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  1. Renegade X Squad Wars

    Won't be able to do that. Don't have time to sit down and record that early
  2. Add More TS Units?

    These from C&C Reborn?
  3. ANY change to mines/ info for noobs??

    We have no plans to create another Hourglass, since we got Whiteout which is Hourglass II
  4. ANY change to mines/ info for noobs??

    Whiteout is the offical and improved version of Hourglass
  5. ANY change to mines/ info for noobs??

    The maps: CNC-Paradise by DoctorAnubis and CNC-Hourglass (unofficial) by TheDeadlyWolf have Ceiling Turrets in the buildings. Check out their maps
  6. ANY change to mines/ info for noobs??

    Yeah I was about to say that lol. I've created a very nice Mining Tutorial new players should watch
  7. Map Idea I got

    I think you can just use for Ref the silo tech building and replace it with ref meshes
  8. Renegade-x SDK

    Does he crash at the moment when he is trying to load 'FoliageBrushSphereMaterial'?
  9. Renegade-x SDK

    Don't worry about that. If you just build them and it gives a warning, it's no big deal. Especially this missing .uc is something you can ignore I guess
  10. Walls map and Apaches

    I guess putting Sydneys on the plateau could work. Do not actually stand on the plateau, but hide behind it. That usually works in PUG's
  11. Place Map name on the Map

    ??? More detailed please
  12. [Level] CNC-Twilight

    Hey guys! A few months ago I was looking into my maps that I created in the past. When I looked at it, I was thinking by myself: "This is really ugly done". Then I had this idea to bring back this map because this was a popular map back in the day. But it lost his populairity when we got better custom maps for the game and map ended up in the archives. I did my best to keep it in the game but in the end the map got removed from the base game. With CNC-Twilight I'm trying to re-gain it's populairity and give it one more chance! A lot has been done differently this time to "fix" what I did wrong in CNC-Training Yard. I made the map bigger than it's original. This one is 25% bigger than the original, so that gives the players some more space to fight. Another thing was the early base-to-base rushes through the Infantry Path that ended the game really quick. It has obstructions now that blocks off the Infantry Path Entrances. Also, the paths that are leading to the bases are different shaped than the original. The original had paths leading to the center, but the new ones are leading more the field, so a "Hit 'n Run" is impossible in the early game. Weapon Pick-Ups are back! This was the feature that made CNC-Training Yard, CNC-Training Yard. Weapon Pick-Ups are another way to influence the game. The only thing was that in the original it was influencing the game too much, so I paid special attention on which weapons are able to be picked up. The currently weapons that you can pick up are: Shotgun, Markman Rifle, Green Tiberium Auto Rifle. The Green Tiberium Auto Rifle won't spawn in the early game, but later. SBH's won't be able to pick-up weapons like in the Original Renegade MP. We don't want deadly snipers running around stealthy, right? So I hope you guys enjoy it better than it's original, since it's for me feeling like a brand new map that actually doesn't really links to it's original. And if you have an opinion about it, please share! If you found any bugs that need to be resolved, please PM me here on the forums or PM me in Discord. I'm more active on Discord these days than the actual forums. Cheers, TK0104
  13. [Level] CNC-Twilight

    View File CNC-Twilight CNC-Twilight, a revision of CNC-Training Yard Another classic C&C Mode! Enter a small field of dirt, grass and tiberium. Pick-up weapons to give yourself an advantage! Submitter TK0104 Submitted 04/02/2018 Category Levels  
  14. CNC-Twilight

    Version 1.0.0


    CNC-Twilight, a revision of CNC-Training Yard Another classic C&C Mode! Enter a small field of dirt, grass and tiberium. Pick-up weapons to give yourself an advantage!
  15. It appears it has to do something with the Directional Light for me. I removed the directional light and rebuilded lights and now I don't have the issue anymore. I think I just add a new one and type settings over in the new one and see that makes any difference EDIT I: He doesn't like it when I put a directional light in the map... EDIT II: He does like Dominant Directional Lights for some reason