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  1. C&C Paradise

    Make sure the volumes are correct on the refinery aka delete and readd. I know if you use the undo building on the prefabs, they tend to bug out in my experience.
  2. @bananas

    This stuff has been answered many times. Log in has been looked at but really low priority. Snipers have been nerfed a ton, community divided on them. Mines I've yet to hear a great solution. Vehicles is the engine mostly. Devs have limited time and motivation. Why don't you step up and do stuff?
  3. Make Ren-X Great Again (YouTube Campaign)

    @axesor: post a list of reasonable stuff that you think needs changing in feedback section. Don't derail the thread.
  4. possible to reskin so it can be launched on steam?

    You clearly misunderstood rypel's post. He's saying there isn't an active dev team remaining really. The ones that are around are busy and burnt out. If people want to form a team to work on a project like what you suggest, there's nothing stopping them. RenX source code and most assets are available to everyone. Anyone could start a project like that and I doubt "totem arts" would care. The fact is there's only like 3 coders, 1 mapper, and havoc left. All of those are busy and unmotivated. RenX is far from dead, it just survives by the community. See all the people who have stepped up and done cool things. Ruud, smitzenberg (butchered the spelling, doctorb0ngalongadingdong, henk, thommy, etc. There's nothing stopping you from starting this project that you seem to want. The entire idea is for the community to carry on renx as there is no real active dev team. Yosh56 who did a tonnn of work on the recent patches and auto patching was just a community member who starting coding stuff.
  5. Make Ren-X Great Again (YouTube Campaign)

  6. possible to reskin so it can be launched on steam?

    Should be noted that even if all this work was put in, getting the game on steam doesn't really guarantee more players. RenX actually holds a respectable player count for how niche of a game it is. There are plenty of games that make it onto steam and have hardly any players or fail completely. You'll also be losing part of what some people enjoy which is...C&C. I doubt gameplay would be an issue. RenX is already different in many ways. The thing that interests me the most is if map design/layouts could fall under copy right. Though, I wouldn't really miss many original renegade maps.
  7. possible to reskin so it can be launched on steam?

    Lots of talk, but no results for something that has been discussed many times. 1) You would need to find people interested. Current dev team is...lacking in man power and resources. 2) Most likely you would need to talk to a lawyer or someone knowledgeable in copy right/video games. You have to decide/figure out what is usable or what needs to be redone. That would include models, maps, textures, code, ideas, etc. 3) If all this is done, do you really want to just reskin renx. Why wouldn't you move to UE4 or make an entirely new game.
  8. Pitch black (map)

    Always make sure you save your packages and map before exiting. As for where to save, not sure that it really matters too much. The "official" places UDKGame/Content/Maps/RenX or /Renx/Environments for maps and evironments. As for the snow, should be easy to set it up again as long as it was saved. Not sure what you mean exactly though. For performance...the editor is demanding and will be moreso than a game. There is a low detail mode you can turn on that might help a little. Also make sure you don't have unecessary things open. Like double clicking on a static mesh in the content browser (to bring up the view of it) and leaving it open can cost a lot.
  9. Pitch black (map)

    Errors on start up happen to everyone I think. They don't matter, just ignore them. For moving everything...If you are using the box select to select multiple things, there is a button on the toolbar that makes it so an object has to be fully within the box to be selected. Otherwise you will select your landscape everytime on accident. Don't know if this is your problem. For rocks...What you are looking for is materials. In the content brower, just check only the material boxes and you'll see a bunch of them. Obviously some won't work for rocks, but you can play around. Click on a material in the content browser, then right click your rock and go to properties, under rendering (I think?) there should be a line called material, click the + by it and then click the green arrow to set from what you have selected in the content browser. The rock will then gain a "color". Easy way to do this is set the material for one rock and then duplicate that rock to have more. Do this by holding alt and then moving the rock. The most obvious materials to use will be in the content browser in the rock packages. It's also not super difficult to make a material instance constant to get the color you want, but you don't seem to want that.
  10. Mouse movement = Pc lag

    Check your cpu usage, memory usage, and gpu usage when you move it. Most likely it will be cpu usage spiking. Check processes to see if it is something in their that spikes. Few things to try.. Try a different mouse, try a different usb port, mess around with mouse polling rate or other settings, unplug other usb devices to see if something else causes it, update/reinstall graphics driver and usb or mouse drivers. Could be lots of things causing it. Gotta narrow it down.
  11. Request: Nod Guard Towers

    Not sure if this works reliably or in multiplayer, but...You can accomplish this with kismet. See: http://i.imgur.com/ixur1vw.png Tested locally and it changed the guard tower to nod and shot me. In theory you could just copy the guard tower or turret file and make whatever you want by changing the vehicle weapons. Could probably make a turret that shoots raveshaw beams if you wanted.
  12. Airstrip VS Weapons factory

    What if we just select the buildings and shrink them 50% !!! Problems solved. Mappers unite. Make buildings for ants.
  13. CNC Assault, help needed!

    The goldrush error is something I did. Apparently it doesn't like the box I used from the sdk. I'll look at it or replace them.
  14. Airstrip VS Weapons factory

    Airstrip is a pain to place in maps. Especially so the plane doesn't fly through stuff. Putting beacons in the airstrip lights is a little meh though.
  15. Black Hand Sniper VS Deadeye

    With the recents change to how hitboxes are, I don't see this as a problem.