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  1. On an unrelated note it took my friend an hour after downloading to realize that he had to start the launcher to install the game, since nowhere does it say he's supposed to do that. Installation process could definitely use some tweaking.
  2. Because when somebody q-spams a building when mines are down and your base isn't under siege, 9/10 times that usually means the infiltrator is in that building
  3. That's a recipe for a call of duty style gameplay
  4. EMP grenades were buffed against mines in 5.283, because of how easy it was to nullify a rush by simply repairing the mines. The repair rate on mines is considerably faster than the disarm rate. As defenders, you need to be familiar with the behavior of EMP grenades, and as you mentioned revising the defensive strategy, placing mines in unpredictable places is also a thing.
  5. if you're going to try to remove sprinting, look for a way to mimic the air acceleration from the original if possible
  6. Also just a reminder that Sunday PUGs will be cancelled until further notice. You're still welcome to join TS and play some public games with each other; I'll be around as well.
  7. AOW is flawed in Renx because it offers another victory condition outside of blowing up an enemy base, one that particularly favors defensive gameplay. For example, vehicle rushes are very risky because if a team fails to destroy an enemy building with the rush, they end up offering the camping team a vast amount of points in return. Beacon placements also become a risk and whoring buildings doesn't give many points; essentially playing defensively is the safest way to win, and that often means for example sitting around on the Walls plateau with helis and PIC/Rav and whoring vehicle kills and never attacking the base for a whole AOW game. Snooze fest. Plus playing AOW requires players to know how the point system works, which just adds complications to this already difficult to learn game
  8. Why is this mutator running on a public CT server in the first place?
  9. I like to q-spot a single enemy timed C4 on an MCT that I'm safely disarming and watch those yellow dots on the overview map converge on my position
  10. Due to lack of participation in the recent weeks, the Sunday PUGs will now be postponed indefinitely unless notified otherwise by me or Ukill
  11. Complex - Med spam overwhelms Nod and they kill airstrip with an ion at the tower. Meanwhile a stank rush nearly destroys barracks, but GDI simply rolls over Nod's base with their tanks. Under - Nod permanently locks GDI in their base with Flames+Arts. PP distraction by a tech allows Nod to rush AGT and destroys it, while a hotwire kills airstrip a little later. Snipers and Ravs roam the field while Nod's existing tanks manage very well with proper repairs, and end up getting a heroic flame tank to seal the deal. LakesideNF - Med spam controls field, and slowly rolls over Nod's base with mass tanks. Canyon - Nod wins the harvester and deletes GDI with flame tanks and artys. Officer rush almost kills HON, but wouldn't have mattered anyways. 4-0
  12. EMP grenades are anti-minefields. In original renegade, one big issue on the defensive end was laying down 1000 mines at a chokepoint, resulting in you having to repair a teammate walking into them (doesn't work as well anymore because mines do like 10x the damage) or you having to disarm one by one for a long time praying that nobody sees or hears you. Reason why defense is nerfed is because you don't win games by defending, you win games by attacking. And if attacking is impossible because of a certain defensive mechanic (minefields), games drag on unnecessarily. Also they serve as an alternative form of infiltration other than repair guns, sacrificing discreetness for faster overall disarm rates. Even then it's really easy to deny it, just repair the mines if you're inside the building; mine repair rate is way faster than disarm. Nothing wrong with allowing other classes than engineers to infiltrate buildings and do damage
  13. good old renedrama, half the reason why some of us are still playing the game
  14. Nope
  15. Forgot to mention, Tunnels Airstrip needs to be turned around 180 degrees so it won't be as easy to farm vehicles as they drop off @Henk