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  1. Most importantly with Discord, you don't have to install anything. For example if somebody wants to try out a PUG, they can just join through a browser and hop in without having to use up extra hard drive space to do so.
  2. 4 sbh c4 with MRLS killed bar i'm not sure what you guys did after you destroyed the airstrip on tunnels, but if you guys played normal GDI you would have easily won that since you had the best sniper on your team. there was a 5-10 minute period after the strip blew up for you guys to mass tanks and hotties, all we ended up seeing were meds wandering on their own in front of our base and pointlessly shooting LCGs
  3. nope
  4. Makes engineer classes too strong in combat especially vs kevlar armor
  5. For PUG use
  6. Reminder that for this upcoming PUG, we will be using Discord.
  7. No.
  8. Restricting infantry movement further isn't the right idea because it makes 1-shot weapons even easier to use. Bunny-hop is fine because it doesn't incrementally increase your speed unlike for example the source engine. You are right in the fact that 1-shot weapons are too strong in that they can completely lopside an infantry fight when in the right hands, I've been pointing that out frequently to the devs. However instead of directly nerfing them, the better way to deal with it is to buff every other weapon's TTK and performance, particularly removing recoil entirely or increasing headshot damage for all weapons. Another frequent complaint is that infantry combat is too spongy for automatic weapons.
  9. Not this week, but sometime later we're going to try running the pugs on the CT discord.
  10. Because your team had control of the short side for the majority of the game, people on your team could lurk around the rest of the map without having to worry about their base getting ripped apart. Having arts pound 4 buildings while raveshaws constantly rush PP requires almost everybody on your team running in circles defending while attempting to push Nod back. Using the 8 vehicle count and having meds go long route while the base is sieged is why we lost, because they're not shooting artillery. It doesn't have to take vehicles to destroy a harvester; like I said one hotwire could do it.
  11. Reason why we lost is because we had tanks going on the long side while Nod had full control of the short side. The reason why you should never allow Nod to take control of the short side is because they can shoot 4 buildings (Ref, Bar, AGT, WF) with artillery, and leaving the fifth building (PP) open for infiltration. If you rush vehicles (800) to the long side as GDI, your defenders will be overwhelmed by the time the tanks reach the Nod refinery by a typical coordinated Nod team (450) in the short side. Even then, Artys on the short side can easily turn 180 degrees to defensive mode and deal with tanks from the long side in the Nod base. Only until GDI has control of the short side, they can then lurk some tanks on the long side. Because of this, we gave up way too many armor breaks giving Nod a huge VP advantage and the barracks with half HP for the stank rush later. If GDI is really desperate to control Nod's economy they don't even have to send tanks to the long side and instead have a hotwire camp the tower
  12. also the base volumes are weird and some doors dont have vehicle blocks
  13. This is why buggys need hydraulics
  14. The two games have different audiences, it really comes down to players liking hard-fought, stalematey gameplay over more progressive gameplay and vice versa. They both share the goal of ending games by destroying the enemy base, but the options available to approaching that goal are different in both Rens (with RenX having a lot more) in any circumstance. It can also come down to control behavior of the inf/vehicle if the player doesn't care much about how a game ends, but rather how a game plays. No question that the infantry behavior is totally different in both games, and almost every single infantry weapon in RenX has been rebalanced in some way. It comes down to the player's own opinion, there is no 'better' one here. Vehicle handling also different in both games, with the original game being less sticky and more responsive/accurate, and the ones in RenX allowing various player dynamics such as shoving (utilizing different vehicle weights) and overall having a better lock-on system. Tank balance has also been poked upon, but not to the same extent as infantry, mostly as a means for a larger variety of vehicle use. Again, personal preference.
  15. I now claim the fastest heroic in history