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  2. Patch 5.284 Notes Launcher Update: RELEASED Full Build: PENDING (Thread linked below)
  3. Patch 5.284 Notes Launcher Update: RELEASED Full Build: PENDING (Thread linked below)
  4. Round 2: Tomb
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  6. Happy birthday!
  7. It hasn't been touched since forever so that's not a big problem. Lets keep both downloaders in the first phase. When the built-in version working and running for lets say a week or 2 and no serious bugs are encountered, then we can remove the seeker from the launcher. This way we can always fall back to something.
  8. I wouldn't be to hasty yet, while the ingame downloader is awesome, it still has some limitations. 1. The multiple map problem, which I will try and get fixed. 2. The config ini files wont transfer across. This can be turned into a non-issue by removing the need for them. As I understand it, the only place that needs it is skirmish. Since that info in the config is static, and is already essentially in the map info already put in by the map maker, the class can be changed to read that info straight out of the map, instead of from the ini files. 3. The pre videos, this is going to be harder to work out. If you can put a video straight into a map file, and then somehow read them out again from a program like the launcher, then that would be the answer. Trying to figure out how to actually do that,,, is going to be interesting. Otherwise the seeker could always be adapted to support the preview videos as an individual file. 4. The seeker can be used server side as a way to update official/recognised maps to servers without having to release a new renx build. As a server owner, I would love if the seeker/launcher would basically automatically maintain the official/common maps. And I'm sure map makers would love a way to publish their maps without having to wait for an official renx build.
  9. You helped me fix it anyway works like a charm exactly as described. Cheers ! See you in the field !
  10. Oh, thats pretty simple. Just use the manta blade skeletal controller in the anim tree. It is the same one we use on the artillery, and also the helicopter rotor blades. It automatically revs up when the vehicle has a driver.
  11. I've added a "Known Issues" portion to this post, since we weren't really tracking it anywhere. Please make sure your issue isn't already resolved in any of the change logs before posting.
  12. I assume it might be the artillery's ventilation with the spinning fan blades.
  13. My message was actually directed at @Snappy, sorry! The current launcher version has 2 known issues regarding progress: Download progress on a file is not reported until finished -- this results is weird display changes from 0 B/s to ridiculous figures beyond your network's limitations Downloads pause for a short period of time after an individual file finishes downloading -- this is because it's verifying the hash of the downloaded file before proceeding to the next Both of these issues are addressed in the next launcher build. In the mean time, you should be able to just "let it run" for a few minutes so it'll make progress. You can't have this build right now unfortunately, because it introduces a compatibility breaking change regarding game patching (we're switching from SHA-1 hashes to SHA-256 hashes), which requires a game patch to coincide with it. You can actually expect a launcher and game patch sometime in the near future (likely within 48 hours).
  14. Going to try that tonight Thank you ! Shall inform how it went.
  15. What do you mean by ventilators? As for the suspension, the rear tires are pretty straight forward. The only thing a little bit tricky would be the front tire suspension. I did something like this on the TS recon bike which you can check out. Or even the Stealth tank suspension. Essentially you want to use an invisible physical wheel a couple units in front of the front tire. This will be the actual wheel that is interacting physically, you will also need to make sure the radius of that wheel matches the wheel radius of the front. The visible wheel will need to be a child of the suspension component, but will not be a physical wheel, instead it will only inherit the rotation from the invisible physical wheel which will solve the issue of the wheel spinning correctly. To get the suspension to shift up and down correctly, you will need to apply a "Look At" skeletal controller so that this suspension bone is looking at the bone of the invisible wheel. Do this in max first so that you get the perfect alignment before doing the same in unreal. With the look at constraint applied in unreal, the suspension bone will always point at the invisible physical wheel which will shift up and down based on it's location. This trick works 100% of the time, and can give you some really convincing results.
  16. I've already removed it from the launcher on my local copy @Schmitzenbergh, and I'll commit that sometime tonight. We don't need to retain and maintain unused/deprecated features.
  17. I think you're using the launcher version with the goofed up the version number that was posted on the forums sometime back. Please reinstall the launcher. Here's the current launcher in the form of a zip: If someone comes across this thread in the future and the above link turns out to be a dead link, please download from the link labeled "patch_url" under "launcher" here:
  18. Yesterday
  19. There is also a stuck spot at the sniper perch overlooking the field at the top of Nod's stairs. If you go up there but jump beside the stairs, you can get stuck in the tree closest to the sniper perch. Sorry I don't have a screenshot.
  20. Hello there, The UDK, and therefore RenX has a cap of 10KBps that can be sent to each client from the server. This is a problem as RenX wants to send about 3x that amount of data. This can cause lag beyond simple ping, artifacts, and even information to be dropped altogether. You can see this in action by typing "stat net" into the console and looking at your "In Rate". Around 10 players on a server, and you'll start hitting that 10KBps limit, depending on how many vehicles are out, and other things.. At 15 players, you'll be pretty much always riding that cap. To show a bit on what I mean, the following video here shows the in rate with the cap inplace: And this following video shows how much data actually wants to be sent without the cap. Note that this is the same map, with even less bots, yet basically 3x as much data gets sent. The first part to removing the 10KBps cap is to replace the udk.exe files with the ones attached to this post. I have patched the latest udk exes to set the hard cap from 10KBps to 99MBps. There wont be any more udk's so these files should be fine for as long as RenX is a udk game. These exe's are completely compatible with non patched exe's, so no worries there. Also since the limit is placed server side, only the servers need to be patched in order for the limit to be removed. Simply copy the win32 version attached to this post into the Renegade X\Binaries\Win32 folder, overwriting the existing exe. I have attached the win64 version for completions sake. The 2nd part of the fix is to set the correct cap settings in the ini files. ===== On Servers ===== == Renegade X\UDKGame\Config\UDKEngine.ini == In the [IpDrv.TcpNetDriver] section, change the following values (yes both of them): MaxClientRate=40000 MaxInternetClientRate=40000 ===== EXTRA ===== The code is flat out ignoring these following options, but if the rate drops in the future, it might be worth looking into these settings: == Renegade X\UDKGame\Config\UDKGame.ini == In the [Engine.GameInfo] section TotalNetBandwidth=1600000 //If working, should be your MaxClientRate * MaxPlayers count MaxDynamicBandwidth=40000 //seems to be depreciated, its meant to adjust bandwidth based on ping MinDynamicBandwidth=4000 ===== On Clients ===== == Renegade X\UDKGame\Config\UDKEngine.ini == Under the [Engine.Player] section, change the following values: ConfiguredInternetSpeed=40000 ConfiguredLanSpeed=40000 OR Type "set Engine.Player ConfiguredInternetSpeed 40000" into the console. Do the same for ConfiguredLanSpeed as well. =DOWNLOADS=
  21. Aye. When this is implemented, I'll make the seeker default to not working. Peeps can Always enable it manually via the setting menu.
  22. Dont remove seeker, just leave it as an unmaintained method for download
  23. Does this mean I can finally mute all the people that scream that the seeker isn't working and rip it from the Launcher? (even though it works fine for most of the peeps)
  24. He has shamefully no right .. otherwise the full build download
  25. Mine won't even start
  26. That's good news!
  27. Dunno.. I just had it changed in Default from the patch and it worked fine for me.
  28. Managed to get this working on CT servers (using Field as the test). Will end up adding more maps shortly.
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