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  1. Renegade-X Download

    Guess you will be surprised if you run this game, cause it's not the original Renegade
  2. Delete Account

    Infact if the site is or can be visited by people from Europe it DOES need to comply to GDPR.
  3. Forum is mad again :)

    Just checking, but with Chrome I have the same. All internal link previews are 'blank.'
  4. Delete Account

    Well i don't expect you will get a penalty directly, but afaik this forum should complyto the GDPR from the 25th of may.
  5. Delete Account

    There should be one. Not that I personally need it, but I think it will become necessary because of the GDPR
  6. What kind of music do you hear?

    Released half a year ago, but still nice!
  7. ANY change to mines/ info for noobs??

    To be honest I rather keep mines, because: - you can place more mines at one place when a building is gone - mines brings in a certain chance to infiltrate the HON / Strip for GDI if not properly mined (or if ppl dont carefully watch) But yeah the games where there are two 'AP mines' in front of the base and non in buildings kinda suck. Only past week I spent several games just replacing mines or searching for who overmined. By the time we fixed that we found at 'Building A' had no mines, only to find it infiltrated (and killed).
  8. Commander mode has room for improvement

    Lol, I wish this was true. I've seen so many times that: - team announces rush (for example bar) - vehicles leave. Person (already in enemy base for a while) doesn't deploy beacon till rush is over... - team announces (or a person) he is about to kill a building by sneaking in, disarms mines, other player places beacon NEXT to the building. Infiltration over... And so on.... I see a lot of ppl buy SBHs and / or nukes because they can without having another purpose then use the two cause they can use them... And in most cases they aren't very effective... Having that said: I would like to restrict super weapons or certain units (specially if you have +7 sbhs in 14 player team ) but it won't be good for the game experience for the individual players, although it would enhance the 'teamplay' feeling. What would help is that a commander can use CP to make 'advised by commander' units, vehicles, or weapons more cheap for a certain period. People might be persuaded to buy them more easy then... On the other hand people will still do what they want I am afraid, played a game of Under as GDI last week where we had more snipers then vehicles for at least 40 minutes in the game....:)
  9. [Tool] test

    What is it anyways ?
  10. Commander mode has room for improvement

    I've seen many games decided by choices a commander made. Also it's a commander, not a dictator, so the person commanding should also listen to the team (ofc.). Had a game once where someone was commanding and said he was going to buff. We said that he had to wait cause the enemy had 6 flamers around the corner. He chose to ignore this and used the buff. We all ended dead While on the other hand we could have used the buff a minute later.
  11. 5.3 Feedback/Bug Reports

    Sometimes the emp effect will continue visually, while it's not active itself anymore. Not sure how to reproduce.
  12. Team Stacking - good or bad?

    Agree with most of the above. This week I had quite some balanced games (luckily) which were won or lost by a good fight, but I've also seen a lot of games decided by afks, very bad to zero balance, or many new people overmining and stuff. While I tend to 'stack' when playing together with Machete while he is here, since we are in the same room and can see eachothers screen, I don't do this in any other way. Besides I am more a tanker and he is more a 'support' person so I don't think this has much influence on the outcome of the games. I am mentioning it here to avoid being accused later :P. I think this is different to have 2 or 3 elite snipers on one team (which happens a lot) or 5 ~10 people stacking on Discord compared to 2 or 3 regular players as friends in the same team. The problem is that it's hard to draw a line since these 2 or 3 snipers might as well be friends... What would really help besides auto scrambling is: - Activity check on start of a game (press a button to join) so after a long stalemate one team doesn't start with 5 ~ 10 afks See: - Simple track record of players by experience so one team doesn't end up with 10 new people compared to the other having 2.. - Divide people by a few mechanisms: - assign each team at least one person who mined in the buildings the previous games - assign each team at least one person who repaired during the previous games - divide the top (10?) players by score / killing buildings / k/d ratio over both teams - What I would also like to see is, but this shouldn't have the priority, that people get scrambled over the teams based on using radio commanders / q-spotting / chat so we don't get one team which doesn't communicate at all (cause 70% of them can't or is on Discord and talking while the others won't know). I am afraid auto balance can't compensate for people stacking on purpose (by using falls names or whatever), but I at least hope people get more aware of this problem. Also I wonder if Nod loses waaay more often on public games lately. I've seen so many games with 5 to 15 people with an SBH and almost no score. A good SBH can make a lot of difference. But persons watching you die and not shooting the mammoth (or whatever vehicle) which needs 3 shots aren't very helpfull. Sometimes I feel people use an SBH more like a 'way of life' then an offensive unit.... Combine that with the fact that Nod needs more teamwork then GDI and it might explain Nod losing more, unless my feeling about this is completly wrong.
  13. 5.3 Feedback/Bug Reports

    Ah, yeah.. Crashed, got set in other team, went to my own team... Still odd
  14. 5.3 Feedback/Bug Reports

    Just crashed and rejoined, the prices are different now, wtf... Anyone had this before?
  15. What kind of music do you hear?

    Ha nice new additions. This is what I just found! Oldie: And this one: