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  1. 60 player limit

    I can fully understand why do you think that 25 players are terrible on one server, it's your golden age after all. Don't really have to care about standard tank rushes, infilrators or small team tactics which might blow up the Hon/Bar; only to focus on killing.. and there are plenty of targets. If you got used to the 60 player limit, I'm sure you'll manage with 40 once again. Probably you weren't around in the times when we had clan wars. Regardless of who won, both sides agreed on that RenX is best played between 12v12 and 15v15 players. Maps didn't feel crowded and there was a nice balance between tanks, offensive infantry, support infantry and defenders. It did matter which role you took, which unfortunatelly I can't say nowadays. No wonder that so far others suggested that the 25-30 limit would be optimal. On a sidenote just take a look at what kind of server the oldie Dragon Clan is running. Sneaking has always been a core element of the game and yes, that tactic would be viable once again with 40 players. If you really concerned about it, you can always do team orinted things like, defending the base against those pesky guys. But feel free to open a new discussion about infiltration, I'm open to clear things up about it. Btw, what trailers are you referring to? You do realize that 35 players were the max, but mostly around 30. With that many players rushes were sure something fearsome and spectacular.
  2. 60 player limit

    Didn't want to derail the Team changing topic so created this one. @CampinJeff @Sarah! you already had an input on this matter, please share your opinion/argument here as well. Probably it's going to be a wall of text, so only read further if you are interested in the experience of an oldtimer who returned to the game after around a year. Before all I'd like to state I'm not angry at CT, but being the only server with a steady playerbase it has some global responsibilities. If there were a few other servers with noticable activity I wouldn't mind this issue at all. First off, more does not equal better. We have seen this with the debatable higher minelimit, increased credit flow, purchasable vehicles after destroyed WF/Strip (the latter two at the start of B4) and now with the 1377 minutes of waiting time for teamchange. With the increased max player limit everything loses impact on the game. The vehicle limit remained the same while the playercount increased by 50%. Tankers have to deal with significantly more mobs shooting at them instead of focusing on higher priority targets. Sieges are as boring as before but with more people! There's a bigger pool of people who constantly repair buildings under siege, which equalize the higher ranked vehicles with some exceptions (looking at you mammy). It's more convienent to repair buildings after you realize shooting vehicles with low tier units doesn't worth it. You get no VP, neglectable credits compared to repairing the MCT and dying a lot. Rushes aren't as effective as before because on avarage max 7 tanks go against possibly an additional 10 people defending the base. Don't even want to compare how difficult is to organise/build up a full scale rush and what's the chance of (even new) players realizing what is the most convienent thing to do in their base under siege. Infantry fight with this many people on maps with chokepoints is a mess. It only serves the K/D farmers and their added "value" to the game. If endless/meaningless shooting is your thing then obviously this is your golden age. Even if you shoot well, you can barely advance because you have to deal with higher numbers from the opposing force and their respawning multiply this effect. Small team tactics (SBH C4, stank rushes, fully loaded IonAPC, simultanious nukes to name a few) are less likely to work because there are more people to counter these. Many tactical aspects of the game are toned down which is a huge loss imo. Quantity become favoured instead of quality : ( Just to recap, most maps don't even support 40 players. I'd love to play with 60 players or more on maps which were desinged for it but currently many of the maps are outright nightmare for that many people. Increasing the vehicle limit is not a solution as most maps are not suitable to handle more vehicles. Just think about how difficult is to maneuver at the crowded base entrance during sieges and you might realize even the current number of vehicles aren't supported by some maps. We always say that this game has a steep learning curve and new players should get into it. But what exactly are we talking about? Sure there are the basics and getting know the maps... but currently they don't lose much if that's all they know. I'd really like know what new players think of the game after being besieged for a whole match or trying to achieve something in vain. Last but not least this impacts the perfomance of the game. Not a serious issue, but to this day we have new players who have weak computers. A few FPS for them is the difference between playable and unplaybe. As I recall, this issue was addressed before and a few developers went against the 60 player idea. How and why did we get to this? What do you think? Do you feel that something is diminishing from the game with so many players in one server or I'm alone with this?
  3. It's been awhile I changed those setting. As far as I know the default is 60-62 FPS... anyway try these: UTEngine.ini DefaultEngine.ini UDKEngine.ini
  4. Team changing

