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  3. CNC-Unnamed

    Would it be worth making if it is that similar? I don't want to waste time on map no one will play... at this point(of course more fixes) is the 'map design' good enough or actual game play?
  4. CNC-Unnamed

    Yeah definitely, I was just getting em down to make a solid 'play area'. I also noticed I could hide inside of one of the rock meshes.
  5. Beacon placed glitch?

    NO. It is trivial. This needs fixing as soon as possible...
  6. Beacon placed glitch?

    this glitch beacon is one of the hardest. I doubt he placed it intentionally, more likely he misplaced it by chance
  7. Beacon placed glitch?

    On the contrary, the intention matter the most.
  8. Beacon placed glitch?

    You need to be careful with applying the blocking volume as if you do it incorrectly, you will end up preventing users from using the ramp or causing unexpected issues such as mounting the Bar with vehicles
  9. Beacon placed glitch?

    I tried it multiple times but I couldn't place it between the ramp and the barracks. But I think a blocking volume will fix it.
  10. Beacon placed glitch?

    Well, I think he'll get the ban, bug using is bug using, it doesn't matter if he did it intentionally or not. But I think a simple blocking volume is enough to fix that, isn't it @Ruud033 @Henk @kenz3001 @TK0104?
  11. Beacon placed glitch?

    It was Chlenix the one that planted it but im not sure if he did it willingly or not though ( he tends to plant beacons in weird places).
  12. [Level] CNC-Uphill Redux

    change log ... its a good habbit
  13. Beacon placed glitch?

    @Sailarc atleast we won lakeside destroyed solo 3 buildings and it was so close . Placed a ion near hon and emp'd ref. main focus was ref and destroyed it. I still wonder why no one did disarm that ion.
  14. [Level] CNC-Uphill Redux

    Version 2.4.0 is Released! (I'll be optimizing all my maps that have a chance for an official patch / I feel can be added in an official patch)
  15. [Map] CNC-Toxicity

    Just a little update to the background and perhaps to make more sense of a particular bridge area... What is that in the distance..? Ooooo Ahhhh
  16. Beacon placed glitch?

    True I'll see if I can fix it on my own package for RenX buildings with ramps.
  17. Beacon placed glitch?

    Or just fix the building. The HON would need some interior renovation as well, in regards of the hidden mines.
  18. Test Servers Bugged-

    I can understand the issue regarding city flying. I'll remove it from Testing server.
  19. Test Servers Bugged-

    CNC-City Flying does not work on the CT test server as it gives the "testField" error message, but Frostbite works on the CT Test Server. This is very odd.
  20. Beacon placed glitch?

    Well, we need to fix that for all maps with ramps on barracks. I tried that mutiple times on a test server but never got it.
  21. Someone placed nuke beacon here, I try to disarm it, but I found the nuke beacon is unable to disarm
  22. Renegade X - in Squad

    Keep it up. Iam not fan of the style, but you have done some good work mainly with the vehicles and its graphics. Id like to play single-player campaign mode like this tho
  23. Hi guys! So recently I've played Black Dawn again and I saw in a cutscene the an officer in the tower standing there and using his binoculars. I was thinking this would be a great animation to use for the airstrike in third person. I know that you can't use airstrike without right mouse click, but you see you probably have seen a friendly one using an airstrike. While your teammate uses an airstrike, he's just standing there and in a few seconds you'll see a small laser in front of him. Not really special. That's why I like to see this kind of animation when you mark the area for an airstrike. It will feel like he's really using an airstrike and not saying the magic words to call in one. Give me your opinion and let it happen! Regards, TK0104 ( @[email protected]@[email protected]@[CT][email protected]@kenz3001 and all the other Devs)
  24. CNC-Unnamed

    I would suggest to keep the beach, change the palm trees to pines or the other types. Maybe change the scenery so it looks like a lake with mountains on the other side. (Just like in the posted picture) Some paint art: Edit: I just noticed, but this is like reversed lakeside
  25. CNC-Unnamed

    I'd suggest to make the large rocks smaller. Because their collision isn't exactly on the mesh, sometimes over and sometimes under it. Meaning that you will have parts with an invisible collision, and parts where you can go slightly inside the rock. It can also look a lot better and more detailed that way.
  26. CNC-Unnamed

    It's more of a landing thing, the forest is the 'inland' part of the weird little thing. It's like a little chunk of land. I'm probably just gonna delete the beach and water and just make it into a forest map
  27. CNC-Unnamed

    the background (forest) doesnt really fit into a tropical islands setting
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