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How recent was the site cleared?


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I'm glad this is the first post you see when looking up the game. If the current devs behind the game really are alt-right trash, I'm glad I got prior warning before wasting my time getting invested.

Sorry to hear you had so much shit flung your way.

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2 hours ago, snon said:

Has Cronus ever offered even an insincere apology?

Yes, but not for calling me a faggot or even for anything he did, instead just for things being “messy”. Generally the message seemed to be along the lines of “not sorry for anything I did lol I would definitely do it all again lol but sorry you feel like what I did was wrong lol”.

And I have no doubt he’d do it again, it’s not like I’m the first person he’s gone out of his way to screw over.

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"Sorry you're such a bitch"
That sucks.
I still find it odd that TA finds the path of sweeping this under the rug and hoping the majority of players don't know/don't care/agree with Cronus easier than actually addressing it in some form or fashion.
Non-descript statements of "holding the game hostage." meanwhile it was partly over the repeated and prolonged bigoted comments of one team member to another. It paints TA as a clandestine sect of bigoted freelance volunteer game devs who have an agreement with Electronic Arts lol.

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Honestly I don't get it, the only way I know how to describe is "pretty face antagonistic" where they'll use some completely random descriptors to belittle any claims (i.e: "holding the game hostage"), which is insulting, while completely ignoring any responsibility they have and completely ignoring that they're the ones in the wrong. People just go along with it. The place is a cult.

Like ffs, imagine robbing someone's house, and then the victim saying "you know what, fine, I haven't pressed charges, please stop using my stolen possessions though", and then waiting an entire year for them to take their darn time to move away from using your works. Then they point out that you said they could borrow the lawn mower and you say okay fine whatever keep the stupid lawnmower, but quit using the rest. That's unheard of levels of tolerance, which they pissed on, and they have the gall to say the DMCA notices are "frivolous" when they've had an entire year to remove those works. Then after that, they're childish and petty enough to block my home IP from the website and such? Like seriously fuck off, that's a whole different level of entitlement.

Which yeah, a year after telling them to cease using my works, which they agreed to do mind you, they're still using them. Their response to DMCA notices was to literally move hosts to one who gloats about tossing out 99% of DMCA notices, instead of just removing the works. The whole bunch is nothing but a bunch of crooks as far as I'm concerned at this point.

I even went through the effort of reading through US copyright law and quoting the actual law from 17 US Code, including pointing out that what they're doing is literally criminal. Completely ignored. They literally do not care that they're flagrantly breaking the law, and indeed go out of their way to continue getting away with doing so, moving hosts and all.

I have never in my life heard of people so resistant to just doing basic things to make things right, things which cost nothing. An apology costs nothing. Getting rid of a bigoted criminal racist costs nothing. Removing my works actually costs nothing. Fairly negotiating for those works instead of being forced to remove them, can cost nothing. None of those things are asking for much, and none of those things would be remotely close to the wrong thing to do. It actually blows my mind. They would actually rather risk going to court, losing, and consequently being forced into bankruptcy + assume criminal risk (there's easily both criminal copyright and CFAA issues at hand) + be personally liable for any civil judgement, than do anything that any normal decent person would do.

It's irrational, and it says quite a bit. I'm not exactly asking for anything unreasonable, just basic decency, any basic decency, and it's so incredibly frustrating.

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