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  2. 95% of Radio Commands are Useless Now

    "Requesting reinforcements!" with a radar ping on my location or something could be usefull. I know you can mass spot enemies by holding Q to give your team an idea of what your dealing with, but in the heat of the action it can become awkward. it usually ends up with me spotting everything while in the dead mans camera. "Watch where you're pointing that!" and "dont get in my way!" are just pure Bad Manner troll emotes actually "Don't get in my way!" would work better as a taunt. "Destroy it now!" i find to be a morale booster command in the style of "let's f**k em up!", kinda useless but i love it. "Destroy that vehicle!" is also a bit useless since the double spot says just that, but for when i can't actually see the vehicle it can be somewhat usefull. Lets say im playing walls and an arty starts whoring our ref, if i was stuck repairing the ref i could say "The refinery needs repair!" - "Destroy that vehicle!", indicating to my team that a vehicle is attacking our ref from most likely far away.
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  4. 64 bit Sound bug

    Gotcha. I'll stop using it then. Thanks.
  5. Complex

    i mean....you can shoot weapons and ref with practically full cover, but sure...the airstrip tower is too exposed. How about fixing the b2b position for the ref?
  6. Ideas for XMas games

    Santa and his eight tiberium infested reindeer
  7. Complex

    @Developers Are we going to switch back to the old Complex next patch? People want it......
  8. Back in game. thoughts

    sad but true i guess. I think it was the best element of the game because it presented so many different ways to win. I thought i saw one up! Hope survives another day...
  9. Ragequitters

    I think is an element that could be worked. The Worst, is when you loose a building and yet you know your team is about to pull off an equally destructive move. Ways to increase team awareness of the overall situation might be helpful. Encouragement from a bot is nice, but from your team is very nice.
  10. Ragequitters

    Ya team hath no fury like a mad boost to morale to encourage your enemy to know exactly why they cannot beat you and your fellow comrades who aren't going to give up just because they lost a harvester, vehicle, building or base!
  11. Ragequitters

    With the type of game Renegade is, I dont think we could ever solve the problem of rage quitters. There is no way to punish people for leaving a match prematurely. I dont think we would even want to punish players who leave. There could be multiple reasons why people leave other than the rage quit. Sometimes i play longer than i should because i am having fun. If i stop having fun, like i am trapped in base, with no possible exit, I just leave. People have places to be. It is also the nature of the game. When you lose a building it is a massive moral hit. Some people cant take that, and they leave. A lot of people play games for stress relief. Ren is a stressful game. Losing a building or two is very stressful. So they leave. Some people just cant have fun when they are losing in general, understandable, I mean i wouldn't have too much fun if i got steamrolled. Hard fought losses on the other hand can be fun. This has been mentioned and looked into multiple times, its the reason why we can buy apc's and humvee/buggy when their respective buildings go down. I think features like this are a great idea. But there are downsides when you implement these kind of features. When you lessen the blow of losing a building you prolong the game. The winning team now has less of an advantage that they can press on the enemy. VP solved the problem of having 24+ hour field matches. Every feature that lessens the blow that's added, that helps prolong the game whether that is wanted or not. The only true way to solve rage quitting is to change peoples mind sets....which is nearly impossible. The other alternative is to put a @Madkill40 bot on both teams. They will make grand speeches to boost morale. Problem solved. VOIP would also help out a lot. You would be able to communicate much more easily. If your team knew you were about to blow up a building they might put some grit into their defence. Hope is a powerful thing. How many team games do you play that doesn't have some sort of voice communication? I mean q-spotting and voice commands help. But a lot of the time they are missed, ignored or not clear.
  12. 64 bit Sound bug

    I really need to get around to those.
  13. Back in game. thoughts

    I did put up another server (and it is still running), of Timed Matches. If you manage to get people on, you may be able to enjoy AOW again
  14. [Map] CNC-Outposts

    I've updated the map on the IGDL.
  15. 64 bit Sound bug

    The 64 Bit client is currently not supported for the game, (it exists but will not be officially supported, and may even be removed in a future update due to the number of issues that arise when using it)
  16. 64 bit Sound bug

