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  1. Pick Up Games (PUGs)

    Yes I did
  2. Pick Up Games (PUGs)

    I said it before, I fixed that already so it ain't possible I killed you guys to made it clear you were wasting your time
  3. [Level] CNC-Uphill Redux

    Version 2.5.0 is Released!
  4. Whatchya do outside of RenX?

    Like me! Outside RenX.....I still go to school Becoming a Game Artist is great experience. I already made some models in Maya thanks to this education. Note that it's not the best you've ever seen and this was made in the second week of my education and I still got 4 years - 2 weeks to go It's just some basic shapes that got extruded and edited shape. It's the Construction Yard Crane from Renegade. No actual release for this model will follow. Here's a something better model made in the education. The task was to create this chair with only 1 box. So extruding was the solution Another one where I had to use only boxes
  5. Halloween?

    Maybe I'll do something for Halloween. Depends on the time I have
  6. [Level] CNC-Uphill Redux

    Will release a fixed version after PUG next Saturday
  7. Pick Up Games (PUGs)

    Question to all of PUG players: Should we have some Custom Maps back on the PUG server?
  8. Renegade x editor

    Download the SDK first: Then create a shortcut of the UDK.exe on your desktop or whatever (32-bit or 64-bit) and go to the shortcut properties. In the target box type at the end "editor" and save it. Now you're good to go
  9. [Map] CNC-Outposts

    Hi Guys, Just to let y'all know the map is not dead. The map is only taking slow progress due to school and work. And it is a quite big map so I'm struggeling with making the Infantry Path smaller because it's a boring thingy to do but it will be done. I have already done much like optimization so expect next release a better fps. As I said before I'm always open for suggestions and after the V1.0.0 release a lot of suggestions were posted and I'm trying to add these in. Here's a small teaser of the next release:
  10. Lakeside Flying

    Well I don't agree with that. They can take the vehicle paths without problems. Most of the time stanks are driving in the field and river eliminating GDI units without problems
  11. CNC-Sunrise

    I guess the Nod variant of the A10
  12. CNC-Sunrise

    @Luhrian What have I missed?
  13. [Map] CNC-Toxicity

    You should bring that one back
  14. [Level] CNC-Cliffside (again)

    Just use the one in Canyon package OR copy the sun over to your map
  15. NEW FEATURE?! [Bot Bug]

    I knew this excited but I thought it was fixed in one of the patches