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  1. Preliminary Patch 5.3 Changelist

    Considering that the official 40 player limit upped to 60 started by CT, we all know what to expect.To simply put, the game, engine and maps were not designed for this, unless you don't mind lag, team deathmatch gameplay and lack of tactical solutions which defines Renegade. You can read more about it in this topic.
  2. Map design

    Cod is like Justin Bieber, but for the video game industry. After they sold the same game for the 3rd time, I lost any expectation for the series. Truth is, they have to keep the standards low to appeal to the masses. Back on topic: not sure that arena style maps are unpopular. People really seem to like Walls, yet it's pretty much a 3 lane map. Island seems to be another popular map while basically it has 2 lanes. Some people prefer maps with base defenses on, where the pace of the game is relatively more relaxed. I think the reason why there are arena like maps, because symmetric maps can be more easily balanced and people can remember those kind of layouts better. I'm sure a mapper could give a more detailed insight into this.
  3. Leaderboard Proposal..

    And this how it looked like in Renegade's prime, when we had 20000 unique active players: The fifth column is for the ladder points I mentioned before.
  4. Preliminary Patch 5.3 Changelist

  5. Spies everywhere :)

    The second one is a Black Hands spy.
  6. Leaderboard Proposal..

    Thank you @Quincy and @Jarzey for summarizing so well how sneaking works. I especially liked the part which goes into details about what is based on skill and luck. These well written posts could be showed to new players to help them understand the concepts of infiltration and seasoned players as well who aren't too familiar how sneaking actually works. As for you @Gliven As I mentioned before, here are some Renegade scoreboards from Jelly-games in 2007. Some of you probably very familiar with this, but I'm sure there are new players -relatively to this- with brilliant minds who can come up with ideas based on this system. Ladder points given at the end of the game based on the the points you got and the time you actually spent ingame weighted by the total amount of players. Take Wall_Flying for example: On the winning side, karatedud got 2652 points but only became 2nd because patrx8 got 2313 points in much less time. On the losing side I did everything in my power to prevent this (4274 pts), so I lost 0 points. Sezer1 just joined the game (7 pts) before it ended, so the system didn't "punish" him. On the other hand penol was AFK for the entire game so he lost 164 points. The losing team only lost the fraction of the points what the winning team gainded, so it's not really discouraging in my opinion. As far as I know kills, deaths didn't affect the ladder points nor the total points you got until the end of the game. So it didn't matter if you got 10000 points while the the second player only got 1000 for the same amount of time; at the end you got ~100 ladder points and the second player ~90. It was proportinal to the places players ended up. I'm not saying to copy this 1:1, but we could come up with implementations of the Best Offense, Defense and Support into this kind of calculation like the one Gliven provided.
  7. Leaderboard Proposal..

    In other words you are clueless about sneaking. I don't want to look like an arrogant prick so take no offense but your concept about sneaking is so off that simply it doesn't worth my time to explain in wall of text why you are wrong just to get to the MVP part. Maybe @Quincy @MintLemonade @djlaptop @Minji care more about this or have more time.
  8. Leaderboard Proposal..

