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  1. While not exactly what is asked of here, I am currently testing this right now on the AGN Modded Marathon server - let's see how this does compared to just spawning in husks.
  2. Party? 11/19 >looks for streamers

    I would like to think there is something in the EA Terms and Conditions of us making this game that says: Or, if it's not in there, I will just assume it is, because throwing a party for EA just seems wrong.
  3. Community Poll. Unlimited timed matches be default.

    As a server owner, I think this topic should be called: "Should RenX ship with a basic server configuration tool". This is not an issue of what the setting should be, rather an issue of letting people know that the setting is there in the first place and what it can be changed to. This of course applies to all of the settings. However, in terms of this poll - I cannot vote, as either option does not matter, if the above statement is solved.
  4. Yeah I could see how it works.
  5. Failed to Create the D3D9 Device error

    Another option is to delete that file mentioned and the UDK should attempt to find a resolution that works for you when you launch it next time.
  6. As the OP Title explained, this is for leaving husks for base defenses only... Personally I don't think that leaving husks for actual vehicles is a good idea, but for vehicle based base defenses, it should be okay (Turrets, GDi/NOD Machine Gun Emplacements, yadda) So the issues you listed @TomUjain, which are all extremely relevant to vehicle husks would not exist.
  7. @vandal33 if you were to destroy a small shed or outhouse in real life, it would not simply disappear, it's just realilism, also, a broken turrent with smoke bellowing from it is far easier to see IMHO than no turret at all in terms of gameplay and knowing if it's gonna shoot you or not. @Sarah! Yeah thinking mutator currently.
  8. Would it not be easier to copy the SM and apply a different "broken" material to it then save it in a custom package and spawn that in instead?
  9. I know this goes against most peoples view on this, however I agree with Eagle that the turrets should be swapped out to the "Halp, i'm dead!" model However as far as im aware, we dont have a "Halp, i'm dead" model for the machine gun turrets. But yeah @Sarah! you're right, it should be as simple as just spawning in the husk static mesh in place of the turret once it's dead, my only worries are: if a vehicle was humping the turret at the time of it being killed, and the new static mesh got spawned in, i am unsure how the vehicle and new mesh would interact with each other. *this comment in no way is the view of the development team and is purely my own*
  10. Game and launcher not loading

    @toOt If you have discord could you contact me please reference the launcher, I can compile a custom version with more logging ( well, with logging lol ) and find out whats wrong Thanks.
  11. Ideas for crates

    Personally a Base Repair Crate seems a little bit too over powered, mind you the same can be said for the Base EMP Crate lol. @dr.schrott Instead of removing the item, it could be possible to not allow the weapon to be refilled instead, perhaps a compromise.
  12. Vehicle heroic skins

    Sassy Sealions Joust?
  13. Game and launcher not loading

    Are there any Launch.log files you could provide us from the RenX Directory \UDKGame\Logs?
  14. Is there a way to add music locally?

    No, music is hard-coded into the games UnrealScript files and packed into pkg files as SoundCue's. I am not sure if this is possible as a feature either.
  15. Oh man that's a freaking joke, i am surprised they get away with that, what if there is an emergency and the internet is offline during that time, you and your neighbours wont be able to get help. Weirdly enough, Glivens suggestion isn't all that silly - a load of people have been doing that here in the UK and connecting rural areas with 1000 down, 200 up internet via FTTP/FTTH - it's nuts - cost depending though - like how far is the next property that can get a decent wired internet connection?