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  1. Community Poll. Unlimited timed matches be default.

    Guess they weren't comparable cause EKT had waaaaaaay more mines. EKT was marathon with extra mines TMX was standard AOW with a fixed time limit but standard rules I prefered TMX more most of the times cause games would end before the day was over, the server got DDOSED or the game crashed Having that said: the old AOW had some issues where people would say: "We have 1k points more and the game lasts another 10 minutes... let's play conservative (aka camp) and not leave the base..." I know this is my opinion but I rather lose the game with a good fight then get bored to win
  2. Pick Up Games (PUGs)

    Don't know the names but @Gliven disconnected a few times and I noticed exact the same 3 players on the other team disconnected at the same time twice (so when they rejoined it happened another time 10 or 20 min later). Looks like problems with their ISP...
  3. What kind of music do you hear?

    I never had one
  4. Abilty to buy back destroyed building

    That's not always true... I've seen so many games decided by: - Overminers (before we could fix this, we lost a building) - Multiple afks first 5 min of the game... Someone shouts: "Defend the barracks.." Me checks the map while not in a position to reach it... Ah five people in there. Seconds later the bar dies... Still have people in there (afk) - Bad luck: one team goes inf path and the other vehicle path. They do not meet eachother and both teams kill stuff in the enemy base thus cripling the way the game moves on. Both teams can farm VP (or credits depending on the system you choose) to get a building back. I think the VP system works especially in these kind of games where both teams miss a few buildings but where the game doesn't really move forward. And the best thing: people don't have to do anything to archieve VP besides playing. This option doesn't rely too much on teamwork which is a problem in many games also...
  5. Abilty to buy back destroyed building

    The VP thing could be a good option. Where I used to hate stalemates I feel much better about them as long as I gain VP untill I am heroic. I've had Xmountain games which lasted 3 hours on which some of us were Heroic but we had no bar / wf or HON / strip. If you could use the VP once heroic to invest in the team that would improve the game. Why? - Stalemate feels less clueless (unless all buildings stand and you cant spend the VP) - Bringing back buildings speeds up the game which is exactly why the veterancy system was made, to prevent stalemates
  6. What kind of music do you hear?

    Usually the have the boilerrooms on big festivals and they continue during the night while the rest of the music has stopped. Guess it's more a matter of people being tired (or the drugs stopped working )
  7. Basebuilding Gamemode ideas

    Would be nice to have a second gunner aboard, or the ability to hand over gun control to another person with for example a buggy / humvee.
  8. What kind of music do you hear?

    Why would I be hiding something? I organized over 100 small dance events (100 to 300 people) with genres like drum&bass, acid, noizecore, techno, electro but also bands. For one event I also 'created' a liveact with a combination of Cybergothic, a violin and hardcore beat (trying to find material for it). Since I did something in this business I've visited over 1000 concerts / events in the past ten years varying from Jazz to the most strange stuff like this: (I wasn't at this particular party, but you get the idea ...) I like new / different music!
  9. Abilty to buy back destroyed building

    Unless you have these odd games where you fight with just Powerplant or Refinery left against the same buildings on the other team. In these cases the game can last hours and you have almost nothing to spent your money on. Then it would be handy if you can donate to get the Barracks / HON or Strip / WF back.
  10. What kind of music do you hear?

    Went to a cybergoth party once in an abandoned church, was weird but funny
  11. Basebuilding Gamemode ideas

    And what about a slight alteration to this plan which has partly the same impact, but should be easier to create: - Game starts with building(s) offline or classes offline - They can be activated either by time (so after 10 min the APC comes available or the SBH) - Or they can be activated by receiving harv loads - Or they can be activated by spending team money (for research for example) Up for the person(s) willing to create this what will be the best scenario. This doesn't create the need to make something to be able to place buildings, but could still give a team more control over how the base is developed. Imagine one team decided to go full into vehicle development mode (first WF enabled, then vehicle one enable, vehicle 2 and so on...) while the other team invests full into base defence (or rocket soldiers with AT mines). I can imagine this mode can be created with 'some' scripts and custom PT's but I am hardly an expert. Offcourse the idea which started this topic also sounds good, but there's been talk about this for quiet some time and it looks like it's going to be hard to archieve.
  12. What kind of music do you hear?

    Aargh Kensington...
  13. What kind of music do you hear?

    There you go: And a lot more!
  14. Combat Harvesters

    Too late Well if I am not mistaken you can see ranks above turrets, so that's why I assumed the harv doesn't gain VP since I never noticed it... My bad... EDIT: just checked in game and it shows the same as on a turret... Guess I never looked at it well enough...
  15. Combat Harvesters

    Doesn't the fact that you cannot see any rank above the harvester allready answer the question? Besides: I don't know how a harv would rank up in a real game scenario since it gets destroyed so often...