    I wouldn’t mix the standard points with VP mainly for the reason you mentioned: it needs fine tuning. On what basis the the correct ratio would be determined? VP and “points” measure slightly different things but I think we can all agree that it doesn’t measure actual useful contributions. For example, one can solo bombard a building while 1-2 engies neglect his/her effort. Both sides would get lots of points but looking at the big picture they contributited very little. Same applies to VP with the killfarmers for different reasons. This is my standpoint on these titles: MVP It’s very difficult to measure useful or critical contributions, that’s why these points more like a measurement of activity or perfomance in general. Unless someone comes up with an algorithm that recognizes all the various ways to save the day for your team, MVP should be given to the player who generally get the most “points”. If this is not satisfactory for you, challenge the point gain. Personally I think it was a very good move to reduce point gain for hitting armor and building reapairing. If one non-stop sneaking that means his/her attempts mostly failed. How someone can be first by basicaly gaining no points for the failed attempts? The other way around, -after some runs- one blows up a building, while his/her team was obviously unable to do so. Since when that doesn’t contribute to the team? What you said contradicts itself. In my experience you don’t even get to be the MVP after taking down 1-2 buildings then joke around. Best Offense I agree with the proposal but consider two things. First, faction specific “Front” volumes have to be set up on all the maps in order to have an area which measures you offensive actions like kills, destroyed vehicles, disarmed explosives, etc. These volumes should be placed wisely by the mapmakers, areas equally away from both teams shouldn’t have this volume. Second, this takes a considerable developer/mapper time. On top of that I’d add the destroyed vehicles in general and succesful ion/nukes to this offensive point pool which at the end would determine how aggressive you were. Best Defense The same as the “Front” volume with all its properties but for the other faction. Plus additional points for kills by mines, disarmed ion/nukes, unit repair in the volume and building repair without armor. Unfortunately due to the dual-box-startfire-AFK-zombies, I wouldn’t give defense points for armor repair. Best Support I’d only give this for vehicle and infantry repair and captured/neutralized tech buildings. Switching teams Only allow it after the first minute of joining a game. For this reason it's irrevelant to register it as a defeat. Rage quit I wouldn't pour salt on their wounds. AFK Votekicks should be counted, as there's no AFK vote. It would be nice to have a reason field for starting a votekick. More enemy players = more of a challenge Just take oldRen's approach to the ladder system. Your ladder point is calculated by the actual time you spent in the game, the total amount of players and your placement at the end of the game. The loser team gets the fraction of the winner team's points in minus. The player with most points in the loser team gets 0 ladder points. If you join a game shortly before it ends you get 0 points as well. I'll upload a picture about point distribution after I get home. I agree with the rest.
  9. Is allowing One Server to dominate, Good for RenX?

    It’s good to hear that you understood why the original development team capped the max player count at 40. It wasn’t only about the lag but the tactical aspect of the game. The 60 player limit was a failed idea at the first place, a pity it took a year to realize this. My most intense/organised/fun matches were in clan wars which usually maxed at 20 people. But you don’t even need highly cooperative players to fully enjoy 10 vs 10 games if teams are somewhat balanced. Some maps like Lakeside or Reservoir obviously needs more, but definetly not more than 40.
  10. Ideas for crates

    Refill crate has became more irrevelant than ever since the increased ammo patch. I'd remove it. Speed crate is lackluster and useless. You need at least 5 to get a slighly noticable effect, but the chance of that is exremely low as most of the time you die before getting the third one. Maybe upgrade it to 10% or keep the 5% but make it permanent. Abduction Now that we have acces to the C&C3 models, add one of the alien ships high above the victim. Could fly-in, fly-out like the C-130. Make it big. Visceroid You become a Visceroid which has a chem-like weapon and heals on the tiberium field. The character model is basically a blob, even the one from OldRen would do it. There's no need for weapon model. Kane/General Sheppard OP character with all the weapons (or an Obelisk gun) and 500/500 base HP/Armor. Moves very slowly (speed of 50), so it can be easily crushed by vehicles. Increase its chance at after 30-40 minutes (endgame). Fog Not sure if this is possible in UDK as I've never seen dinamic weather in it, but it was possible in OldRen. Shortly after taking the crate a thick fog appears, lasting for a minute, limiting the vision to 10-15 meters. It was extremly lulzy to see results of the disappearing fog on Field. Rage quit You've got a 50% damage increase but steadily lose health until you die. This could replace the timed C4 which can be survived in many ways. Midget killer Kinda silly, you become half of the avarage size. There's a similiar mutator for this in Unreal3. Drunk The camera moves in erratic ways for a minute, making proper aim very difficult. Could be a toned down version which can be found in Paradise.
  11. Please recommend me a new gaming mouse

