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  2. 5.3 Feedback/Bug Reports

    @Jedor Restart your launcher, or install the new launcher by downloading here:
  3. What kind of music do you hear?

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  5. 5.3 Feedback/Bug Reports

    The game won't validate files while a preview video is playing on a map, not sure if this is old or new, or particularly important even, but yeah.
  6. We want more game modes!

    I think the c&c mode is great, I'm not sure if it's ever been mentioned but how about a mode where the idea is to take over the enemy base and not destroy it? With each building your side would have access to the enemy troops, tanks, additional harvester, etc. One of the best parts of c&c 95 was taking over buildings with engineers!
  7. What kind of music do you hear?

  8. Feedback and Ideas for Ren X Squad War

    @boxes and @DarkSn4ke if you want added a Logo too, please post it here. thx.
  9. Feedback and Ideas for Ren X Squad War

    @Radeon3 @Hakase @Madkill Logos are updated in your Team registration, thx.
  10. What kind of music do you hear?

  11. 5.3 Feedback/Bug Reports

    + You can get inside Obby on Under with Vehicles
  12. Renegade X Squad Wars

    My team is down two players now. If we can't find alternatives we'll play as a 8-player-squad. I'm sorry.
  13. can't install the game

    Should probably grab the launcher logs from his appdata folder and send them to AX
  14. Yesterday
  15. Abilty to buy back destroyed building

    Or perhaps integrate* the purchasable turrets mutator into a map... Hmm...
  16. can't install the game

    @yosh56 @AlienXAXS - Any assistance for this guy, he has PM'd me, with images showing it is stopping the Download
  17. can't install the game

    Try downloading it again, and running it It may be an old launcher
  18. can't install the game

    I've downloaded the installer from the site I'm not sure if it's an old version or not
  19. can't install the game

    Have you done a fresh install or just doing it from an old version?
  20. hi everyone, I have a problem installing the game. every time I open the Renegade X launcher it starts 'VALIDATING-- DOWNLOADING-- APPLYING' process, after it finishes validating it starts downloading a 5.682 GiB file and after a wile the downloading stops. every time I try to close the launcher to start again the installation process it happens again. can you please help me with that?!
  21. Hi. I have just opened my SDK to do some editing when i found i can no longer export models with textures from the game? I am confused and distraught! What happened? I'm mondo confused
  22. Last week
  23. Привет Товарищам!

  24. What kind of music do you hear?

    The new week start and I remember this guy and I like his music.
  25. Renegade X Squad Wars

    Information: Since it is the first squad tournament to be held, and this for an extended period of time, the following teams approved the increase to 13 participants: Dragon Clan (currently 10) and Lappen (currently 11). Thus, the Dragon Clan can designate 3 additional players and the team Lappen 2. All other teams already have the full number of participants.
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