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  1. Renegade X: Patch 5.292 Pending Release

    I vaguely recall some patch notes mentioning something about preventing buildings from being damaged in matches where there aren't enough players. So if only a few are in, say, 5/40, then it stops people from farming cheap recs. I joined a match today, on Constructive Tyranny's Marathon Server, with only 4 players and 3 of the building on one side were already destroyed. The implementation of such a preventative measure would be welcome. Stops some folk from getting completely undeserved points.
  2. Renegade X: Patch 5.292 Pending Release

    Every party Needs a pooper That's why they invited you. Party poo-per! Party poo-per!
  3. Renegade X: Patch 5.292 Pending Release

    Added spread to sniper rifles out of scope Haha! Finally! No more vets being assholes and ruining the game by owning everyone in tunnels or outside. Pure-sniping, scope-in, all the way.
  4. [Dev] CNC-Valley | Official Feedback

    Unlike most of the people, who regularly down-vote the map, because of the lack of vehicles and whatnot, I actually like it, precisely because there are no vehicles and it's just a good infantry map. Silos do need to bring in credits faster as it quickly becomes restricting when people are being killed fast and they cannot effectively rejoin the fight with only free infantry. Or they don't even have enough creds, after purchasing a higher tier character, to buy a secondary weapon. I like the atmosphere of the map and infantry is hard to spot. The night-vision, which I usually only use in caves, doesn't actually help. For some reason everything is too bright, even though the time of day should be dusk, or something. If people do want vehicles, perhaps you could alter the landscape and get rid of the lake, even though I like swimming in it, and put a capturable Mobile WF, Fist of NOD, or something similar there, that could take more time to capture than silos. Say, 3-4x times more, even with hotwires. As long as it would belong to a side, it could produce a very limited number of vehicles, say, 3-4. But, for this to work for there to be enough room to maneuver, the map needs to be stretched as it is very small, at the moment. Or at least the area where the Factory would be, should be expanded a little. Maybe add a third guard tower on top of the waterfall, in each base. OR one repairable base defense turret. The one with the missile barrage and single mortar that's on WhiteOut. Not the one with the cannon an machine gun. And you can disable the missile barrage and let only the mortar be operational, so it wouldn't have too much fire-power all at once. From that spot, it would have a good range and could cover the entire base. But, unlike the turrets on WhiteOut, it should either have a much longer respawn/reconstruction time, or its destruction should be permanent, so it would need to be protected, from SBH especially. A slightly higher mine limit, perhaps. Or the landscape on GDI's side should be altered, so SBH and any infantry would have a more difficult time reaching it. Have a ladder lead to it, maybe. That could be more easily guarded, or it wouldn't require additional mines. For balance. This turret should also have higher hitpoints, maybe. So a retarded rush of gunners, sydnes, raveshaws or any other long range infantry wouldn't be viable. It would need a more concerted effort to bring down. Its range should extend to the guard towers AND it should be accessible by all units, meaning, the opposite team, as well. For the surprise factor. Eh? EH?
  5. I'm sorry but C&C_Valley sucks

    The thing people dislike most about this nice map is that they can't have their precious vehicles. An infantry-only map is a breath of fresh-air. If they'd add vehicles, even through crates, it would defeat the purpose of the map, that is to have none. I can cope without my humvee/buggy massacre.
  6. Tiberium Field Damage

    If anything ,the Damage Over Time that is applied after a character leaves the field should be decreased. It's extremely annoying when I step on the Tiberium, for a split second, and it continues to deplete my health by no small amount. The damage it does may be buffed, but the after effect should definitely be nerfed.
  7. Veteran System

    Oooh, I remember some of the alternate skins, especially one for Sakura, some red sleeveless shirt, mimicking the final bosses look from the original game. That looked FABULOUS. Also, camo could work. But, there ARE more important gameplay elements to introduce first, admittedly.
  8. Veteran System

    I'm not sure what that means. Can you explain? You know... Those symbols that units get in the RTS when they killed enough things, the yellow arrow-things, 1, then 2, then a star or something more extensive, more symbols and more scale to reflect player progression. They could be unlocked by kill or destroy thresholds. The highest rank symbols would only become available after, say, 50+ kills or something...or more. Or destroying a lot of vehicles the 50% health thing or even assist could count.
  9. Veteran System

    Was wondering if we would receive or we could purchase rank symbols at terminals. Different ones for the two sides. Maybe.
  10. Field Sniper ledges

