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  2. I am having an issue. In my map I have placed a purchase terminal (Rx_BuildingAttachment_PT_GDI). I need it to be accessible only at certain times. However, after 3 hours of trying everything I could think of I still cannot get this to work when testing on a server. You can modify the property of this actor, (such as TeamNum) only in the first 2 seconds of the game, after 2 seconds have passed no properties appear to be modifiable. A solution using Matinee to move the PT looked promising, but I couldn't get the matinee to reverse on a server. Any ideas on a solution?
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  4. @poi ❄ You know you really shouldnt be posting such inappropriate things on this innocent and pure forum. here let me fix that for you
  5. On an unrelated note it took my friend an hour after downloading to realize that he had to start the launcher to install the game, since nowhere does it say he's supposed to do that. Installation process could definitely use some tweaking.
  6. if you can't download RenX via launcher use iTweeks full build...
  7. I have been trying to get ren to download on my brother's computer for the past month or so, tried every trick posted on the forums. download still cuts out part way through. it even managed to go -48382 KiB/s somehow....
  8. @Shadow277 Nice!!
  9. @TacticalTaco open your task manager and close all things from Renegade. Then you delete the Patch folder and restart the download. Maybe you have to do it mutiple times to sucsess.
  10. Hi @TacticalTaco Just to confirm, you have attempted to download multiple times using the launcher including restarting the download process?
  11. Best Battle ever @roweboat
  12. Episode 3 is finally here!
  13. still poor ukill.... he must be feeling lonely and depressed to the thought of not being able to do it again i feel u ukill.... im here for u bruh
  14. Because when somebody q-spams a building when mines are down and your base isn't under siege, 9/10 times that usually means the infiltrator is in that building
  15. Not that i'm a particularly influential entity in the PUGs, but my friend's wedding is Saturday. Priorities. Too bad there isn't usually a Sunday one anymore, if I can, I just might play a Pub a little on Sunday instead.
  16. On top of the morning to you, Gentlemen. For days passed, my current download acceleration for patch 5.29 remained in 0 kb/s as of (50.8 Mib/390.6 MiB). Please I acquire your assistance to resolve this case. Thus, your services is appreciated. Good day!
  17. just had to see what happens after 999 kills... 1000.
  18. far islands are great sniper spots =D
  19. When you get up really high on IslandsNF... you can have epic sniper battles @ThePirate
  20. So normally I run the game on Ultra... this was shocking... @ThePirate
  21. With tanks you can do anything... Go anywhere.. be anywhere... @Henk
  22. I don't know much about boi? I'm very rarely killed by I can't say if this about him. It's not really a band wagon for me, man. Haven't really discussed it with anyone else. Snipers can be abused, wether by skill or hacking, it doesn't matter. They shouldn't be as capable as they are, under any circumstance. I'm just trying to think of things to work around them without drastically changing how they work. I'd rather see a buff to other elements of the game, then a need on snipers. Obviously, this is not a viable option so I'm just going to drop it. I'm not against poi or anyone else but what they are capable of doing with a sniper highlights a problem, and that's what I'm trying to resolve. I don't know what to do, I just wanted some thoughtful discussion. I'm actually debating on suggesting some substantial changes in how the game works but I don't think it'd go over well with the purists that want to keep it similar to the original game.
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  24. deathmatch

    @Henk nice map - is there an UFO fly by? - why aren't the (red) barrels destructible?
  25. When we were already half an hour into Under, suddenly: "shiit poi joined" - @ThePirate
  26. Team Fortress 2 adds damage when scoped. Not sure if I like anything like that. I was just suggesting why we need a mechanic, to balance something that already has numbers. Just wondering if 500 and 1k, should even be able to 1 hit kill equal cost classes, and I know I'm saying this for the umpteenth time. Engineers and hotwires have exceptionally low health, but why do they headshot kill everything else from full hp?
  27. What do you think, why they removed that
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