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  1. Should Any Maps be Removed From PUGs?

    That's up to the Devs to decide. From what I know some maps might have a big chance to be in an update Furthermore about Mesa and Canyon: I think the Nod advantage starts when they got the Artillery. I think we need to expirement with the price of the Arty on certain maps like Canyon and Mesa to see what's a good price for an arty on those maps. It will give GDI a bigger chance of getting stocked with meds (Usually the awnser of GDI when Nod got Artys)
  2. TS vs Discord

    I prefer Discord, but TS is always good as backup in case Discord servers are down
  3. Should Any Maps be Removed From PUGs?

    The simpelest solution for Mesa: Short side should be infantry only again
  4. [Map] CNC-Outposts

    I can replace the missiles with weapons if that would make more sence. But the same is on Volcano.
  5. [Map] CNC-Outposts

    A small teaser! (With beautiful non-builded lights)
  6. [Map] CNC-Outposts

    Quick Update! There was some criticism about last release and I understand those things. Like GDI Infantry Path is very bad done. Apologies for that. So what to expect in next release? Well here's a list: - Tunnels from Field to Refinery! - Updated GDI Infantry Path, something bigger and walls going to get converted to Barbed Wire - Small change on the Nod Base Defences - Some fixed spots for Rocket Rushing - Fixed bugs posted on the forums And much more! If you have a bug to report on the map, please put them on this topic ASAP! Then I can take it into next release
  7. Most Players NA or EU? Would like to come back!

    I think the most players come from both EU and NA, but even people in Asia play it. Currently there are no more clan wars. There are not much players in a clan. Clans like TmX and EKT died on RenX. Currently we have a clan going by the name of Constructive Tyranny / CT. And some smaller clans.
  8. (Official) Maps we haven't seen yet?

    Oh sorry. I thought maybe you knew sonething more. At least I know who made the first 2 maps. So thanks! And get well soon!
  9. Complex

    The original was much much better than the current one Let's make it happen! #IwantOldComplex✌
  10. (Official) Maps we haven't seen yet?

    @Havoc89 @kenz3001 @Nielsen👆👆
  11. First 'Construction Yard' attempt

    @Sarah! No @DaKuja never packed it up....
  12. [Map] CNC-Storm

    Oh okay good to know
  13. (Official) Maps we haven't seen yet?

    I have small question to the Developers about these maps, but there is very small chance it is possible: Would it be possible the Community/experienced mappers (yes I'm an experienced mapper, but not talking about myself) can continue these maps when they have the permission of the original creator?
  14. [Map] CNC-Storm

    @Schmitzenbergh @Ruud033 I just tested out the map and I noticed some stuff - Materials were missing like Under the Main Bridge, Tunnel Entrances etc. - Bridge collisions are a bit crappy since they are made out of BSP I guess - Guard Towers are gone when you kill them and the meshes that are attached to it are still there after it's destruction - When you exit base there are some roads to choose from. There is one path covered with tankblockers, but you can pass them and it feels like your with vehicles on an infantry path.... - Redo the roads to out of the map under the small bridges, because you pass the objects and bump some meters later in an invisible wall - There is a "line" in the sky material.... - You used fractured meshes of the walls under the small bridges, should the bridge collapse when they are all destroyed?? And now non-1st priority stuff: - A minimap would be nice for this map since it's a quite complexy map (In a good way) - Endgame Camera missing Furthermore I like the storm and that it turns to a complete nighttime scene, but the lighting is still a bit too bright for a nighttime scene, so try to bring the night time light down a little bit.
  15. Thanks for sharing your suggestions! I'll what I can do with it