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  1. I hadn't been online for like 2 months, since mid Dec 2015. By mid Feb 2016, from time to time I had played a few games and every changes I seen are massively bullshit and all I done was rage quitting afterwards: 1.) DDoS Attacks 2.a.) Why do have the laser chainguns/rifles infinite ammo?! Why?! Absolutely OP especially when both sides don't have the Barr/HoN anymore and you get it via a crate. I just killed 20 infantry, pffft. Remove that crap or add infinite Ammo for everything and everyone!! 2.b.) Marksman Rifle for both sides is absolutely useless, except enemies sleep and stand & dream around aka afk-ppl. Every god damn weapon as well as the silenced pistol have an immediately impact while shooting. The bullets totally miss every enemy now. Revert that crap!! The Rifle is as good as a Shotgun right now. Add a higher spread instead. 2.c.) No sidearm shop anymore. Where is the Machine Pistol?! Revert that!! 2.d.) Death-triggers around maps as well as without any borderlines and infos (Whiteout for example). What if you are on low HP and be able to change the power of a side, need to flee while defending something and you die? I lost our last team's Hotty by defending our base!!! This can also be abused by using glitches. REMOVE all Death-Triggers god damn!! Put invisible blocking cells instead or whatever. 2.e.) $500 Sniper still bugged as well as the Mammy while shooting. Infinite reloading. Also happens with Orca/Apache. OLD BUG 2.f.) Zoom-in/out with Marksman Rifle soemtimes/often buggs out. While zooming and you shoot, it wont shoot. When you want to zoom-out, it switches back to zoomed-in state and back. You won't be able to shoot in meantime. OLD BUG 3.) 30 Mines as standard seems ok, I guess. 4.) Invisible STANKs and SBHs can be seen again. Those were like greyed-out. Hell, all I can say, revert the god damn 5.1(x) update. What brainless guy did... nvm. Before you do any MAJOR changes like that, let the community vote before. This is nothing but a mess right now. Impossible to play. Absolutely unbalanced. I think I won't return until this has been fixed/REVERTED. This aint Renegade(X) anymore. Keep it as it was before v5.1, and don't do any ridiculous BALANCING experiments.
  2. Alright, I post here the steps I did to mention that conclusion I've got: * I deleted the Launcher directory * I wanted to reinstall the Launcher via "RenegadeX-OB5G.exe" [3,10 GB (3.336.525.446 Bytes)] * Installer deleted the RenX directory and completely reinstalled everything * Allowed to auto-start the Launcher after installation * Auto-Update v5.12 -> v5.14 proceeded * Started Renegade X afterwards * Steam recognized me and everything worked as well as the ladder stats * Closed and re-started RenX via an added shortcut on Steam * Steam wasn't be able to recognize me anymore * Closed RenX * Started RenX directly via "Renegade X Launcher.exe" (v0.54), not via a Steam shortcut * RenX works again as it should So, in a way Steam won't recognize me whenever I launch Renegade X via a shortcut which has been added on Steam!! I have ever used a RenX shortcut on Steam and everything worked fine, yet. IMO the v0.55 Launcher will work too so, just without launching RenX via an added shortcut for Steam. The fix is now up to you guys... Do you need any more informations I could deliver? If this hadn't helped in a way, my next step would be to rename the "SteamApi.dll" into "steam_api.dll".
  3. Yep, I did read that page and so deleted the Launcher's directory. Had used the 0.55 hotfixed Launcher afterwards but without a success as I already mentioned. So, I will retry this procedure but instead to use the 0.55 Launcher, just reinstalling the 0.54 one. If this won't work, I will think about reinstalling/repair my Steam Client.
  4. Affirmative. Please let me know about a Steam fix. I have seen players online where it seems their Steam Api works well with RenX and so their ladder stats.
  5. Who wants to download a game which doesn't work properly? ^^ Give me a hint to (hot)fix that Steam issue and I might post my connection info.
  6. It doesn't matter where I live and who my ISP is. I dowloaded the full/complete 3.1GB installer via US mirror, installed RenX v5.12 so, auto-updated to v5.14 and same issues happen as I described them in my 1st post. I am able to play Renegade X, just without being recognized by Steam and so my ladder stats won't be written.
  7. I just re-installed Renegade-X, was V5.12, needed to update to V5.14 (~63mb), same issue... That sucks, sry.
  8. Hello there, I try being quick in explaining: After latest update, RenX won't log-in into Steam but Steam's UI and Broadcasting are activated in-game. I downloaded the Launcher hotfix (0.55) which also has a nice "Skip Intro Movie" option. No more .BAK'ing them anymore. The Launcher seems to doesn't work properly, just the quotes are gone in-game and RenX still doesn't recognize me as a Steam-user. I am going to re-download Renegade-X so. There might be a/some corrupted file/s anywhere. The 2nd issue is on your download page: The german "[AOG ]Area of Gaming" link to the RenX file downloads a bit more than 700mb, file corrupted!! Any other links download @ ~50kb/s to ~300kb/s while the german one gimme full speed. Way too slowly, download will be finished in around 3 hours. Please let the hosts know about this.
  9. Hi there, I just want to announce that more and more cheaters are going online in Renegade-X!! Within past few weeks I have spotted and also reported them so recorded Demos. 2 Players were using the Wallhack 1 had the Aimbot ready and used it when he needed it. There might be a 2nd Aimbotter present but I haven't "speced" him longer. Hence, I just spotted an ESP Hack was present. Do something please!
  10. Nod's vehicle drop on LakeSide is shown as GDI. I haven't noticed this issue for other maps yet: http://abload.de/img/2015-03-24_000040kstl.jpg http://abload.de/img/2015-03-24_00003ijs4o.jpg
  11. I bought a Nuke for 1000 credits but wasn't in my inventory...
  12. Beta 4 Changelist

    Muahaha, yes, say good bye to your hidden sniper spot... ..as well as to mine [...] It sometimes doesn't work tho.
  13. Dude.., is it intentional or not to catch fire inside a destroyed PP?? And why did it happen only twice!? Other burning animations of that kind don't light you up, do they?!
  14. I jumped a few times onto that console and its fire did hurt me twice!! It isn't a permanent hurting trigger tho. You catch fire, losing some HP [...] After both happenings, it didn't hurt me anymore afterwards. No C4 did explode around me, at least I didn't hear any explosions. I catched fire when I jumped onto it .. by 2 times. Is this intentionally? http://abload.de/img/2015-03-24_00001atufx.jpg
  15. movement while in third person issue

    Just as a test, disable "Vertical Sync" and some other high resource settings and/or lower them.