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  1. Death count, k/d

    I posted this idea in another topic before: How about making K/D stats appear on the after match scoreboard only, so that during the game they're not displayed?
  2. Repair infantry - make it history

    Great idea! Afaik there were first aid kits in Beta 1 (I only started playing during Beta 3), so it would probably not be too difficult to implement them (again).
  3. Patch v5.292 issues

    LCG reload exploit still exists.
  4. Player motivation / teamstacking

    I like this solution even more than Madkill's idea, I'm all for it.
  5. Player motivation / teamstacking

    @lawANDorder makes some good points. About the removal of K/D statistics - how about making them appear on the after match scoreboard only, so that during the game they're not displayed? I think this could already lead to a change in the gameplay. Even though I don't care too much about my K/D, it's always interesting to see those stats. Agree with this. I'm currently taking a break from the game, mainly due to some high skilled players team stacking in every single match they play. I understand that people want to play in the same team as their friends, but it gets really annoying when they completely dominate game after game, sometimes just to rub in the other players' faces how good they are. From a competetive point of view, would it not make more sense to actually play against each other to find who's the best? With restricted team swapping there will be less team stacking.
  6. Renegade X: Patch 5.29 Released

    Does that mean that devnukes are gone? If so....yay! Really like the changes, looking forward to playing with the new patch.
  7. Just encountered this bug again. Firing one of the weapons does not fix it. Please looks into it, devs.
  8. I agree with Luhrian. Perfect temporary solution until soft borders are fixed.
  9. Who still plays this?

    @UnitYour name rings a bell...weren't you the player that was almost unstoppable with Officer? The game is still being played by a small but loyal playerbase. The CT Marathon Server (with 60 player slots) is usually full during European evenings, during weekends there are organized pick-up games (PUGs) which fill a second server.
  10. Huge freezes on Walls

    This issue has been fixed for me with one of the recent patches, good job devs!
  11. GDI's inf compared to Nod's

    Agreed. I prefer the Beta 1 spin-up animation and sounds over the current one, but that's just me
  12. "Ghost"-Bug

    The same thing happened twice to me yesterday. Some weird new bugs are popping up lately
  13. Huge freezes on Walls

    Sounds good @Ruud033
  14. Huge freezes on Walls

    Since 5.283, I get huge freezes on Walls (~20 seconds) from time to time. According to Henk it has to do with Medium tanks exploding. Was never a problem before, now it's happening frequently.
  15. When you're an SBH below 50 HP, your cloak is not supposed to work. But when you kill an enemy and pick up their health-drop, so you get back over 50 HP again, the cloak still won't work - bug or intended that way?