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  1. [Level] CNC-Sahara

    New Version online
  2. CNC-Eyes

    You need to do it in the world properties.
  3. CNC-Sunrise

    I'll try to build it for you on the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. This night I need to build Sahara .
  4. CNC-Sunrise

    You sure that you didn't move anything after the lgihtning build? It can happen very quick by accident. You need to save it immediatly after the build is finished to prevent crashes (what happend to me way too often) and little accidents like this.
  5. Whatchya do outside of RenX?

    Same here
  6. [Level] CNC-LakesideNF

    Here is the DL-Link for the Config file for CNC-LakesideGround. This file goes in UDKGame/Config. https://www.mediafire.com/file/1ct2xtet3tc70q9/CNC-LakesideGround.ini
  7. CNC-Sunrise

    Btw I saved this improved version. I can upload it and you can copy the stuff you want over to your map. It will be exactly at the same position, where it is on my map. Btu you can't copy the foliage, only the properties I changed over there. So you can just copy them and place the foliage by yourself.
  8. CNC-Sunrise

    Bug Reports: Hope this will help you to improve this map. Luhrian
  9. Halloween?

    Well, if you think so
  10. Halloween?

    Well, give it a purple lightning, give smoke emitters a little purple touch, a bit more fog. Wouldn't be much work to do this. I would suggest CNC-Tomb for this @TK0104. I think it will look very nice with purple fire in the tempel.
  11. CNC-Sunrise

    If you say, what's the problem, I could help you with that. But you will only have issues the whole time with these Harvs, so maybe just do them later.
  12. [Level] CNC-LakesideNF

    I worked on this version, too. Here are the things I made: Lakeside NF change list (V 1.1 and 1.2).txt There are also: a new Silo Tiberium Trees and maybe a few things I don't know or don't remember.
  13. [Level] CNC-Sahara

    View File CNC-Sahara This is a continued version of CNC-Sand from IllumZar Submitter Luhrian Submitted 09/10/2017 Category Levels