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  1. [Map] CNC-Sunrise

    About the collision problem: You scaled the rocks too much. Use more but smaller rocks to get a better collision
  2. Changing(improving) the base-defense meta

    I mean you still need to see the mine count but you only need to press M to see wich building you need to defend.
  3. Changing(improving) the base-defense meta

    Well, that would destroy the whole idea of sneaking.
  4. [Level] CNC-Cliffside (again)

    Remember: The map isn't from me. The idea and layout was from @Redline and I'm gonna not change too much on this layout, only if one team has a big map advantage on this map. I'm also not a big fan of this airstrip tunnel For now I'll just leave it like it is until the play test was going on. I don't want to make 10 new version so I'm just waiting for more bugs and problems. But thank you for your report.
  5. [Level] CNC-Cliffside (again)

    If you mean the lightning problem in this picture, I can tell you that it is fixed since a long time.
  6. [Level] CNC-Cliffside (again)

    Fixed a little thing on Cliffside in 2.8.1 This version is final now
  7. Maps that arent shaped as an U

    I think this U form is a good for improving the balance of a mao. If you have no map advantages it depends on the skill and coordination who wins and who doesn't. Ofc not all maps are balanced perfectly through the differnt characters and tanks from both factions, but I think as a map developer it is the big goal to create something where both teams have the same chances, so both teams can have as much fun as possible.
  8. [Level] CNC-Sahara

    1.3 now live
  9. [Level] CNC-Cliffside (again)

    2.8 now live Map should be 100% finished now
  10. [Level] CNC-Sahara

    1.2 Now online Note for Try-Out: Guck dir mal auf der GDI Seite die kleine Öffnung bei den Steinen mit dem Stacheldraht und Panzern an, ich gaube da könnte es zu Collision Problemen kommen. Ich versuch dich demnächst mal wieder auf dem Server zu erwischen. Bis dann.
  11. If you do another map, say that to us. It would be pretty bad if we have 2 differnt snow versions of one map.
  12. TiberiumWars Models in RenX

    This C&C3 stuff looks great!
  13. [Map] CNC-Sunrise

    I would do that, when the map is almost done. If you cull now you are changing something, the culling could beacome bad, because some stuff is appearing too late. Example: Airstrip tower on Lakeside (flying). Will take a look on it soon. Maybe tomorrow.
  14. CnC-Stronghold

    You need something from Hourglass, would be nice if you fix that.