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  1. [3D] Generic 3d Models for scenes

    Ice plz
  2. Renegade-x SDK

    Yes. [Thought I had answered this, apologies]
  3. Renegade X Squad Wars

  4. Renegade X Squad Wars

    Whereas M A N T A N K S played 1 match against Dragon Clan and 1 match against nobody?
  5. ANY change to mines/ info for noobs??

    Common sense says that if you don't plant mines in a bottleneck then you're a moron. No amount of friendly reminders or indications will help with this. A general indication of where mines typically go and something to inform players that Techs/Hottys mines are for the whole team and not just for that player, should probably be made clearer via the game itself than some pub-reg spewing toxic language obnoxiously creating a foul piece of shit representation for RenX and the community.
  6. Renegade X Squad Wars

    Allow me to just reiterate my point by focusing which part of the pic I was referring to Look at the 'Played' column
  7. Renegade X Squad Wars

    ExDee need updating as well to '2' Played and '2' Wins
  8. Renegade X Squad Wars

    I nominate @TK0104 to livestream from spectator slot
  9. Download Stops at 99.97%

    Yeah this happened to me, all I could do was restart my pc running the installation as one of the only tasks and 'Run as Administrator' letting it download again. Even then I felt like this method was 50/50 considering how much the download speed fluctuates between 15 kb - 3.7 Mb for the last few %'s But this is REALLY frustrating and needs to not happen however that may be possible @Agent
  10. Add More TS Units?

    Pen on paper ideas are nice and all but this won't go very far
  11. ANY change to mines/ info for noobs??

    It wouldn't be difficult for mappers to include a 'holographic' no-collision model of the mine to doors as a kind of helpful marker, maybe turn this into a visual mutator to save on having to rebuild the lights for every single map
  12. Place Map name on the Map

    I did this before but Sn4ke said it was retarded and laughed at my socks
  13. You just "exit" that nVidia program first then try to uninstall*
  14. Ways you can help us keep cheaters away

    You say this like it justifies the act itself.
  15. Ways you can help us keep cheaters away

    Should consistent ruin of the games' auto-balance be considered cheating? E.g. A player or players near- constantly changing teams just to roflstomp a public game with their mate Near-constant being deliberately changing teams whenever the game balances you and your friend(s) into separate teams on more than the odd occasion