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  1. Community Poll. Unlimited timed matches be default.

    40 minutes +5 minutes 'overtime' If VP requirements are reduced then Harvester team VP would probably need modifying for AOW. This would have to be a preset, i.e. 'Command & Conquer Mode' (Marathon) 'All-Out-War Mode' (Timed)
  2. Frustration therapy

    I hate players who don't take responsibility for themselves and/or their team. All players be responsible for dis shiz.
  3. Community Poll. Unlimited timed matches be default.

    Timed matches need a lower VP requirement per rank based on minutes in a game (somehow) and for the last 5 minutes of the game to grant 'Heroic' to the team with the best average score, their opposing team keeps their veterancy, the last 5 minutes then leave both teams an advantage to end the game more naturally. If one building still stands for just one or both teams then the game should be a draw.
  4. [Level] Renegadex map CNC-TiberiumSea

    I like the look of this one, simple and infantry/aircraft only, right? Could be pretty fun
  5. It maintains immersion, which is important
  6. Annoyingly you can't put a destroyed husk inside either GT as this stops the GTs from firing ): Husk on death would be ideal, at least for base defences. Maybe at some other point in the future vehicles could leave destructible husks for every 1 in 12 vehicles?
  7. Preliminary Patch 5.3 Changelist

    I am curious if commander is able to select two players to be defense and offense Captains for their team, each being rewarded with some form of buff for themselves and maybe an AOE for players nearby? Like in RTSs
  8. A destructible vehicle husk (75 health - 325 health) and automated defenses should look like the destroyed structure it is post-destruction. A good way to reward infantry on the field with cover.
  9. Vehicle heroic skins

    Sexy Silicone Jockstraps??!!!
  10. [Map] CNC-Sunrise

    The big areas filled with collision obstruction due to scaled-up meshes you have two options: 1. Decorate the areas with things 2. Set mesh to have no collision and build a more accurate blocking volume 3. Both 1 & 2
  11. [Tutorial] Advanced sound techniques

    I wish the sounds were better labelled and categorized
  12. Tiberian Sun Recon Bike too strong

    Wouldn't it just make more sense to lower the damage of each missile rather than reduce the amount of missiles in a barrage? Forward arc lock-on only? Nahhh... Recon bikes are pretty lightly armoured, easy kill.
  13. Vehicle heroic skins

    Super Saiyan Juniper??
  14. [Map] CNC-Sunrise

    Scaling meshes too large really does demotivate, first variant of Frostbite suffered from this much worse to be fair. I'd quite happily create a minimap, they're an enjoyable process. @Agent or @Schmitzenbergh or @kenz3001 what is the resolution of the overview map supposed to be in pixels? (Original minimap template dimensions are way off)
  15. Vehicle heroic skins

    It'd probably be more possible to spawn a constant aura around an heroic vehicle but that may just look naff