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  1. Pick Up Games (PUGs)

    afaik poi was there all game but yosh and I eventually decided to hide around a corner near the nod tower and wait for poi to go deep into the inf path. Actually (after watching thommy's vid) ZZZ made a pretty bad error not calling us out the moment I killed him when he was behind the boxes at the end of the Nod bridge. In fact right after I got the pick I EMPd the bridge which there he should have made the call (did not happen). When he did make the call, Yosh and I already planted our C4s and were already breaking the armor with the PICs If he did make the call in time, poi would have ran back and likely killed both of us before we're able to destroy the building
  2. Mass banning on CT Marathon (don't panic)

    Ban is lifted, apologies
  3. [Level] CNC-Outposts

    also thinking a tunnel to the field behind both refineries, would be beneficial for both teams when quickly going to the field or sneaking in
  4. Pick Up Games (PUGs)

    On tomb GDI really needed control of the inf-path above the vehicles, that's the only real way you guys could have disrupted repairs and be a nuisance for the tanks The WF also could have easily been saved, there were engineers outside of the window that were looking in my direction right as I planted my C4s, but they never reacted Regardless tomb is really hard for GDI to win when their GT is down, it opens up so many infiltration opportunities for Nod
  5. Known, also possible on many other maps such as Islands, Volcano, Walls, Under and so on
  6. Pick Up Games (PUGs)

    No debate, we're not switching back unless discord literally falls apart. TS will be our backup
  7. Pick Up Games (PUGs)

    @Schmitzenbergh When you're rushing it's better to get one organized through use of names of your teammates who just died rather than asking for a number. Most of your team is likely out in the field doing their business thus potentially causing you to stand around and do nothing for an extensive amount of time. Meaning the most effective rushes are the ones where a big blob of your teammates die while your team still has some kind of field control. @Ryz Try using names. Saying 2 people do this, 3 people do that, and 5 people do this is impossible for your teammates to organize themselves. And if you really like telling people what to do try volunteering yourself as commander more often.
  8. Toxicity in RenX

    In most situations, I personally would use a mute or tmute option over tbans if it were integrated in the game and not just through the IRC bot And if possible I feel this is something players can moderate themselves through voting
  9. TS vs Discord

    Most importantly with Discord, you don't have to install anything. For example if somebody wants to try out a PUG, they can just join through a browser and hop in without having to use up extra hard drive space to do so.
  10. Pick Up Games (PUGs)

    4 sbh c4 with MRLS killed bar i'm not sure what you guys did after you destroyed the airstrip on tunnels, but if you guys played normal GDI you would have easily won that since you had the best sniper on your team. there was a 5-10 minute period after the strip blew up for you guys to mass tanks and hotties, all we ended up seeing were meds wandering on their own in front of our base and pointlessly shooting LCGs
  11. Pick Up Games (PUGs)

  12. delayed explosion remote c4

    Makes engineer classes too strong in combat especially vs kevlar armor
  13. TS vs Discord

    For PUG use
  14. Pick Up Games (PUGs)

    Reminder that for this upcoming PUG, we will be using Discord. discord.tyrant.gg
  15. Does this game have virus?