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  2. Sometimes in video games, map designers of a game world may put in out-of-the-way locations not meant to be accessed during normal gameplay. I'm not sure if this kind of trope already exists, but if not, let's call it Ghost Town Logic or anything you deem proper. If you played Grand Theft Auto 3, you saw the introductory cut scene when you began the new game file. This introduction takes place in an alley behind a bank, and you can not get to this location during gameplay unless you're skilled with the silly Dodo plane (it's near impossible to fly), put in the flying cars cheat, or use a trainer or mod to access the introductory cut scene zone. Rockstar Studios had to have the location within the game world so it could be used for the introduction, as all cut scenes in the game rely on in-world locations. The name of the area, Ghost Town, was coined by fans due to the inaccessibility and non-solid property of the area, plus it's absolutely devoid of pedestrian life and vehicle traffic altogether. In real life, ghost towns are essentially abandoned towns that once teemed with human activity but then deserted due to any kind of issue such as economic downfall & bankruptcy or natural disasters. This is sort of what applies to the video game trope (especially that of GTA3) as the location is a town, but not really a town; a ghost of such. In Renegade X's Paradise Map made by Dr. Anubis, there are 2 variations of the Ghost Town logic. It appears that Dr. Anubis had to rely on in-game locations that already exist so he could make custom backdrops for team purchase terminal menu screens. The GDI ghost town is located shortly away from the GDI base (fly out of the map with a sandbox spawned aircraft), like in the area behind the jungle's GDI silo. Be careful if you explore on foot here, GDI ghost town has flooring that is non-solid in some spots. The Nod ghost town (more like airport :D) is located in a corner of the map, somewhat distant from the derelict Hand of Nod you see from your real Airstrip. The Nod airport used for Nod's menu screen does have a Recon Bike you can drive from the back of a cargo plane, so he clearly kept in mind explorers would find this location. All of the airport has solid ground. It's also possible to warp to this bonus airport by means of a secret warp button found in the Dr. Anubis secret lair (one way ticket, you can't warp back). In a recent map update he sealed off the entry point by ground means, so you really need a flight permission or aircraft to access the secret lair now; this was likely done so during a real game, players can't go AFK/goof around in the secret bonus locations while the teams are battling it out, and teams would therefore lose participating players. It's worth noting that Dr. Anubis' ghost town areas essentially have live feed cameras, but of course they're only meant to function as a simple wallpaper for the menu screens (some devices and characters are animated in a subtle manner). In a real match, it is definitely just that. HOWEVER, if you're in a sandbox or testing server you can do something funny with the ghost towns. Anyway, someone the other day had a theory, and landed a helicopter at the GDI ghost town and suicided. Then he looked at the menu screen and indeed, the helicopter he landed showed up on the screen. Therefore, if you view your purchase menu screen you could see players running around the ghost towns if they were over there, lol. Got anything else to say (or comment) about the already mentioned ghost towns? Do you know if such ghost town logic applies to other games? If yes, please post away.
  3. I think you added collision to things that aren't in need of collision. Can you try firing a chaingun? If the projectiles block, it might be collision on the sky-dome or other large object (Had that problem with Grassy back in the day). Then again, if you are going to roll back a version, don't bother. I think thats better anyway as a lot seems to be shifted...
  4. Maybe. If users have installed the game va the MSI that shouldn't be necessary. Then again, not everybody does this. I'll put it on the board, shouldn't be that hard to do.
  5. I may be the one person that completely understands, since I've gone through this phase before several times in the past. I'm glad you tried though, it looked very promising. Good job!
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  7. @Schmitzenbergh maybe we should demand administrator privileges for self-patching the launcher?
  8. I don't know what's up with those C4, don't know why it's happening. I do know how to block the camera in the tunnels: add BSP around them, just outside of the tunnel, it's what I did for Snow & Tunnels. Give the BSP a simple material for optimization purposes, you probably won't be able to see the material anyway because light doesn't reach it. But in case light does reach it, you won't see the weird purple placholder material.
  9. Today I made some experiments Install.bat works. It completely removes old "launcher" folder but it can't move new "launcher" folder to the Renegade X directory. And at the end of installation process I always have error message (can't find Launcher.exe). So I found "RxTmp" folder where installation files lie and moved new "launcher" folder manually. Problem solved, but I still don't know what's wrong with my pc
  10. Hmm... Very weird. It runs through all steps, but yet it can't show the window. Any overlay software running or something else that tries to attach to a game? Overclocking software? The launcher seems to crash at the moment it want's to show the main window. This is most certainly something externally (I have 3 pc's at home, one with an AMD gpu, one with a Nvidia and even an Intel thingy to test the launcher and all run fine.) I'll try to cook up another launcher to try and pinpoint the problem, but it will take some time. Kinda busy at work atm.
  11. I might be of help. Usually - when I am not blowing stuff up in RenX - I am a Motion-Designer with quite some knowledge in Modeling. At least my modeling knowledge far exceeds what Motion-Designers are capable of when it comes to 3D and modeling I have no specialized education nor am I full-time modeling but I know my way around Topology farely well by now and I do speak the "language" in general. I just quickly picked some references (see attachments) but I could provide you with some extra smaller examples! Actually I am unemployed right now - at least for the next two months - (quit my job last week) and will get access to my work from my former company on wednesday. I am horrible at unwrapping and - oh- I forgot to mention I am only "native" to Cinema4D. Yea, you heard that right I know a little 3DsMax. But since exchanging OBJ would be "enough" - I guess - this shouldn't be too much of an obstacle.
  12. How do you mean this? Perhaps I misunderstood - you are scrapping it because you think other people would not like this to be in the game?
  13. I know alot of people were actually looking forward to this being completed. Some really creative things could come about because of a new structure like this !! 😁
  14. Because I wanted to. This was meant only for me because I thought I would be the only person to enjoy it in game and nobody else would appreciate it. I posted it, got good feedback and that was it. Sorry it has to be this way.
  15. ep 7 My best parts : The Surf Nod Buggy was cool Island: great gameplay.. who was in river hiding ? Hotwire in Nod ref in island was lol
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  17. Recorded a little something.... (changed the music though, to make it a rap) Listen here:
  18. @Schmitzenbergh If you're referring to the OS, it's 64 bit Windows 10. Just to be sure that the Windows install wasn't borked, I did several sfc /scannow runs and it didn't turn up anything. I used that debug launcher (placed all the files in the launcher directory after moving the originals to another folder called ORIG), and these are outputs that I see: 1) Starting up the launcher 2) Checking cmd arguments 3) Starting the launcher 4) Setting-up mainwindow 5) Components initialized 6) ASYNC: Gamerversion == null -> In UpdateVersionMethod 7) ASYNC: Trying to grab Gameversion 8) ASYNC: Getting INI 9) ASYNC: Getting Gamerversion Done 10) Version known, normally starting Then I get a different pop up window that states Renegade X Launcher has stopped working - A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. I press the close window option, and that's it. Edit: The odd thing is, that launcher stopped working error that Windows throws out only happens perhaps 1 in 4 or 5 times. The other times it just never does anything that I can see, just never shows anything without any active processes that I can find.
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