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  1. Pick Up Games (PUGs)

    Just a heads up, we will be starting up the Sunday PUGs once again, starting now.
  2. Back in game. thoughts

    AOW brought forth a second victory condition that was overall too complicated for players to grasp. People have to understand how the point system works, what gives the most points vs what gives the least, and what you should or should not do. Marathon offers one simple victory condition, blow up the enemy base. Nothing more, nothing less, easy to understand.
  3. HACKS

    The CT server has replay demos available for every match. If you have a complaint about a specific player, let the us know on our discord (discord.tyrant.gg) by providing us with the player's name, the map played, and the approximate time when the match ended. If we find undeniable evidence that cheating is involved, we will issue a permanent ban.
  4. Some Ideas.

    because for the most part you're pointing out things that aren't even core issues with the gameplay in and of itself and you're putting out suggestions that show that you're not fully aware of the fundamentals of renx and the state of development. you're definitely welcome to shoot out ideas, but just be aware that they're aren't always going to be the most optimal solutions or design choices.
  5. Download Ren-x from steam!!

    think rypel mentioned before that it was because EA didn't want people to be confused that renx is a fan game and not a game developed by EA themselves, which makes sense because since the game uses one of their IPs, people who play renx could come to expect a certain level of quality of a AAA title and since EA never actually took part of development to assure that, they're not willing to take the risk that could indirectly hurt their image
  6. Pick Up Games (PUGs)

    It's so far away and there's nowhere to go if you have to retreat
  7. Tank Balance Discussion

    Discuss, main issues pointed out during the pugs is a Mammoth tank nerf (damage) and a light tank buff (damage). Other concerns include MRLS being too strong vs inf and flame tanks being useless in open maps. So far in the past month and a half, GDI has won five weeks in a row with balanced teams. Personally, I believe slowing down med/mammoth tank projectiles will allow light tanks (and the other Nod vehicles but to a lesser extent) to more effectively dodge. Their speed buff applied in a previous patch didn't do much when it comes to avoiding tank shells, reason being at medium ranges, it is too easy to predict tank movement and the speed of the tank projectile is too fast to properly react in time. GDI's main disadvantage is the size of the tanks, but that doesn't factor in as much as it should due to their damage consistency constantly suppressing Nod tanks.
  8. Raveshaw and Sydney

    because ravs and sydneys still have 0 spread
  9. CNC-Eyes

    I think a 24 mine limit is a bit small for a 5 building flying map. GDI for example has to leave one door unmined and 0 mines on ramps
  10. Team changing

    If a limit is to be set on the team switching, then I feel that immediate swapping should only occur if a team has a 2+ player advantage. For example, 10v10, 10v9, 9v10 all should require a player on the other team to swap with you. Only when its 10v8 or greater should the game switch you over instantly
  11. Team changing

    there was a discussion about this a while back, around the fact that not enough people are motivated to join low population servers
  12. Balance suggestions

    In general good balance in renx is where everything in the game has its use while not being overshadowed too much by something else, biggest example is the light tank not having a useful spot between artys and flamers/stanks
  13. Balance suggestions

    Mammoth at heroic should have the standard +150 hp instead of +250, and the default static regen should be cut in half, also the sprint speed on veterancy should be toned down, even none is ok MRLS splash should go back to its original value Light tank faster RoF and/or faster tank shells, same splash as medium tanks Patch hitscan should be gone entirely Grenadier should have less MCT damage as well
  14. Pick Up Games (PUGs)

    still can't believe the airstrip survived with 0hp on complex
  15. Pick Up Games (PUGs)

    afaik poi was there all game but yosh and I eventually decided to hide around a corner near the nod tower and wait for poi to go deep into the inf path. Actually (after watching thommy's vid) ZZZ made a pretty bad error not calling us out the moment I killed him when he was behind the boxes at the end of the Nod bridge. In fact right after I got the pick I EMPd the bridge which there he should have made the call (did not happen). When he did make the call, Yosh and I already planted our C4s and were already breaking the armor with the PICs If he did make the call in time, poi would have ran back and likely killed both of us before we're able to destroy the building