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  1. Should Any Maps be Removed From PUGs?

    Better to change the maps than ban them from PUGs
  2. [Map] CNC-Outposts

    The missiles don't have any physics asset attached to them, they don't have any mass.
  3. [Map] CNC-Sunrise

    I want pics
  4. Some tips, maybe you were going to do this already, but: The deciduous trees need to be leafless in winter. It would make sense that there's still some pathing visible, because of tiretracks and footsteps. Muddy and/or half molten snow. The current amount of fog looks good. For the lighting you could experiment with twilight time of day: The night time setting is good too of course, just trying to give you some ideas. I want to make a map in this setting some time myself.
  5. [MAP] CNC-Snow

    A small preview of what's coming in the next update.. those openings are connected, they give healers more cover on the one hand, and give attackers a way to flank on the other hand. The planks are destructible of course. The terrain inside the tunnel is also a bit flatter, and the tunnel is wider overall. I think this is as much as I can change it, while still keeping it close to the original Snow as much as possible. Also: Silos are captured by default (Can still be stolen) The icicles break from weak weapons too now Post Processing inside the building improved, and the transition is improved.
  6. HACKS

    I hope not. I usually just go buy a tank or stick to the other side of the map or to a different path when certain snipers are in game.
  7. [Level] CNC-Sumo

    Ah I see. Getting in and out of your tank really fast makes you usually win the push fight. You should make a custom vehicle you can't get out of within a certain custom volume (look at how it's done in the soft level boundaries). And without a weapon so it's just pushing and not shooting eachother. Edit the buggy maybe.
  8. [Level] CNC-Sumo

    So is it a Deathmatch map? It looks way too big and open, I think if you'd make it smaller and put in some more obstacles it could work. Idea: Have team spawns on North and South for GDI, East and West for Nod, put a projectile blocking energy field around the arena, make it so you can't exit the arena, except by jumping off into the lava.
  9. Back in game. thoughts

    I see CT's AOW server is now called Timed Match Server. That is a better description imo. I think the time that can run out right when a game could be getting exciting can be a bit anticlimactic. What would help a lot is a countdown anouncement that would say "10 minutes remaining", etc. Just like in the Tiberian Sun. Would make it more tense for sure.
  10. Ideas for XMas games

    @Ryz we could for example do it from 20th of Decemeber until the 10th of January, doesn't have to be just 2 days. Last year I had the idea of replacing the obelisk with a christmas tree, shooting lasers from the tree-topper. Piles of presents could make for the walls to protect infantry and the MCT. @Madkill40 I think a snowy Volcano would look great. Not saying you should make it or anything. But I think of all maps to give a snowing re-vamp, that would be the best one. The black rocks, the glowing lava and the tiberium would fit very well with snow I think. Crates could be Christmas presents Unfortunately I have other priorities to spend my time on.
  11. Switching to grenades

    You could see it as the "Abilities" or "Powers" slot.
  12. Some Ideas.

    All I can say at the moment is don't worry too much about the SBH ironsights.
  13. [Map] CNC-Sunrise

    hmm how.. the rocks don't seem that scaled when I see the images. No time to check in the editor at the moment.
  14. Some Ideas.

    One of the few shooters where 3rd person right mouse button aiming actually makes you aim down sights instead of zooming the view like 10% and you'd want to get rid of that? Btw you can already play Star Wars Battlefront 1, it has the same shooting mechanics. I don't dislike it, but Renegade X has it's own way of doing it, and personally I like that way a lot better.