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  1. Should Any Maps be Removed From PUGs?

    The terrain on Mesa's short side is ridiculously unfair, GDI cannot get as close to the Nod base as Nod can get to the GDI base which gives GDI no where to maneuver and leaves repairs slightly immobile, both vehicles and reps on GDI are immediately decimated by Nod vehicles. GDI needs a longer slope and generally more room so they're not so easily bottleknecked at the side of their base entrance/exit.
  2. Most Players NA or EU? Would like to come back!

    There is always of course the Kucaminati, but nobody knows about them in the RenX community yet.
  3. sound mod (original renegade sounds)

    It'd be interesting to have servers which differ and the most practical way to do this would be to use TortoiseSVN rather than relying on the in-game downloader depending on how many changes are made on a customised server, additionally giving the IGDL less traffic. It would have to state in the server name that it is a non-vanilla server, so new players wouldn't get the wrong idea. Aesthetic changes seem okay until v1, practicing the way this works would be good preparation. Whether or not this would ve worth it is debatable.
  4. Something I did again.

    Regardin the flag you may want to look at the GDI Barracks flag.
  5. Something I did again.

    Keep them as micro vehicles and we could make some interesting racing maps for extra kookiness in RenX, best part being is that the maps don't have to be HUGE because the vehicles are somewhat micro.
  6. Peak times?

    Integrate Launcher with RenX Discord channel. job done.
  7. Peak times?

    I think the main point is that it might be time for an Ameican server to surface to have another server going which runs with a decent amount of players from that particular region. And so long as European players don't pour into the American server bitching and moaning about a lack of players in the EU server then it is the American "god given right" to tell them to shut up and play.
  8. [Level] CNC-Sumo

    Changes as of November 2nd: Center Chainlink mesh removed Sky Misc
  9. Getting +6 to +9 VP for killing an engineer with a Sakura is pretty ridiculous, down right glorifying snipers and patting their backs a bit too much to be honest.
  10. I thought MVP was just the player at the top of the scoreboard of their respective team? If this is not the case then this should be changed as that is how Old Ren did it, it's how KANE did it, and it's worked out pretty well so far.
  11. HACKS

    2111 Games. Get out.
  12. [Level] CNC-Sumo

    Changes as of November 1st: Nod and GDI Refineries added Removed 4 of the 8 Silos New Minimap Enhanced map look and feel Complete arena redesign Misc Pictures of bases added to OP. But here's the Arena...
  13. HACKS

    @Renardin maybe I math wrong but 23,866 ÷ 2111 = 11 (Rounded down) So realistically that is 11 headshots per game.
  14. I made a Halloween mix 🎃👻

    I like this. Edit: Not big on the 'pop' songs, not enough trap.
  15. Mammoth shells not inflicting damage

    I noticed this a few times whilst playing a game on Canyon, very annoying, many Artys went unpunished.