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  1. Launcher patch failed

    This is a known bug, still investigating the fix for this one.
  2. MSI Afterburner Error

    I have an issue with the UDK when an overlay is attempted to be hooked into the game. Such as NZXT's CAM crashes RenX without fault whenever the FPS counter is loaded, have you tried disabling the in-game overlay for MSI Afterburner for the game to see if that is the cause?
  3. can't install the game

    I'm dealing with this in a PM with Ahmed, locking topic.
  4. I can't install the game

    @Castrol Glad to hear that you have got the game working. However, if you would be able to spare the 5 minutes to send me the logs anyway as they could be used to better future versions of the launcher Thanks.
  5. Launcher 32bit or 64bit

    Please note: The x64 binary is not supported by the developers as it can have issues with In Game Audio, as well as linking with other Renegade-X Services.
  6. This has been a long time coming, but I feel that with the drastic changes the launcher has had recently(ish) it's best if I tell everyone how to provide us with useful bug reports for launcher weirdness and/or failure. How Do I Submit A Great Bug Report? What a great question, I'm glad you asked! Firstly you must know where the launchers log files sit, this is crucial to us being able to debug your issue better. To give us a copy of the launcher log files, please follow these instructions: 1. Hit Windows Key + R at the same time to show the Run Dialog, within this Run Dialog ensure the text says: %appdata%\Renegade-X Launcher, then hit Ok 2. A Windows Explorer Folder Dialog will open, inside should be log files that look like these: 2a. We need these files, simply hold CTRL and press A to select all of the files within the directory. 2b. Right click the files, navigate the menu to Send To -> Compressed (zipped) folder 3. Send us the zip file by attaching it to a topic reply post, please ensure you include any details of what you were doing during the problem. (To simply attach a file to a post, right click the file and select Copy, then right click the posts text area and select Paste) I hope this helps some people submit bug reports for the launcher.
  7. Game won't load

    Click the Join Server button instead of clicking Launch Game.
  8. I can't install the game

    Hey, Inside your %appdata% folder is another folder called Renegade-X Launcher. Hold down your Windows Key and press R Type %appdata% into the box Hit Enter Navigate to the Renegade-X Launcher folder Create the ZIP file (select all files using CTRL+A -> right click -> send to -> compressed zip folder) Then PM me the file. Thanks
  9. 5.3 Feedback/Bug Reports

    No yosh, however if the anti virus is injecting any payloads into the application, it's possible that it can hijack exception throws to show it's own messages.
  10. While not exactly what is asked of here, I am currently testing this right now on the AGN Modded Marathon server - let's see how this does compared to just spawning in husks.
  11. Party? 11/19 >looks for streamers

    I would like to think there is something in the EA Terms and Conditions of us making this game that says: Or, if it's not in there, I will just assume it is, because throwing a party for EA just seems wrong.
  12. Community Poll. Unlimited timed matches be default.

    As a server owner, I think this topic should be called: "Should RenX ship with a basic server configuration tool". This is not an issue of what the setting should be, rather an issue of letting people know that the setting is there in the first place and what it can be changed to. This of course applies to all of the settings. However, in terms of this poll - I cannot vote, as either option does not matter, if the above statement is solved.
  13. Yeah I could see how it works.
  14. Failed to Create the D3D9 Device error

    Another option is to delete that file mentioned and the UDK should attempt to find a resolution that works for you when you launch it next time.