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  2. The only thing.. dont be to near of it (your veh) ,SBH could crush you before you try to detonate not a good idea to stand directly in front or on the back of the vehc
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  4. I heard my mates talking about a Snow match with 50 people some days ago.... You can imagine how exciting that must have been
  5. DarkSn4ke shares essentially the same feelings as I. I can think of at least 1 unreal-based 5v5 game, that I'd rather play in any circumstance, to a 48v48 on a map with only 2 vehicle entrances and 3 infantry entrances. That's literally 11 people per entrance, nobody's ever getting into an entrance. If you want 32v32, make a map that has 4 entrances, lots of empty space between bases, and 4+ infantry entrances, so the gameplay doesn't blow as a result. Nobody ever played Battlefield (which I hate btw), on Call of Duty maps. If you have 32 players, but only 3 places for them to go, it's a clusterfuck, they need at least 6 places to go so they can space out to 5 players a place. I also still think, it's easier to fill up 2-32 player games, than it is to fill up a 64, and it's way easier to fill up 3-32 player games, than it is to have a 64 player game and then attempt to start another with 10-20 people.
  6. map

    If you want to take a look at it I can release it. The major design of this map is finished. Well, YES with a lot of imagination^^ It's supposed to be some sort of "root" connecting the riparius.
  7. now again has the problem
  8. Pro tip: For the people that like to leave their veh's in pugs.. 1. Remote your vehicle before leaving base 2. When sbh gets in blow it up. EZ
  9. Bug Report for: GoldRush [created by: ? ] [@Henk] Hello community, let's take a look into our Klondike map! Misc.: Getting-out-of-the-map: Nod Refinery rock collision: Uhm... yeah @Henk didn't you tell me that you've fixed that as you can see... you (still) can get out of sight here Minor stuff: Happy fixing @Henk! Regards, Sn4ke
  10. Well someone forgot to either a. Lock the hand from rotating b. Unlock the gun from the screen constrain Or some script bug happened
  11. Max. players slots is a very subjective issue. For my part, I will definitely not play on a server with 40+ players. Not that it matters much as I'm only playing PUGs & testing maps lately. Everything from 10 - 30 players is awesome, up tp 40 is... acceptable. 40+ - no way (for me ). But that's a thing every player has to decide for himself. Bad side-effect: the already small playerbase could crumble even more. - OR: positive side effect: avg. playerbase increases due to more slots on 1 server.
  12. From what I can recall, the initial rationale for reducing the player limit from 64 to 40 was for performance issues that occurred at higher player counts -- this was originally meant to be a temporary change. I'm not against raising this hard limit back up to 64 whilst leaving the default value at 40, thus eliminating the need for a mutator. I'm also not against refusing servers with player limits above 64 from the server list, though. Much of the game's UI (launcher included) assumes that there will be at most 64 players at any given time in addition to balancing issues.
  13. map

    The things on the ground in the last pic. Is that.... Tiberium Veins from TS?
  14. I'm still going to stand my usual ground, and say this is a terrible fucking cancerous idea. Stalemates are reduced greatly with good gameplay improvements by the outstanding development and collaborative community. It's still disgusting to imagine playing in a 64 player server, even ones playing only new-field and eyes and such. What I'd wish servers would do, and I have no say and understand it'll never happen, is agree to host capped at 32. Everyone's going to go to reputable servers anyway, game performs slightly better at 32, and the actual gameplay is tolerable, the vehicle limits allow for reasonable infantry density, the defenses aren't harder than my dick, 9 migrant repairmen roaming the base aren't a thing, sniping doesn't pay off quite as massively, it's just generally better, and most importantly, if we have 40 players, there's a greater chance 8 will join an empty server, allowing it to fill both to 60, than there is for >6 to join an empty server, and fill it even to 20. Which is funny, because we fill a 30-40 person game during PUGs, while a near-full PUB is running. Extra-ordinary circumstances, but still think it'd work. Then again, it really sounds even better, if there was a out-of-server lobby/queue to notify how many people are looking to join a server despite one being full. Hopefully people very seriously consider 32 person servers then, just host more servers with less people for quality sake and so they're easier to start and fill. Thanks for letting me broadcast my opinion anyway though. Carry on, everyone. Carry on.
  15. I did say player count rather than limit, ya know
  16. thanks, I'll give it a shot, where do you put the plugin might I ask? I threw it in the plug in folder, but I'm not sure how to get 3ds 2017 to identify it.
  17. Update: @Riou Insuiko has managed to get this working now.
  18. Uhm agent just noticed this (and since there was nobody ingame I went to the forum and stumbled on your post...)
  19. Last week
  20. Join the CT Teamspeak at
  21. I do indeed have access to Teamspeak, yes.
  22. Hmm... Do you have Teamspeak and Teamviewer?
  23. I followed your instructions. I have done this previously with the same result: It verifies that it is indeed Open Beta 5.281 but it does this consistently and my game continues to go through the same cycle of trying to connect and kicking me to the main menu.
  24. Ok Try closing all the servers and game clients and then open the launcher and choose Settings. Then choose Verify File Integrity
  25. Okay, I followed your instructions, and it does the very same thing. Forcing me back to the main menu after attempting to connect.
  26. ok try the following. Open the launcher, and choose Launch Server, Then launch the game and type in the console (f5) open If you can connect to that, it shows that you are able to actually play the levels.
  27. It's EKT-Riou, yes. There's no connections? Weird. See the problem is that I don't know why that is. I have internet that works (very well) so I don't think that's a problem either. What the heck is going on here? Could it have anything to do with Steam?
  28. What name are you trying to use when connecting to the Servers? EKT-Riou? If so, your name has not made any connection that the IRC bots have picked up.
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