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  1. Looking for Artists - Join us!

    Your old motion designer is still here https://www.youtube.com/c/davidkashevsky <- cooler stuff soon, Ryzen is coming :3 https://www.behance.net/DKashevsky Shoot me guys on [email protected] if you need my help, always hail RX !
  2. Renegade X: Patch 5.21 Released

    That's cool update guys ! I see I will come back to game faster than I though And question about the rank system: players who played this game for a few years will have now heroic or all players are starting from 0 ?
  3. Little help from community ?

    If I could make game intro I would be so happy, it would be my masterpiece
  4. Little help from community ?

    Hello Renegades, you all probably know me, yes, this little player since the end of Beta 2 I've stopped playing few weeks ago, main reason was that I bought Battlefield 3 and 4 + my projects like trailer of Crash Site by Ruud, which was supposed to be placed on main page with patch when map is released, but that never happend (idk why) here you can see it: Purpose of this theard is to ask if Devs will accept community help, I was asked by Glacious to help him with custom loading screens, I was happy that I can make this game better. I've made simple loading bar and some info bars: I didnt made anything better, because after I've sent it to Glacious he told me that Devs wont use it cause they will do it on their own. When I entered yesterdays PUG I saw new loading screen and I was excepting something better, I dont know if this quality was decreased specially to look like gif from old Ren but.. lel Also I was suprised that game looks worse than before but I think that was caused by that the Mesa day version looks ugly. So I cant help this game by filling servers, but I can make some vfx, of course if you want.
  5. Pick Up Games (PUGs)

    Guys, I can proudly annouce: That you can expect me on next PUGs, BYE BYE LAGS !!!
  6. Patch 5.12 Preliminary Changelist

    lol no, its one of the most beatiful maps now, there is something wrong with your pc I would recommend something before PUG, I need to go off after 2-3 maps in PUG cause if map is ending by time limit its almost 23:00 and im not only one in my house
  7. [Map] CNC-Quarry

    Well its from CnC 4, there is some more places like that one and its interesting idea I Would say bases on some kind of platforms or something
  8. Renegade-X Patch 5.1 En Route

    Yes, and I was going to set it lower than before to have more fps but I have 60 on best settings, I hope it wont change
  9. Renegade-X Patch 5.1 En Route

    Well well well, such a nice patch ! I finally have 60fps in game, hope it wont change. New Mendoza weapon - I love it, slowed sydney is actually bad idea, lcg maybe should be slower but not that much as now. Some people are saying this isnt like old Ren anymore, but we need changes and improvements, we cant stay in same style from 2002, we need to have nowadays Renegade. Im going back to game see other changes, good job guys !
  10. [MAP] C&C Crash Site

    I liked it
  11. Game performance

    one 8GB RAM DDR3 (Im playing on 1920x1080, had to switch into windowed for taking screenshots) pls dont say im an fuqin idiot and last option with framerate smoothing is my problem >.>
  12. Game performance

    Hi, I'm finally switching from radio internet into ftth, so bye bye lags but I have other issue, which is annoying, actually it is lower fps than it should be, my GTX 750Ti should run RenX in 60fps with no problems, but whole time I'm playing this game i have 40-55, and only sometimes I have 60 - 61fps, is it my computer performance issue or something in game ?
  13. Pick Up Games (PUGs)

    Well yeah, it was one-sided even after remake of teams, few Pugs ago I stopped sniping cause of it mostly doesn't help my team, I was listening to B0ng all time, we had 10 vehicles few times and we could win, we organized few sbh rushes etc but enemy team had more team-work players and was better organized, that's why theirs rushes where stronger and kicked our asses.. And if PUG starting at 20:00 IT SHOULD START AT 20:00 NOT AT 21:00 and I have to go after one match...
  14. Pick Up Games (PUGs)

    . Funny detail. The PP was 79% or something when the repairs stopped. Than a sniper came in with C4 still counting like 20 secs. I am not sure what happened but the guy kept staring and eventually bought a engineer after waiting 15(!) seconds and he started to remove the C4. IF he had hit the MCT ONCE the building would have been saved... I was that sniper, firstly i saw AGT shooting tunnel near pp so i told it on ts, but ofc we had 3-4 people with mics and nobody respond me, i go refill in agt and run to pp and kept talking to save pp, but i was alone, when i entered tech suicided and i bought engi and start reapiring mct but was too late because first timed c4 already exploded and second had like 5 secs, rip pp. rip teamwork.
  15. Run game in 64bit from sdk ?

    Hi, I saw recently on server somebody said its possible to run RenX in 64 bit from sdk or somerhing and it works better, so question: is it true and how to do this ?