4 on vehicles]

      +Bought vehicles now initially take the Rank of whoever bought them

      +Added Nod Technician's specific voice overs.

      +Removed base code for DevNuke

      +Surrender disable time moved back to DefaultRenegadeX



  • Renegade

      Renegade X By Totem Arts

      • 46522
      This is the installer for the Renegade X Multiplayer game client. If you're installing Renegade X for this first time, this is the file you want.  
      Renegade X is a free Tactical Shooter that brings the Command and Conquer FPS experience to Unreal Engine 3. Renegade X is developed by Totem Arts, an independent group of Command and Conquer fans from around the world dedicated to bringing the world of C&C to you, up close and personal.
      Players will be able to join up to 40 players and fight for two unique teams - the Global Defense Initiative (GDI), a UN international military force committed to world order and peacekeeping, and the Brotherhood of Nod, a messianic international terrorist network that aims to push humanity into the next stage of human evolution.
      Originally set to be remake of Westwood Studios' Command and Conquer: Renegade, Renegade X has evolved into the spiritual successor to the 2002 classic. Renegade X recreates and modernizes the game's unmatched multiplayer mode.
      The objective of the game is to destroy your enemy's base while protecting your own. Players will be able to manage their own economies, choose from over 30 weapons, 15 vehicles, and call in Nuclear Strikes, Ion Cannons, Airstrikes, and much more. Each team will have a base of operations that composes of several key structures. Each structure has its own purpose, and when a structure is destroyed, the affiliated team loses the benefits it once granted.
      We believe that this game mode - Command & Conquer Mode - can potentially revolutionize the FPS genre. It is the gem that went unnoticed for many years. Now is the time to uncover it.
      Minimum System Requirements:
      Windows XP SP2 (or any newer version of Windows) 2.0+ GHz processor 2 GB system RAM SM3-compatible video card 12 GB free hard drive space Recommended System Requirements:
      Windows Vista 64bit SP2 (or any newer version of Windows) 2.0+ GHz multi-core processor 4 GB system RAM NVIDIA 200 series of higher graphics card 20+ GB free hard drive space
  • Upcoming Events

    • 30 September 2017 07:00 PM Until 10:00 PM
      The weekly Pick-Up game is a series of organized and competitive Renegade X matches where every player is communicating using TeamSpeak. There's a game every week unless otherwise noted in the forum thread.
      TeamSpeak is absolutely required. You can download TeamSpeak for free at www.teamspeak.com, and a microphone is highly recommended but not required. You must be willing and able to listen to TeamSpeak chat -- this is an organized competitive match, after all.
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