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  1. 60 player limit

    The problem with that is that every existing map would have to be changed a lot if they want to have a dynamic size. I agree with @dr.schrott, the idea has been mentioned before and I think it would work good.
  2. 60 player limit

    Smaller maps are good for lower playercounts, big maps for high playercounts. Easy as that. The downside with big maps, especially the ones with a lot of buildings to defend, is that it becomes hard to manage when you're playing with smaller teams. Way more chance for a sneaker to infiltrate and solo nukes to work, which is frustrating and sometimes can make you feel helpless like you're having to defend all alone. But both big and small sizes can be very fun to play imo.
  3. Halloween?

    Being nice to other people is reserved for christmas.
  4. @DarKnight You should add some pictures to your Facebook posts Also I'm not sure how Facebook algorithm works (I don't think the people at Facebook even do lol), but I've read that adding pictures and videos makes it that your post reaches more people (the video should be on Facebook itself, Facebook's algorithm prefers that over links to Youtube, because YT is part of their competition). Linking to this site doesn't influence how many people see your post as far as I know Thanks for sharing this game!
  5. Suggestions that could Improve the game.

    You already can't sprint while shooting. I don't see what's wrong with regular running while shooting. And the things Madkill said.
  6. Pick Up Games (PUGs)

    Ok nice. Guess I was just unlucky
  7. Pick Up Games (PUGs)

    Is it even in the CT rotation since the latest update? Haven't played a lot the past 2 weeks but I didn't see it anytime since the latest patch.
  8. Pick Up Games (PUGs)

    Dying to see some more Tunnels or Reservoir gameplay. For both my enjoyment and gameplay analysis
  9. I think I know where it is, at the Nod base, left of the tunnel entrance. Was about to commit another small fix, so I'm adding a vehicle blocking volume there now.
  10. [Map] CNC-Toxicity

    It's supposed to have a blue Tiberium texture I presume? I downloaded the map and opened it in the editor, and the mesh TibCrystals doesn't have any material assigned to it. Are you perhaps referencing the material from Frostbite? Or another package that I don't have in the editor.
  11. Discord GameBridge integration?

    Would be so epic, I especially like the proximity chat because I think it would feel pretty realistic and immersive, although the other types are very useful too of course.
  12. Come tell my boss
  13. Can I get a mention for my sick tank repairs?
  14. Problems when building lights in SDK

    Try if it works on a nearly empty map, just create one with midday/afternoon/night lighting (doesn't matter which one), move the white cube and build lights. If that works and your map doesn't we're one step closer to fixing the problem.
  15. Balance suggestions

    Making EMP grenades purchasable is what we're moving away from with each class having it's own loadout. And giving EMP grenades to Rocket Soldiers and Chem/McFarland would isn't a good idea either, seeing how much mines an EMP grenade can disarm at once. Do agree on the mammoth being OP on Elite/Heroic at the moment, but the VP you can get from them once you do kill them is good I guess, I see way too little people swarming mammoth tanks & their repairers from behind with flametroopers. Do this, doesn't cost a thing, gives them hardly any VP if they kill you but you get a lot. ^ I'm also having a hard time hitting LCG's good when driving a mammoth tank. Flame tank could use some more speed/mobility I agree. Maybe an increased speed when not firing.