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  1. Destroyed Building Mines

    We could also use a priority queue for the mines. Those with higher priority get removed first and display a different EVA message. "A mine from a dead building has been replaced"
  2. Patch grenade launcher

    I've had encountered myself a similar bug which I failed to reproduce. Sometimes my patch nade is a blank round, I hear the firing noise but no grenade is getting out. Could you describe more precisely when it's happening? (At best would be a video recording.)
  3. Pick Up Games (PUGs)

    People kept getting greyed out text all day starting on Friday... looks like their servers are under heavy load.
  4. Freedom of the Grenade?

    No. Imagining SBHs with smokes is a horrifying thought. And overcomplicating something as simple as grenades sounds highly unnecessary. I'm all in for changing the grenades to be something more reliable than what it currently is. But seriously, you don't need any more than the grenades we currently have. EDIT: Besides, how would we handle units from a crate? Overwrite their grenade? Give them a default?
  5. Death count, k/d

    So including your other post, I'm absolutely all in for this idea. Imagine having a bottom compartment that tells you in detail what you have done, similar to this: While just leaving the most important information in the grouped compartment. We could just move deaths and KDR to the bottom compartment, and replace them with assists, vehicle kills or whatever. Since honestly, who does actually look at another players KDR, other than to call them a noob or a cheater lol. People primarily look at their own. EDIT: Hey, did anyone else notice that TF2 is also displaying the roles?
  6. Death count, k/d

    I personally really enjoy Rising Storm 2: Vietnam's Scoreboard. It just displays the following values: Your role, your name, your kills, your score and your ping. This way I don't get obsessed with deaths in a game where, big surprise, you get rifled down a lot. Even vehicle kills don't get tracked, but the players with the most score are usually those who determine which team wins in the end. And the same applies to RenX too (more or less). Kills are still interesting in every shooter. In the end you're shooting with rifles at someone else. If you're giving me the RTS argument, even Men of War tracks infantry you killed and infantry that got killed. But in the end, the scoreboard is more or less fine in my opinion. It should have an assists tab instead of k/d, but that's just my two cents.
  7. Whatchya do outside of RenX?

    I work as a webdev for a medium sized company. I'm pretty much covering all software stuff, ranging from frontend design, implementation and debugging to Backend development in it's whole beauty and ugliness. This includes using the FirstSpirit CMS, which has an internal scripting language (FSSL? Dunno if it has an actual name?) and writing modules and libraries in Java.
  8. The nBab Query

    I wasn't joking when I said "IT'S IN THE VEHICLEMANAGER". I literally implemented a week ago harvesters spawning at locations other than wf or strip. Just look there.
  9. The nBab Query

    Spoiler: It's in the VehicleManager. That decides the precise drop off location for purchased vehicles.
  10. Discord GameBridge integration?

    The more I read about this the more I'm actually compelled to say this might be an interesting idea. I can already imagine myself charging into combat as an LCG while screaming in proximity chat, so GDI starts running away out of fear of bears. We could take some ideas from ArmA, where you have different Voice channels: - Global: An administrative type of voice channel, where admins can quickly tell all players some info (e.g. Server restarting, etc.) - Side: This channel is used to communicate within the team. Here people tell you about information that's relevant for everyone on your team (e.g. "Technician in Bar!", "Refinery needs repairs!", etc.) - Squad: A channel used for small squads, in RenX it might be feasible to limit the size of such a squad to 4. - Vehicle: This channel is limited for every person inside a vehicle. - Proximity: Everyone in a 20ft radius can hear you, volume depending on how close they are too you. In ArmA, people would use this channel parallel to using any other channel, so if I were to talk in side chat, not only my team would be able to hear me, but also everyone in a 20ft radius. Buuut then again, we already have stuff like TeamSpeak, Discord or Skype. So I'm not sure how useful this feature would really be, aside from the fact that not everyone wants to talk ingame.
  11. Balance suggestions

    Meh. I disagree with this. It's not cost effective, yes, but Nod's best hand isn't really in vehicles, but rather in infantry. GDI highly relies on armor, you can't do a whole lot with GDI's infantry, while Nod's vehicles are around stealthy, low armored, surprise attacks. But their infantry just makes up for that. Like my example earlier, 3 LCGs are more than enough to melt a mammoth tank. And 1350 vs 1500 credits doesn't seem that cost effective either, does it? It's a lower difference, true, but you get the point. And besides, have you seen the carnage you can do with 2-3 SBHs? Walls just suddenly has no Orcas anymore.
  12. Balance suggestions

    I'll be quite honest with you, 1 HP/s isn't a lot... especially in a mammoth. If you consider the sheer bulk of health, the delay with the regen and the fact that 3 LCGs can make your life a nightmare, it just makes it seem fair. With the new EMP-Grenades, tanking is quite difficult. Before that you could just sit around and relax and be repaired, but now you need to jump like an elephant that sees a mouse, whenever someone decides to toss a grenade at your tank. Solo sneaking is perfectly fine as it is in my opinion. It's a valid way how to get a game to progress forward. Loss of buildings is a part of the game. And if your team fails to pay attention, welp... Besides, if you let units sneak into your base, at any point of the game, good job to the sneaker. It only happens like every 4-5 matches that someone manages to sneak into a building early on without being spotted, and then even rarer manages to deal significant damage to a building. Of course, later in the game a single Adv. Engineer can just fuck up a building, yes. But they're very defenseless in regards of effective HP and weaponry. Flame troopers fuck up grenadiers. Period. It's so much easier to kill things with a flamer compared to grenades. Buidlings they should be around on par. Frankly, the units seem quite balanced right now. I don't have any real complaints myself.
  13. Stop bullying POI

    And what happens if I say "Hello poi"? "Hello my penis"
  14. Patch v5.292 issues

    Oh shite, I see my mistake. Apparently I might have unbound the Player associated to the vehicle before every player gets the message, so some players might get the message properly while others don't. rip. Fix'd.
  15. Patch v5.292 issues

    What do you mean? When does this happen exactly?