    If you launch the game in 64 bit (C:\Program Files (x86)\Renegade X\Binaries\Win64), the sound cuts out every time you start a new map. The only way to get the sound back is to quit the game and relaunch it. Yes, I could launch the game in 32 bit, but, well, you have it in 64 bit, I have a 64 bit OS, and have a great deal of RAM that cannot be used if I run in 32 bit. Either way, the game is ridiculously awesome, and you guys have done a perfect job on keeping Renegade alive. Whether or not this ever gets fixed, y'all kick ass.
  17. Ragequitters

    We can't remove rage quits completely, it exists in any games that don't have penalties for abandoning games. People rage quit when a building gets destroyed. They just thought that it's better for them to leave if their abilities are limited when they lost a building. A small step to slightly reduce rage quitting might be reducing the effects of losing a building. Maybe a buff to free infantry will always help teams that lose any building a chance to fight back. I never like the VP system because I'm always against anything that punishes losing team even more and while it is good that it encourages people to stop throwing their lives in vain, it also discourages people from doing rushes although this game is based on RTS, rushing and being cannonfodders as regular infantry shouldn't be penalized heavily.
  18. Ragequitters

    Mabe remove death count now already? Thats the time when swarming, and rushing with free infantry comes in place. Nobody wants to see themselves fail, but its satysfying when they finally get that important kill. I understand that many of you simply do not care but u r minority.. just realize that. And wat about giving that VP to enemy team? Fuck it, ppl dies anyway. Nobody cares about giving VP in such a moments. The game must be fun to win but also fun to lose. This is just one of many things that could make players more satysfed while loosing or being terrible, or even supporting ur team with repairs while dying very much. It would defenitely move that ragequit-like mood to another level.
  19. Ragequitters

    maybe multiple sign ons... 0o0o0o0
  20. Ragequitters

    Well, I wasn't in the game at the time so I have absolutely no idea what really went on. If it was a bunch of people in mass quitting, than a ragequit is possible. Or maybe there was some sort of server crash, or a mod/admin kicked off several people? I just like to review all possibilities. If you haven't read the following two topics, you really should. So, what do you think may have happened after a second thought? If it really was say literally an entire team (like 20 plus people), than YES, you are most likely right. But again, there's a possibility of something you didn't see or know about. Was that a clan you were playing with, or a group of unique people? Blackouts occur, emergencies come up, etc. I'm just saying they have real lives, and they probably left for a different reason (they possibly have to quit the game anyway due to real world obligations). So if it was a ragequit I wonder what do they resort to doing with their free time off RenX, lol. Take me for instance, you never know when something may cut into my game time (like a bathroom break).
  21. Yesterday
  22. Pick Up Games (PUGs)

    Just a heads up, we will be starting up the Sunday PUGs once again, starting now.
  23. Back in game. thoughts

    AOW brought forth a second victory condition that was overall too complicated for players to grasp. People have to understand how the point system works, what gives the most points vs what gives the least, and what you should or should not do. Marathon offers one simple victory condition, blow up the enemy base. Nothing more, nothing less, easy to understand.
  24. [Map] CNC-Outposts

    Your water leaves much to be desired. Use a different texture maybe? I can't even tell its water, it looks like gone off milk. Aside from that the map is awesome, although something such as trenches or sandbag walls for the infantry path would be nice. It's the only area of the map which looks like it hasn't been fought over yet which just looks odd given the map itself. Don't be afraid to partially bury the wrecked vehicles.
  25. Activity check on game start

    I like this idea. Anything that presents even like teams is a worthy goal.
  26. Something I did again.

    I'm happy with as they are to be honest, bit of lighting might make them look better or instead some distance might do the trick. But the models are a good foundation as they are. Plz send?
  27. Back in game. thoughts

    Hey All, I finally got a new machine and a new connection and am back in the game. I like most of the new changes i see. But since i have never been able to play with effects full on before it seems like a new game to me! Wow those colors and effects are awesome. Sadly i really miss the gameplay of timed games. Were they just not liked? What happened to them and is there ANY interest in bringing them back?? But it is still a GREAT GAME ! And i do not have to portal to enter a building..... wow... lol.
  28. Ragequitters

    ow. thats harsh. I cannot answer your questions, only offer up a thought. Surely they all do not see the fun in fighting on. I think this game is still has a lot of great fun when you are behind.
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