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  1. Renegade X Squad Wars

    @DarkSn4ke What will be the starting credits/donation timer?
  2. Renegade X Squad Wars

    Team exdee - 1. KryptheBear 2. Lavadragon 3. I am an Owl 4. dr.schrott 5. boxes (Captain) 6. bento 7. jpjtyld 8. Water 9. Minji 10. Canucck ~ Subs: 1. Billybez 2. anjew 3. Crowsy
  3. 5.3 Feedback/Bug Reports

    It counts as a draw for everyone regardless of the score. Was always like that
  4. 5.3 Feedback/Bug Reports

    Updated main post
  5. Post any related feedback/thoughts/suggestions/bugs you have for 5.3 here. Devs may not always reply, but everything will be read and noted. Green = Fixed or added Bugs + The in-game downloader has somehow acquired a ticking noise + Endgame scoreboard no longer plays tick sounds for the last remaining seconds + Bolt action weapons are not affected by Offensive commander buffs + Heroic Apache rockets may randomly disappear visually + Loading screens may not match with their associated map (64bit) + Shotgun sounds and animations are not synced + Interact key doesn't update on HUD menus if players change the bind (default "e") + HON MCT mines still vanishing + Kick menu bugged + Static Commanders not working for one team + Cruise Missile kills through buildings Maps + Whiteout's issues weren't fixed entirely + Outposts - Repair hitboxes inconsistent at certain locations, water flickers on low settings + CnC-Eyes - Infantry coverings do not collide with infantry but with vehicles, major issue with bots Suggestions + Teams without commanders should have a constant notification on their HUD telling all players in that team. Only goes away until a commander is elected Maps + Outposts water should be more visible, add advanced base defenses and air to help deal with stanks a little better as well as traversing the map, change sound of easter egg to play in proximity rather than to everybody Fixed in current version + Connection to steam account not working (to fix this, Go to UDKEngine.ini in the UDKGame->Config, search for the line bEnableSteam and set to true) + The MiG and A10's flyover sounds were cooked out + The cruise missile sound tends to linger around after it explodes + EVA occasionally says 'GDI Harvester Destroyed' when the Nod harvester dies + Offensive buff doesn't go in effect if you are suppressing fire with an automatic weapon (let go of M1 and shoot again to make the buff work) + Cruise missile detonation could use larger explosion sprite so its less 'wtf' when you randomly die by it + Lower time of Status effect modifier crates or lower effect amount + Alt+C should bring up the commander menu as well + Tomb completely broken, wrong package version + Airstrip lights on Walls have no collision + Sunrise has some landscape clipping in the floor of the PP + Field endgame cam clips through rocks + Field floating ramp behind bar + Lakeside's cliffs are a bit more murderous to aircraft than intended + The Cruise missile can get stuck between cracks on high rock arches, e.g on Eyes/Tunnels + Credit ticker goes erratic when the enemy harvester is dumping (only visually, actual credits aren't affected) + Player credits show as 0 when showing team info + "-- is the new team commander" instead of showing the actual name of the player + Vehicles can move when EMP'd, but still take reduced repair rate. You also still get the VP for disabling a vehicle + If Enemy commander swaps teams with the other team having an existing commander, that team will have 2 commanders + Tac-rifle ammo count does not update
  6. Abilty to buy back destroyed building

    There’s a difference between a team earning a comeback opportunity vs given a comeback opportunity. One is frustrating for the other team, and ends up prolonging a game that’s going to end the same way thirty minutes ago while the other might give a different and derserving outcome. Getting structure functionality back needs to be tied to something gameplay related, something that can prove that a team has good chemistry and can pull things off against a full base team while being handicapped (aka not donating credits or trading structure health)
  7. only the light, med, and mammoth are affected by the new modifier
  8. [Level] CNC-Outposts

    Other than the GDI harv getting stuck occasionally and the middle bunker having weird vehicle collisions, the map i'd say is mostly bug free. However in terms of map balance, stanks are going to be quite ridiculous given how big and wide the map is. There's a very good chance Nod can wipe the base out if GDI has field control as it is going to be nearly impossible for them to respond in time.
  9. Leaderboard Proposal..

    Because if you do manage to get a building kill, you gain up to nearly 3000 points. Why should this person who did literally nothing else but rely on pure luck to walk in a building and nothing teamwork related be potentially rewarded the MVP for the team? MVP should be the one who did the most of all three categories, Offense, Defense and Support, which I think is close to the way it works right now
  10. Leaderboard Proposal..

    Disagree about MVP being the one with most points, usually that ends up being the person holding down mouse 1 on a structure or the one who's non-stop sneaking and doing nothing else to contribute to the team. Also vehicle repairs don't give too many points, and field repairs are often the most important thing to winning a game Agree with the other three especially with best support, but I don't think there's a consistent way to track player position other than base volumes (other map locations differ depending on the maps, and some of them aren't even accurate) As far as switching teams, I feel the system needs to be reworked instead of punishing a player, where it would not be possible to switch teams unless your team has a 2+ person advantage only. I think from what I heard there's already a player requirement for leaderboard tracking? Not certain
  11. Should Any Maps be Removed From PUGs?

    GDI can utilize the height advantage as well when they have the hill, main issue is mostly 1 flamer being able to tank GDI's whole vehicle force on its own. Could be solved with added infantry paths to the silo area and/or adjusting rocks suggested by gliven and redarmy
  12. Should Any Maps be Removed From PUGs?

    Last Whiteout game was a good back and forth battle, map is tougher for GDI sure but they definitely have more things going there compared to Mesa Mesa is easily the most lopsided map in the game due to how the short side is designed perfectly for flamer+arty. A number of PUG players are willing to share their input on what can be changed/added, if a dev is around to help out
  13. don’t hold down mouse1. wait for a split second after the cannons reload, then click think it has something to do with veterancy increasing ROF
  14. Teaming is NOT ALLOWED !

    After discussing this incident with schrott privately, I was mistaken on my part and misinterpreted what he meant initially. I've sent out warnings to the perpetrators.
  15. Teaming is NOT ALLOWED !

    again it really depends on the situation, there's situations where you're looking at the overview map and somebody passes right by you in front of your screen, and there's other situations where infiltrators intentionally run past each other without engaging. i'm not sure exactly what happened in your game but if you want me to discuss this more in depth with you just pm me on discord