    I don't know if they improved Marksmen but I find them more useful in this update. Ive found that after playing as a sniper, you can be more effective against them as other classes. As a Marksman, you can time your movement and shots to be much harder to hit. I was a lone Marksman in Walls and 3 snipers were targeting me and they missed many times before they got me. Ive seen snipers miss 5 times after I timed my dodges. You have to resist the urge to randomly bounce around and use pauses that leave you open to attack, timing and intuition, the impatient sniper will waste shots and the good ones will still miss a lot more. Marksmen are great! I love Complex, when we go for the silo and sometimes I can pretty much keep half of the enemies pinned down, and send them running right back into their buildings, when they just came out, or kill them outright, with a marksman. Also, the added ammo good. I don't have to run for refills as often. Love it when people whine about camping snipers. Even if you cannot kill, you can just keep the enemies pinned or send them packing for a refill by inflicting enough damage (also to light vehicles and aircraft), it's helping your team, even when most of the time on one even notices. And if you can get away with your life? That's class.
  11. Field Sniper ledges

    I'm in full support of a veterancy system, exactly because recommendations do nothing. I always counter snipers, engineers, infiltrators, go on humvee patrols, taxi people back an forth, who need a refill. Practically rape their infantry and light vehicles and damage their tanks enough to send them back to be repaired, all helping the team and keeping the enemy at bay, many times all by myself, either as a single marksman or with a little humvee. If I'm not covering engies who are disarming beacons, I'll switch to one and start disarming it, before others even find it. No one notices. No one notices their heads not being taken off or no vehicles harassing them from the side or that the siege had suddenly stopped because the enemy has no engineers left to repair them and they're being pushed. And I still have only 1 measly recommendation and am in the middle of the list, most of the time, with my points, despite all my efforts.
  12. Field Sniper ledges

    Personally, I quite like the addition of those ledges. I'm getting pretty good with a basic marksman and as GDI I love to take to the cliff at the beginning to...sometimes...snipe off nearly all infantry that go for the silo or up the waterfall or down to the bridges. I pull back after that, just behind the rock, so other snipers cannot get to me from their own cliff. I can also see the cave entrance behind the barracks and I can keep an eye on it as well. Also, snipers can no longer feel safe behind those sandbags on the bunkers and can be more easily counter-sniped. As it should be. Before, any sniper that was crouching behind them was nearly impossible to hit, and could only be targeted from the paths leading up to the waterfall, which were unsafe due to bombardment and being more exposed. Of course, vehicles could blast the bunker and flush these sandbagging snipers out, but not before they'd take out several people. This way, the field is more active and possession of it can change faster and more easily if someone snipes safely enough from the cliff and don't expose themselves too much. It's not like these cliffs and the people on it cannot be easily sent packing by a few blasts. Same as with any other spot. It doesn't unbalance things. It doesn't give an advantage that cannot be dealt with. The bases are more defensible this way. People will, of course, be afraid this will lead to a stalemate and marathons, which is likely. But, we can always have a vote and change the map or tough it out.
  13. Veteran System

    No, I'm not arguing the 50%. I'm just saying that if more people shoot at one target and kill/destroy it...none of them will do 50% of the damage to it. Maybe if there is only 2 on 1. But, more than that and none of them will get 50% of the target's health, cause they'll be 3-4 people shooting at one target, before they kill it quickly. Maybe if the target is being repaired, so all of them will eventually deal enough damage that is 50% of the target's max HP, so at the end, all will get an "assist kill" point. But, if they gang up on a single target and deal with it quickly, they'll do...say...1/4 of the damage each, so they won't get an "assist kill", but the person who gets the kill-shot will have it count towards the number of kills he/she made, 5-10-20...whatever the thresholds are that reward the veteran points. The others get nothing, though.
  14. Veteran System

    That sounds good. I mean if all chip in. But, then...if say...3 people would gang up on 1...either on foot or in vehicles...or infantry vs. vehicle...then maybe they'd do 1/3 of the damage, each. So, the only who'd get a veteran point would be the one who gets the kill shot in, since none of them really did "most" of the damage or above 51%. So...
  15. Veteran System

    It would be very annoying if I took down an enemy vehicles health, either with a vehicle or on foot and then someone just rolls or runs by and gets the final shot in. And THAT wouldn't happen just once. And once is already annoying enough. But, the question is...can they even implement an "assisst kill" system...I think I saw it in...uh...Firefall. Could it be done? Wouldn't it require too much coding and whatever, put together and would get jumbled, too much going on.