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  1. how finished is this game?

    If you want to donate to a server owner, that is perfectly fine. If you identify one you would like to donate to, you can ask who the owner is and we can tell you who to speak to.
  2. Any dedicated groups?

    You can join the official Renegade X discord at: Http://renegade-x.com/discord There are also a couple of Gaming communities that play this game. CT : Constructive Tyranny's Discord AGN: AGN Discord There are a few more around I am sure, but these are probably the main 2 at this time.
  3. Pick Up Games (PUGs)

    Please join the game and do F5 Stat Net and provide us with a screenshot. If you still get the issue with "Lag" I will be able to hopefully identify whats causing it. (It will need to be a CT server)
  4. Pick Up Games (PUGs)

    It will allow us to see if there is any problem with your connection to the game server, or if the problem is more on the Server side.
  5. Pick Up Games (PUGs)

    Gliven didn't have any loss, but you would need to do it, since it is unique per person (except if they are on the same connection)
  6. Pick Up Games (PUGs)

    Did you try using F5 Stat Net? See if you were getting Packet Loss?
  7. Addressing the Player Problem

    I know for a fact that Steam isn't going to happen. This is due to the agreement with EA (Definately the case with Steam, may need to check about GOG, but suspect it would be the same.) - We did have a few YouTubers review the game early in it's lifetime. TotalBiscuit did a review a long time ago. Once the game hits a 1.0 release, then we may see this re-review become a possibility. Who would you expect to issue prizes in these situations, especially since the team cannot profit from the game. @TomUjain - Many of these has been posted before if you searched in the General forum.
  8. Preliminary Patch 5.3 Changelist

    Not as it stands @Madkill40
  9. This has been adjusted in the upcoming patch. So the higher your veterancy the longer your projectiles travel. This will help a bit.
  10. Tiberian Sun Recon Bike too strong

    Don't forget that the Recon bike is a Tiberium Sun crate vehicle (unless you are on the AGN mutator server or playing Fort where they can be purchased) and as such is expected to be much stronger than their equivilant purchased counter parts. All Tiberium sun vehicles are stronger in more than one way over their counterparts. They are also much lower spawning than other crate types on most servers to balance the fact they can turn the tide of battle much easier.
  11. Next Mutator idea

    I get what you mean, but we have had some interesting games without use of the advanced base defenses where it is the last building standing for both teams. Old Field used to be quite fun if it ended that way, more often than not GDI wins that fight Then again, it very rarely goes to the point of being an issue, since if one team has normally destroyed all the other buildings, they have normally destroyed the Advanced defenses first since they normally have to go past them to proceed further into the base.
  12. Vehicle heroic skins

    Thats not quite how it currently is since the tanks currently have a skin selection based on the map (or an active mutator (or is Fort)). It would likely be easier to impliment an aura like glow effect than changing the material on the vehicle (since it doesn't actually affect the vehicle's skin) Plus in your description, if it is determined on spawn, then a user who is heroic can buy a large amount of vehicles and make it seem like they are all heroic, despite the driver potentially not being Heroic.
  13. Vehicle heroic skins

    I think it may be a bit harder than that, due to the fact weapon fire can be spawned in after the veterancy is determined, however something changing Skin based on them entering or leaving may be a bit harder. But sounds cool enough
  14. [Shrewds Dev Blog] Game Packaging

    Plus you can copy over assets which you like more easily, say for example, you like a particular rock and texture, you can copy it straight over.
  15. [Shrewds Dev Blog] Game Packaging

    They are handy for reference points if you want to see how one map handles it, then you can refer to it without potentially and accidentally overwriting your normal map.