    So when will you guys reinstate the rule that 40+ ppl servers shouldn't exist? Playing on maps which don't even support 40 players (majority of them) isn't abuse by definition, yet it's clearly butchering the tactical aspect of the game. Make a max player limit for each map or something, don't want play a brainless shooter in the C&C universe. Snow with 60 players on, are you nuts?
  5. Oddly enough, some of the higher settings you'd expect to lower your FPS doesn't lower it at all. The noticable exceptions are post processing and dinamic lighning. My advice is to disable framarate smoothing, look into one of the config files search for "MaxSmoothedFrameRate=xx" and change it to something that suits you. Also close the launcer while playing. For me, quite often it locks up one of my CPU cores which drastically lowers my FPS.
  6. Another bug hunt

    You think you can beat my killer moves?
  7. Another bug hunt

    So there's this nasty bug on fuck this, I challange you to a dance off! Show me your best moves!
  8. Balance suggestions

    Not a bad idea, although we already have a vehicle like that: Advanced Buggy.
  9. Balance suggestions

    These are my observations and suggestions: Mammoth tank: Scales badly with the vet system. Just want to add an idea which could serve not just as a nerf but it would also make the Mammy unique(ly awesome). Remember C&C3? At heroic give the mammy dual railguns, but don’t increase its damage output from elite to heroic. Obviously, remove the splash damage so cheap-ass infantry could challenge it effectively… you know… just like in any other C&C. And remove the infinite range, it’s not the Juggernaut. Light tank: Swett89’s solution is the way to go. Flame tank: Needs speed gain as it gets higher ranks. Or here’s a ridicullios idea: give it an ability of using the flames as a propulsion system so it could get a temporal speed boost. I believe the other vehicles are good as is. Patch: Sn4ke is right on this one, no need for hitscan. On top of that his noobtube is broken. I highly advise to look into its code before anybody else realize what’s wrong with it. Sydney/Ravershaw: Svett89 is spot on with this one as well. Don’t agree with him? Then add a charge up time after pulling the trigger. Don’t need much, just 250-400 ms. In technical terms elegantly put the idle time before shots instead of after them. Would fit the weapons characteristics nicely. Vehicles could be just as easily hit as before, but infantry would be fairly protected, yet still killable with some real skill. Seriously, why encountering a long range anti-tank unit at close range with infantry have to be extremely dangerous? Grenadier: A bit lower damage on MCT would be nice. Could be an effective SBH spotter by changing its alt fire to a not too fast burst fire. Poor guy is barely used after the early harvy rush, need some added usefulness. The rest of the infantry seems okay.
  10. Discord GameBridge integration?

    This is a very sound plan. Just imagine the new tactical opportunities this could give us. I can already see the hillarious situation as I put the C4s on the MCT and hear a nearby GDI soldier asking his team: GDI Soldier: Have you guys seen that shady figure entering the bar? Another GDI: Shit, might be a technician, let’s check it ASAP! Me: Erm...it was just me, no worries, the bar is clear. GDI: Ah okay, for a second there I though we lost the bar, thanks dude for checking Me: Sure thing, anytime, aaaanytime… *detonating the remotes* Or imagine an SBH in the GDI base whispering into the mic in a creepy, playful voice. SBH: Hi there little fella, I might have something for you if you don't find me very soon. GDI soldier: O_o Another SBH: Keep it quiet moron, already told you to shut it until we planted it. GDI solder: Could you guys call an A-10 airstrike on me, I think we have a situation here...
  11. Discord GameBridge integration?

    Also some people prefer listening to music instead of listening/talking to others.
  12. Discord GameBridge integration?

    Considering our options this is good idea. The question is the same as always: who's capable of learning how the gamebridge SDK works and who would implement it into the game. Don't forget the cantbeatventrilo and betaapp4betagame tags.
  13. New players are always welcome - and this game is great

    It's always good to see the return of old players who were here since the beginning. Welcome back lavamamama.
  14. New players are always welcome - and this game is great

    A better advice for new players in regards of the skillful players shooters: if you find yourself constantly killed by them, stop charging their camp site brainlessly for the umpteenth time. All they care about their kill/death ratio and not really team players. But YOU can be useful for your team by joining the tankers, providing field repairs, guarding the base against infilrators, spotting enemies, calling snipers out, participating in rushes, transporting infantry or just following the person who’s organising something. By doing so you’ll make a bigger impact for the outcome of the game than just killfarming which –you might have already experienced- barely adds anything to the team apart from the toxicity it generates. When you get hang of the basics you can try out more advanced tactics but always remember, this is a team based game. Oh, and watch the minelimit.
  15. Stop bullying POI