    I have the same with silly RGB. Here's a comparison with my other mouse for RenX: Logitech G502 Superior sensor Shitloadof buttons Built in fidget spinner Weights like a brick After 3 months still haven't got used to it Can do a pointless 12000 DPI A tiny rattlesnake sleeps in it (move it quickly to wake him up) Has a dedicated reddit page Genius Deathtaker A relic from 2011 More than enough buttons In theory shitty sensor with 5600 DPI (uses the toned down lazor techology like the LCG) In practice it's perfect for 400 DPI Extremely light Legends say that chinesee children put it together, just like all the iPhones Can hide your secret passwords in its weight department or 15g of coke My aim in RenX is waaay better with it than the G502 Has a lame-ass skorpion on it Seriously, the most important aspect of a mouse is being comfortable to you. It should have a 1000ms poll rate, some extra buttons as we are not in the 1990s and a good interface to configure it. All the big brands (Logitech, Razer, Anus, etc) use chinese OMRON microswitches instead of japanesee which are rated for way more clicks, so it might be worth to invest 2 bucks on those. Cordless adds probably a not noticable response time, from my experience sensor type doesn't affect you aim but the way you lift your mouse off the desk, RGB has no use. At the end it only matters if your muscle memory can adjust to the mouse.
  12. HACKS

    I thought the same, then someone told me that half of the playerbase don't use Steam. I'm sure @Agent have more up to date data on this.
  13. HACKS

    Steam is the Captcha for games. It won’t stop anyone from joining the game, but it takes some time to register and activate an account, then probably verify location because of the VPN. If someone took the time to research the game’s vulnerabilities, probably has the time to create some sockpuppets. But preparing an attack would be more tedious so the invested effort vs ruined gametime before running out of accounts might just doesn’t worth it. It’s like having 10 minutes of „fame” for wasting 1 hour of preparation. Last year the Steam and non-Steam ratio for RenX was 1:1. I’m sure that the non-steam, core players would create an account to play their beloved game. The question is that would the casual, non-Steam users download Steam in order to try out/play the game. Would the influx of new players lower because of forcing Steam? Since we don’t know the numbers of this group, this move is risky, but honestly during development some bad decisions already made entire communities and some hardcore players to quit, so this wouldn’t be a new thing. The game would survive. Personally I’d rather have a properly working HWID system than forcing Steam on others. What bothers me that someone took the effort to create hacks for a small indie game. Statistically speaking it’s unlikely that we bumped into a random script kiddie, whoever did this probably is known. Fortunately this guy played it stupidly, the hack was obvious. But with some fine tuning it could be hidden quite well, which would damage the game more on the long run.
  14. HACKS

    What has become of this topic with all that overreaction and prejudice? Ryz very fairly summerized the issue, there was no hate, personal attack or guilt tripping in it and objectively speaking it can be backed up with proof. Unfortunatelly things went downhill after that... not that the quality of some posts before of that was high though. There were some good points mentioned and a good amount of bullshit as well, which I could confute by hard facts, but that's not the point I decided to add my input on this matter. You should really leave behind the binary thinking. Anyone who thinks in "extremes" -the ones who automatically go into white knighting and those who go into personal attacks- should really think about how come that the other side has the exact opposite opinion of his/her. Things aren't black and white. In this case there's a very good reason why many people don't like what the mentioned guys do but there's a good reason why others fed up with this as well. The problem is, when things get out of hand, parties lose the ability to reasonably discuss something then a moderator comes to shut it down. Which is understandable, in this case the topic is not about cheating anymore but the behaviour of small amount of people. Although I have to mention that moderation is not all about rules and behaviour standards, by definition it's also about helping people to come to an agreement. Unfortunately hushing up the issue won't bring us to anywhere. Poi and co goes into silence and people's opinion is going to remain the same with numbers growing, then eventually it will be brought up again and again as it happened so many times before, just look at the reoccuring topics about this. Then anyone who had been involved in a similiar discussion before would be more emotional, arrogant or biased as we've seen it in this topic, which wouldn't help the cause at all to drain the toxicity. Playing the victim card or putting one's head into the sand definetly not helping to achieve that: to restore the great morale of RenegeX how it used to be.
  15. @anydev It would be nice to see the algorithm how these are calculated.