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  2. What kind of music do you hear?

    @Madkill40 Schmitzenberghs music was a little bit longer (not finished yet) need more time. Seems to be that you are a Star Wars fan too. Right?
  3. What kind of music do you hear?

    @Schmitzenbergh Very long For my neighboring in NL after I was hearing some minutes I was starting this:
  4. hey, I have the server new ssd install it should now go again. Thank you for the note again
  5. What kind of music do you hear?

    I listen to a lot of music, but when I really want to go full retard/leerooy Jenkins i listen to this:
  6. What kind of music do you hear?

    This is my new favourite track ever https://youtu.be/DhkgohG9lTM
  7. Most Players NA or EU? Would like to come back!

    Did I not just back it up? I backed it up and get nothing, such disappoint
  8. PUGs Discord?

  9. Game stuck on loading screen

    didn't even notice I had that option selected, thanks. I really missed that loud intro
  10. PUGs Discord?

    What is the discord for the current PUG going on? I think it’s constructive tyranny’s organized play server
  11. Game stuck on loading screen

    want them back? deselect the "Skip Movies" option [Launcher -> Settings] but doing so you'll also get the rather quite UDK intro back
  12. What kind of music do you hear?

    I think it's unusual for her to be a part of rock band They have several albums with her voice, but she is singing only on Moscow concerts. Thank you! Never heard them before, but I like this kind of music!
  13. What kind of music do you hear?

    @UFO Einstürzende Neubauten I know from the 80's, was a part of "Neue Deutsche Welle". For me it was to strange at this time. For german songs I don't need a translation, but good for everyone. In this time I heard a lot of : Depeche Mode, A Flock of Seagulls, Blancmange, Sisters of Mercy, The Cure and so on. Secound Video i enjoy to watch the Lady ( for me nice), but she has a movement like a "railway barriers" with a good voice. Following sound is from the 80's too. Sound is not perfect but is a live version. Good old 80's.
  14. Game stuck on loading screen

    I have not seen any loading screens at all since spring I think.
  15. What kind of music do you hear?

    Some more music on different languages. This time with translation English translation: http://orgia.ru/article.php?id=145
  16. Game stuck on loading screen

    In the launcher options, do 'reset game' 9/10 it's just old/bad configuration files.
  17. Most Players NA or EU? Would like to come back!

    The original idea still stemmed from what I said. Would literally only be me B0ng and one other person there to back it up. Whatever; back on topic
  18. Game stuck on loading screen

    my bet its a custom map and the shaders are building (it may take a wile but you can check if it is building shaders in task manager ... cant remember the process name but it will have shaders in the name and it will max out your cpu usage) if it is the shaders building just leave it it will finish soon and you shouldnt have to rebuild them again (for that map / map version)
  19. What kind of music do you hear?

    At first i must to apologize my bad english. For me some really good songs, and the best everyone likes music doesn't matter in which genre @DarkSn4ke Moby is well know and thx. for posting it (I like this song too). Matrix=Piano mid is nice. @Sarah! Good song to relax, but I'am happy that you show us this Version and not HOME - Resonance (10 Hour Version) @Gliven Last Video sounds like charleston but with a very creative made video. @voltex Nice I hope some other ppl show up here.
  20. Most Players NA or EU? Would like to come back!

    Oh really? Because i remember how we had 6v6 back in tmx and then canucck posted the idea for a pug game and afterwards we played that instead.
  21. Game stuck on loading screen

    Hi Cory, Welcome to the game. Lets do a little debugging. Does this also happen when starting a skirmish game? Also, could you please post the log file, directly after the problem occurs. You can find the log at, (game folder)\UDKGame\Logs\Launch.log For now, you can try verifying the game, by opening the launcher->settings->verify game integrity.
  22. So I start the launcher and then click join the sever everything loads up and goes through the little movies or whatever they are. Then it says establishing battlefield control. It just will load forever and never stop let it sit there for like a hour once nothing happened. Please help
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