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  1. Arctic Stronghold - GDI med spam with good repairs holds field for majority of the game. Tank rush destroys OB while infiltrator kills GDI ref. Infiltration kills Nod PP afterwards, and Nod fails to recover. Complex - Arty party chips down WF to ~30 HP, but loses field to mass meds. Tank rush kills Nod ref and strip, while stank rush/infiltration kills WF. GDI uses remaining tanks and advanced inf to ion Hon Walls - Infiltrators destroy GDI PP, destroy both AAtowers, and chip down refinery to 30 HP. Apache rush with stanks finish off ref while infiltrator kills strip. Stalemate occurs and GDI surrenders 2-1
  2. That was the original intent, but views have skewed overtime given the effect on dividing the playerbase and as additional development members stepped in. I understand your situation, but you have to take into consideration that the game has always been freeware. It's still in beta and devs need to effectively observe how their changes to C&C mode will play out with their preferred circumstances, and will perhaps be more open for customization after they're satisfied with the finished game.
  3. I will start issuing priority speaker to commanders by default unless requested to alleviate off-topic chatter ~ Officially starting now, the commander with the first pick must always allow the following commander to pick two straight players as well as the first map choice. Whoever gets the first player pick is up to them to decide.
  4. Thank you devs and community members for all the hard work in keeping this ship sailing
  5. Mesa - Standard Nod arty party with flame tank cover, GDI fails to control short hill and loses Tomb - Nod has the upper hand early game by dealing perma to 3 structures, but forgets to buy tanks after killing GT. Slowly gets rolled down by meds afterwards. Whiteout - Same thing as mesa but worse with snipers picking off repairs Under - Med spam with infiltration on both PP and strip leads to PP dying Complex - Easily the best game, both teams having good tankers and repairs leads to armor breaks all around. Saw a bit of everything here, different tank rushes, infiltration, nukes/ions. GDI eventually loses bar to stanks, and the rest of the base soon afterwards. 5-0
  6. All good, don't worry about it Also you're doing a lot better at commanding, remember the mentality isn't commander vs commander, it's not in your power to see to it that your team is good enough to control the field. As long as you tell your team to buy tanks and repairs and call out for rushes you are doing your job perfectly
  7. this is the same issue with EKT having inflated mine limits, it showed that having server customization over gameplay isn't the best move when there's a player base <100. devs want newcomers to experience one consistent version of renx, not server variants of renx that give the wrong impression of the intended result
  8. Dev specifically said that he did not want the game to be played with more than 40 players
  9. having more than 40 players affects the gameplay, and not for the better
  10. just makes sniping harder
  11. Recap for sunday?
  12. kill hotwire with rocket launchers, goes for mobius with machine pistols
  13. Hopped on a random stream one day and ended up on a FiveAces cast
  14. Well there's still a playerbase after 2+ years with limited media exposure/distribution and development is still in progress, so it definitely has something going. I understand what you mean though, but it's particularly because this game lacks any sort of tutorial, resulting in people going lone wolf in tunnels and dying over and over and not having fun. At different points during a game there's specific things you do that would prove more effective than others, but people aren't going to know that on their own. For example there's anti-tank infantry resistant to explosives, so if you're bored of using a tank to regain field control you an use one of those instead. The veterancy system also makes every little thing you do more worthwhile (repairing, disarming, attacking), but again I realized that some people don't even know such a system exists or how it works. And I mentioned the 60 player server because in that situation you are definitely correct with it being a massacre
  15. Have you been playing on the 60 player server?