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  1. Full build Game as zip file

    Might not be necessary but it would be practical?
  2. Purchase Terminal Freezes Game

    Ty running the 32bit version and seeing if this happens. In the launcher settings try the "verify files" option.
  3. Pick Up Games (PUGs)

    Wow, one of them sorts of games? Sucks to be Nod.
  4. Whatchya do outside of RenX?

    I'm yours for £69.69.
  5. Full build Game as zip file

    Maybe there should just be an installer for each region and the only difference between each installer is the default source the launcher downloads from? So a EU, US, Asia (etc) client? Rather than relying on the launcher to automatically change to a users closest region?
  6. Fill Up Servers!!

    Joining a server is the only way there can be more than one server going at a time. (Obviously) If people don't want to be in the 60 slot and/or cannot join the 60 slot server then join the other server with the 1 person in it who is trying.
  7. 60 player limit

    Or the 1/60 just isn't enough for some people. People should join a server if they see one person in it, that is how a server fills up.
  8. 60 player limit

    Until other implementations have been made to get more servers filled I think the 60 slot is here to stay, temporarily. The 60 slot does not stop other servers from filling up. Just putting that out there.
  9. Suggestions that could Improve the game.

    So you believe zig-zagging is an old method to dodge? If using the ironsights is too hard for you then I suggest having a bit more distance to avoid aiming issues, maybe increase mouse sensitivity? There are hitboxes and different damage types thanks to Yosh and devs with their balancing codez, that's why a marksman scoring headshots can do so well against tier 3 infantry. Speaking of the tier infantry, that is one of those firmly rooted features of Renegade because that is how the RTS's worked. Without the tiers there is little reason for money, unless you just want to pick a playermodel and pay for your load out like in counter-strike? You do realise how impractical that is from a visual aspect? How that would just be giving the C&C franchise the middle finger as well?
  10. 60 player limit

    Players are not inclined to join an empty server for it to fill up but were inclined to complain about the one server always being full. Some people made suggestions regarding the launcher to have a chat function to help strangers fill an empty server.
  11. Auto balancing, suddenly switched to other team

    I never noticed that either. I never noticed a vote to restart the game either, so I am as clueless as you on this one.
  12. Team changing

    Like just the first 3-5 minutes of a game.
  13. Another bug hunt

    You can dance if you want to, you can leave your team behind.
  14. Discord GameBridge integration?

    On the Map window there should be a list of how many Recruits, Veteran, Elite & Heroic's are in your team.
  15. Halloween?

    See, DickS4ck gets it.