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Found 3 results

  1. Renegade X: Patch 5.31 Released

    Server Update: RELEASED Client Update: RELEASED Feedback and bug reports can be addressed in THIS TOPIC. Patch 5.3 is the long awaited, and slaved over, patch that finally addresses a multitude of issues with maps, weapons, and most of all SOFT WORLD BOUNDARIES [hint hint hint]. More importantly, patch 5.3 finally integrates the sole mutator that put myself in the spotlight to even go team dev: Commanders. A multitude of issues with Renegade (both old and new) generally stemmed from uncoordinated teams, and lack of a good way to bring plans to central focus without just constant chat spamming in all caps. Sure, you'll never get 100% participation in an online game, but being able to vote one man in, to lead and properly channel all information through, does wonders to bring a swarm of misguided men and women together in an epic display of raw, coordinated power. It may also help to know that commanders have been upgraded significantly since their infant stages as part of a mere mutator years ago. They still maintain their glorious ability to talk amidst the center of your screen, and mark targets for all to see, but they now bring to the table some greatly needed abilities to make commanders less of a novelty, and more of a true boon to teams. From instantly clearing mines in dead buildings, to stopping that monster truck we all call a harvester, commanders are quite the utility for any competitive GDI or Nod team. Dropping cruise missiles and EMPs does little to dampen that reputation as well. Of course, commanders are far from all we've been up to for 5.3. Due to some phenomenal feedback from the community, the SBH's Laser rifle has been edited to have a usable scope finally! Another addition to the game is the introduction of classic vehicles. We would classify these as any of the vehicles from Tiberian Dawn that were not used in Renegade. So far there is only one, but my is she a beautiful specimen to behold. The M2 Bradley will be featured in the newly added 'Classic Vehicle' crate, and sports the designation of Light Tank in-game. A number of maps have also been added to the base game to facilitate a multitude of play styles and player counts. Back by popular demand, the original Field has been re-added into the map rotation, with its big brother now being coined 'Field-X'. It also finally gave us an excuse to have a day version of Field once more. CnC-Eyes was edited by community member @DaKuja with a number of bug fixes and map improvements. Community member, and AGN member @Sarah! has also contributed more toward the Honda Civics of Ren-X with CnC-Sunrise. That being, it is a map without a ridiculous amount of flair, but is fun and balanced to play on. Think of de_dust from Counter Strike. Community member and mapper, [email protected] has contributed another large, high player count map with CnC-Outpost. Before he disappeared, community member @Redline contributed a nice little map by the name of CnC-Cliffside, though the project was later picked up and edited to proper playable standards by @Luhrian. As one of the few maps that still use advanced base defenses, it is sure to stand out. Due to popular demand, CnC-Valley and CnC-Glasses are both properly removed from the base game. TL;DR Patch Notes: +Added team commanders +Added buffs/nerfs, along with overlays that apply to a player's infantry and vehicles +Updated radio/vote menu +Replaced soft world boundaries with playable area volumes (less glitchy and easier to work with for mappers) +64-bit executables should be fine for CLIENTs now (Sound bug may still be an issue) +Re-added old Field Known Non-critical Issues + Lakeside's cliffs are a bit more murderous to aircraft than intended + The MiG and A10's flyover sounds were cooked out + The cruise missile sound tends to linger around after it explodes + Sunrise has some landscape clipping in the floor of the PP + EVA says 'GDI Harvester Destroyed' when the Nod harvester dies + The in-game downloader has somehow acquired a ticking noise
  2. Patch 5.292 Released Launcher Update: RELEASED Full Build: RELEASED Full Build Link : Link To Full Build Synopsis: Patch 5.292 focuses mostly on map bug fixes, a new and frankly improved grenade/ability system, and more nerfs to sniper's ability to single handedly hold an entire team back while fully exposed.It also further refines several UI elements, and makes it significantly more difficult to switch teams at will during the early portions of match startup. In reality, 5.292 is just a brief update preceding a content update later this year. TL;DR Patch Notes: +Grenades are no longer tied to the weapon list. They have their own UI element and are switched to with the 'Grenade/Ability' weapon. Default is 'X' [ala Tac-Rifle] +Added spread to sniper rifles out of scope +Frag Grenades actually work now no matter what weapon you have out when they explode
  3. Renegade X: Patch 5.283 Patch Notes

    Patch 5.283 Notes Launcher Update: RELEASED Full Build: RELEASED (Thread linked below)