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  1. [Map] CNC-CliffSide

    The end game camera should be done. The loading screen footage is done just needs to be cut from 30 seconds to 5-10. Easy just take the first few seconds of the video I included in the download. The collision, boundaries, landscape smoothing, harvester paths, etc...we're all tested heavily already. The minimap needs to be done, but I am too busy to do it. It's not a sad day I've just lost interest in Renx for now as I purchased other games that I am trying to jump start a YouTube channel with.
  2. [Map] CNC-CliffSide

    Alright the map is done, but I havn't cut down the loading screen video I made or minimap. See the link below for the most recent map version. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Byqqd ... XNmT1A5SDQ Someone needs to recompile it I think. I hope someone takes up the mantel on this map as its 98% done. I've grown a bit tired of Renx and have moved on to an Arma 3 Project Life Mod. I also started my own youtube channel Obligatory marketing whore link to my youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV2ZCQ ... ioboydUqFQ
  3. Dat condescension Nothing wrong with people throwing ideas around (even if they aren't realistic at the time) They won't ever be realistic. Let's be realistic +1 Any ideas spitballed on the Ren-x forum about a new game will never be serious until there is a SEPARATE dedicated website/forum. Its my personal opinion "new game" talk fragments the community and hinders the Ren-x effort.
  4. Surrendering

    Lol what. AoW?
  5. [Map] CNC-CliffSide

    Teaser video! (Using some of this footage as the Loading Screen). Getting some resources from Yagi to work on my own minimap. Also going to use the experience as a way to experiment with full sized minmaps that take up entire screen. Going to try to create a template in photoshop or illustrator. Will publish a new version on this post later today.
  6. For the lols

    Pickup truck needs rear passenger for driveby gunners/officers
  7. Make Ren-X Great Again (YouTube Campaign)

    I think the keyword here is "eventually" and how long? There are a good amount of dev's, but mostly mappers, and when your developing for free the progress is slow. (That will never be on steam/origin). Perhaps we save the review sites for that 1.0, but I desperately believe Renx needs a blast of 3-6 youtube review videos. In the timeline of in 1-2 months. There is always an endless supply of 1000's of "Game reviewer" youtubers. That feedback is critical to what 1.0 looks like. That uptick in player interest could bring back interest and motivation from inactive developers, and bring new ones too! I think that 1.0 will get here quick if we bring a little spotlight back to Renx. So perhaps we save some of this list, but no advertising is not an option for reaching the best end 1.0 product in my opinion.
  8. In-game Tutorial

    You could always just create a tutorial video too. Just a 5 minute video that runs through everything. Or a 10 part video series you have to watch with labeled titles. That way people could download the game and maybe the new launcher has a link to the youtube tutorial. Just force them to watch it the first time they start the game. It would require a lot less actual coding/kismet. You just need 3-4 people to act out scenarios (SBH c4 rushs...MCT rep/destroy...tank reps...getting out of your tank in field...etc...) I think thats the easier option that gives the same info just the player doesn't have to act it out.
  9. Make Ren-X Great Again (YouTube Campaign)

    This project will never be fully done, and there will never be that golden moment. Its been 2+ years since beta came out. I'm hoping to ride the momentum of a new patch...that will prob have: New Launcher, Artic_Stronghold, Cliffside, Reservoir?, or any other map that is ~1 month or less rdy for release. In regards to commander mod, I'm looking into UI work I could do, but thats months away. I'm taking inspiration from TF2, and BF3/4. I need to get in contact with the old UI dev ideally. 2 Seperate emails will be written. 1 for Youtubers. 1 for Gaming Sites. There is a section in the excel sheet for Press Release gaming sites. Add to it. Find a massive prebuilt list like I did. Its out there. All help in building the excel sheet is greatly appreciated. Thinking of editing CNC_Walls and adding more walls. #Makingdonaldproud.
  10. Make Ren-X Great Again (YouTube Campaign)

    Just found a massive list. http://videogamecaster.com/big-list-of-youtubers Someone want to copy relevant users from the list above that are interested in FPS, Indie, RTS to the excel sheet? I will eventually...but I want to focus on other stuff for this to work besides populating the excel.
  11. [Map] CNC-CliffSide

    V1.5 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_nllW ... sp=sharing Changes! Hopefully the last X_x Test plz. Let me know.
  12. [Map] CNC-CliffSide

    Thanks ruud. Found the offending blocking volumes. Will post a version tonight.
  13. Make Ren-X Great Again (YouTube Campaign)

    No they don't. Anyone is free to ask a youtuber to cover Renx. Totem art can't control that. But I am working with Glacious (dev) and plan on including a new video he is working on in the msg. Of course i'll post it here. Afterall I'm crowdsourcing this effort, but will do the bulk work. Efforts will be coordinated so duplicate msg's are not sent. Additional columns of info will be added to the excel.
  14. @bananas

    A discussion in the wrong forum section. A thread name that copies and helps to derail my efforts to actually get more players. An apology laced with insults. A duplicate thread complaining about dev's not doing stuff you want done. Dev's come and go. You want stuff done, become one. Thats how it works here.