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  1. HACKS

    I thought the same, then someone told me that half of the playerbase don't use Steam. I'm sure @Agent have more up to date data on this.
  2. HACKS

    Steam is the Captcha for games. It won’t stop anyone from joining the game, but it takes some time to register and activate an account, then probably verify location because of the VPN. If someone took the time to research the game’s vulnerabilities, probably has the time to create some sockpuppets. But preparing an attack would be more tedious so the invested effort vs ruined gametime before running out of accounts might just doesn’t worth it. It’s like having 10 minutes of „fame” for wasting 1 hour of preparation. Last year the Steam and non-Steam ratio for RenX was 1:1. I’m sure that the non-steam, core players would create an account to play their beloved game. The question is that would the casual, non-Steam users download Steam in order to try out/play the game. Would the influx of new players lower because of forcing Steam? Since we don’t know the numbers of this group, this move is risky, but honestly during development some bad decisions already made entire communities and some hardcore players to quit, so this wouldn’t be a new thing. The game would survive. Personally I’d rather have a properly working HWID system than forcing Steam on others. What bothers me that someone took the effort to create hacks for a small indie game. Statistically speaking it’s unlikely that we bumped into a random script kiddie, whoever did this probably is known. Fortunately this guy played it stupidly, the hack was obvious. But with some fine tuning it could be hidden quite well, which would damage the game more on the long run.
  3. HACKS

    What has become of this topic with all that overreaction and prejudice? Ryz very fairly summerized the issue, there was no hate, personal attack or guilt tripping in it and objectively speaking it can be backed up with proof. Unfortunatelly things went downhill after that... not that the quality of some posts before of that was high though. There were some good points mentioned and a good amount of bullshit as well, which I could confute by hard facts, but that's not the point I decided to add my input on this matter. You should really leave behind the binary thinking. Anyone who thinks in "extremes" -the ones who automatically go into white knighting and those who go into personal attacks- should really think about how come that the other side has the exact opposite opinion of his/her. Things aren't black and white. In this case there's a very good reason why many people don't like what the mentioned guys do but there's a good reason why others fed up with this as well. The problem is, when things get out of hand, parties lose the ability to reasonably discuss something then a moderator comes to shut it down. Which is understandable, in this case the topic is not about cheating anymore but the behaviour of small amount of people. Although I have to mention that moderation is not all about rules and behaviour standards, by definition it's also about helping people to come to an agreement. Unfortunately hushing up the issue won't bring us to anywhere. Poi and co goes into silence and people's opinion is going to remain the same with numbers growing, then eventually it will be brought up again and again as it happened so many times before, just look at the reoccuring topics about this. Then anyone who had been involved in a similiar discussion before would be more emotional, arrogant or biased as we've seen it in this topic, which wouldn't help the cause at all to drain the toxicity. Playing the victim card or putting one's head into the sand definetly not helping to achieve that: to restore the great morale of RenegeX how it used to be.
  4. @anydev It would be nice to see the algorithm how these are calculated.
  5. Game mode suggestion

    Not stupid at all, in fact there was a Renegade mod called Sole Survivor which had this gamemode. You had to protect the MCV until it reached its destination. It also had a capture the Mobius mode, Domination and CTF. More than 10 years ago archived all of its installer files in case somebody ever interested in how it worked.
  6. HACKS

    He was banned from EKT for the same reason. Apparently he knows how to avoid the banhammer after all this time.
  7. Ren X is official ruined!

    @ps212 With those arguments I can't tell if you are serious or just trolling.
  8. Petroglyph is working on a new RTS game. The flying unit resembles to an orca, there’s titan alike walker, a flame tank, nuke missile, one of the faction has the yellow color palette, the music is industrial… it’s nice to see that they kept the spirit of C&C
  9. Activity check on game start

    @Madkill40 As Sn4ke said, HWID. @Sarah! It's still way more reliable of than Steam ID or IP.
  10. Activity check on game start

    Because they aren't AFK. All you need to do is Alt+Tab, press a button and Alt+Tab again. You can even write a simple autohotkey script to do it every 4 minutes which also includes the donation to the "host". A single button money boost. If some people don't like to play fairly then unfortunately some restrictions gotta be made. With this restriction we would see less zombie startfire engies for sure which is the boosted version of money making. Or people who "play" for both sides.
  11. Activity check on game start

    There's a reason why always 1-2 vote against kicking AFKs or glitchers. I wouldn't be suprised if the AFK zombies' only purpose was to send money to their owner in an other client. Restrict 1 unique ID per server to see their numbers dwindle.
  12. HACKS

    RenX doesn’t have the proper anticheat tools nor the resources to create anticheat solutions. A recorded demo is only good to detect blatant cheaters. It doesn’t even shows overlays, memory hacks or modifications to the core engine. Currently we don't even have rules in regards how the engine can be modified. Any veteran gamer knows that video footage of one’s gameplay doesn’t prove anything. There could be any process in the background which „assist” aiming (aimbot, triggerbot). A good aimbot is barely distinguishable from human input. To detect an aimbot you have to watch the footage and recognise patterns made by algorithm split second just before hits. Triggerbots are much simpler, I don’t believe it can be detected by analising video footage if used reasonably. A solution could be a watchdog program which checks for attached processed to the exe file, checks memory integrity or sophisticated measures which analyse samples of how straight your inputs are before landing headshots. The basic ones are included in Steam (VAC), custom made measures are mostly integrated into the game's launcher. UDK has been on the market for 8 years and hackers mapped its vulnerabilities a long time ago. What are the chances that someone took the time bring those to RenX? Competitive games based on the UT engine like Paladins have to come up with new countermeasures to this day. If you are a logical person who makes decisions based on objective knowledge, then it’s clear for you too that players with outstanding aim are in the grey zone. They might use bots/hacks or could be legit. Inspecting recorded demos, videos or streams might give the assumption that someone is legit. But due to the nature of these crude „tools” (compared to AC measures) it could be far from a fact that someone is indeed legit. Unfortunately the recorddemo is our current best tool, in my view it's only good to get proof on an obvious cheater or to give (possibly false) hope that we are cheater free. Neither side is correct when unconditionally accusing someone of cheating or automatically claiming that it must have been skill. Either way the skilled "aimers" are legit or not, I hope one day their actions affecting gameplay, moral and the game's appeal to new players will be properly addressed.
  13. 95% of Radio Commands are Useless Now

    In the heat of the battle they won't notice you shooting at them. Instead of that gently underline that their relocation would be nice.
  14. Raveshaw and Sydney

    That's actually a pretty cool idea.
  15. Death count, k/d

    @Gliven You totally missed Axesor's point inspite of he expressed it many times, it's not about changing the KD players style. You can't be so naive thinking that removing a stat would change how they play the game. What matters that once again this came to the attention of the devs and they found a nice solution which apparently satisfy your point of view as well. I guess you helped to raise awarness of this by posting so many times in such a small time, so thanks. I'll let go many of your arguments as it seems you were on the edge when replying. Please don't hate me for going offtopic one last time, to elaborate a few things.