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How recent was the site cleared?


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I'm just a passerby, never played renegade-x or plan to (big c&c fan though lol). I'm sorry you had to experience that. There exist good communities, good people out there. Most randos (like me) who see content like the stuff you posted the other side saying would obviously realize how abusive it is. Don't get gaslit into thinking any of it is normal or healthy. Anyway, wish you the best!

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On 8/27/2023 at 7:35 PM, Frost Tarken said:

Though they jokingly said

Honestly I don't think it's a joke. The number of times I've heard variations of "we/they don't know how to get rid of him" is both startling and also weirdly reassuring.

Unrelated note I've been pushing off posting for a while: at some point I plan to get around to replacing this website. Main thing preventing such is they still refuse to hand back any of the stolen data, like the wiki, which I would really rather have hosted up on here rather than this temporary forum. I have the articles from it, but not the account data to host/put it back up, so I've been procrastinating setting up MediaWiki again so this can be a more permanent informational site.

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Sounds like you need to take it to the courts, Agent.

Wasting time talking about someone who obviously has a demon (Cronus/Anubis) is not going to get you anywhere. Set the hurt that fool put you through aside and focus on creating and submitting a case against these thieves and miscreants. You have the evidence you need, it seems.

That's what I would do in your situation.

Wishing you good luck, God Bless you.

Prayer is power in this situation, you could even use the authority from the Lord to command the demon in Cronus to leave. Hopefully your situation gets resolved, what they did to you isn't right and wouldn't stand in a court of law. You could also sue Cronus personally for mental anguish, just saying. It'd be better to put the creep out of work, though. People like that deserve to be living in the filth on the streets.


I just barely discovered Ren-X youtube video only to find this forum and the drama within, it's a shame -- but alas that is the causation of sin and its impact on the human relationship. Cronus is obviously a completely uneducated and immoral individual and it's a surprise that they are even allowed out in public. Seems a better fit behind bars.

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Sorry for the late reply, I'm just now seeing this. I don't check as often as I used to 😅

On 9/13/2023 at 2:46 PM, prophesied said:

focus on creating and submitting a case against these thieves and miscreants

I could, I should, and I'm pretty sure I'd win, but honestly... I don't think I will at this point. Up until about maybe a year or so ago I had genuinely planned to, but it kind of just fizzled out as life got busy again (changed jobs, moved cities/states, sold house, etc etc). I might still send in relevant DMCA notices from time to time until the end of time or until they decide to formally apologize as an organization, but that's probably about it.

Although I'm absolutely disgusted with that entire group beyond repair, there just isn't much to get out of a case that I actually want, so there isn't much of a point. Like, what would I achieve, some judgement against a few deadbeats who probably can't even afford the attorney's fees? What's the point in that? Plus, maybe the position they've put themselves in with regards to Cronus is punishment enough. People do tend to eventually reap what they sow.

Thanks for the words of support though, from everyone on here, on Discord, in DMs, etc. It's been really encouraging and really did help restore some faith in humanity, which goes a long way towards better personal health. One of the most painful feelings in the world is the idea that just nobody cares, and people voicing support really helped mitigate that just a little. ❤️


Edit: A comic I found relatable to the experience, especially early on, though maybe I didn't at all succeed in not responding/reacting haha:


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Yeah, some times you just have to realize that life is taking you in a different direction for a reason, for better things that you cannot yet see and that you don't want to fight to remain in the same pit that others make for themself.

Just go with the flow and know that no matter what, you are loved by an eternal love whose peace is stronger than all perceptions of this world. That it isn't your fault or even our fault, but that we are victims of an infliction of sin that degraded the relationships between humans and between The Most High. That people who treat others poorly are actually affected by a demonic spirit and should be pitied, should be treated as someone who needs saving and not an enemy but rather someone that needs to know of God's love for them (really hard for most people, even me, to accept, but it is the truth -- even harder to practice). But that forgiveness, mercy and kindness triumph, that all those who side with the dark ones get the divine right justice that they deserve when they finally do lay in the pit they chose either knowingly or unknowing, with intention or careless disregard. We are merely here to show them the options of choice. That we can all be better, not only to our self, but to each other.

Inevitably, I always try to remind myself that when the power goes out, all of this virtual stuff we spend our lives on is gone and all that remains is what is right before our eyes. It's best to use it to try to help people so that there is some tangible net result from our interactions over these electric fences. Let's try to put more emphasis and importance in that rather than the virtual fictions that will inevitably vanish and leave us wondering why we spent so much of our life time and effort in what amounted to nothing. Sure it can be engaging and feel like it means more than the world, but ultimately it won't be there for us when we have no electricity. That simple fact is why I prefer hobbies like carpentry. 🙂 

I still spend too much time on here, but that thinking is if it keeps me out of trouble, then it is alright as long as that is the result. If I can help others crawl out of a dark pit, then it is worth the time I put into it.

Glorify mercy, glorify kindness, glorify forgiveness, glorify our Heavenly Father and our Lord and Saviour and all else will be added to you.

I know to most secular people I sound like "one of those crazy religious nutjobs" but alas I am not. God is a spirit and I'd rather side with the spirit of forgiveness and love than side with the spirit of deceit and destruction. Simple as that.

God bless you in your endeavors and don't be afraid to let the light in. I finally asked myself the question, "What am I running from?" for all of my life and the answer was Love. What a silly thing to do, right? 😄 

You'll be fine as long as you lean on the Holy Spirit.


As for game projects, if you do end up wanting to work on another C&C Tiberian Sun project that won't pull the rug from under you, you're welcome to drop by my two man crew working on a simple passion-driven C&CTS overhaul mod for a game called Empyrion Galactic Survival. There is no money involved, no companies and no a-holes. I'll leave the discord here for your choice and if you have the time, hope you stop by and check it out. It's just barely starting and you're more than welcome to participate. https://discord.gg/7nzV7wTYdM


Much love, my brother or sister.

Stay safe.



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