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  1. Timed matches. Love it, hate it.. doomed or hopeful?

    I believe the games have been recently designed to average out at 45 minutes, Anything shorter than that is kinda over too quickly, and anything over 75 mins feels like a long match. This doesn’t prevent the match from ending earlier, it just adds an end time, using points as an alternate victory condition. As for who runs that server, can’t say I really noticed it. If you want people to play AOW/Timed then just join the server when it’s quiet, and people normally filter into an active server.
  2. HACKS

    I agree, public attacks like this should not be the way to handle this. Be warned if this thread continues in this manner I will lock it. Remember if you have problems with a player that are breaking the rules or cheating raise it to a moderator or admin through the use of the Modrequest command. The server moderation team will handle it from there. The team will pass any relevant information regarding any legitimate hacking/cheating to the Devs so they can either implement a fix for that issue (if possible) or globally ban anyone who is breaking the game. As was mentioned before publicly attacking a player should not be the way to deal with an issue ever, and can even result in the attacker being punished (even if the person attacked is doing wrong) because inciting action on a player who may not be doing any wrong (as you may not have the full facts) can drive a legit player from ever playing again. This does not mean don’t let people know what they are doing wrong, if they are legitimately cheating/hacking so as to raise awareness of the facts but don’t then begin to attack said player in any fashion, just call a moderator
  3. Back in game. thoughts

    Well Henk, make it happen
  4. Back in game. thoughts

    I did put up another server (and it is still running), of Timed Matches. If you manage to get people on, you may be able to enjoy AOW again
  5. [Map] CNC-Outposts

    I've updated the map on the IGDL.
  6. 64 bit Sound bug

    The 64 Bit client is currently not supported for the game, (it exists but will not be officially supported, and may even be removed in a future update due to the number of issues that arise when using it)
  7. Destroyed Building Mines

    @Agent This would still trigger the Player is Overmining message, if there was some way for the system to show how many non-essential mines and not trigger the overmine broadcast, then that would also be helpful. Maybe have the non-essential mines show in a bracket on the UI. Example: 21/24 mines (3)
  8. Discord

    You would also be banning a Dev. @Madkill40
  9. Full build Game as zip file

    As @Sarah! already mentioned, the full build is normally put up within 24-48 hours of a patch going live. Most people will still use the launcher, since the launcher just patches the existing client, rather than having to download multiple gigabytes of files every time.
  10. Halloween?

    I can do something interesting for Halloween
  11. Getting New players

    Due to this effectively being a double post, I am locking the thread.
  12. Pick Up Games (PUGs)

    The map wasn't in the rotation, due to it not being part of the default rotation. Once someone pointed it out, I added it back. Default rotation from the file: "CNC-Field","CNC-Walls_Flying","CNC-GoldRush","CNC-Whiteout","CNC-Islands","CNC-LakeSide","CNC-Mesa","CNC-Volcano","CNC-Xmountain", "CNC-Canyon", "CNC-Complex", "CNC-Under"
  13. Defince towers

    What do you mean? If you are referring to the structures then they are in the game already. If you are referring to the Skin of each building, then it is possible to implement that on a map if someone was so inclined since they would just need to replace the materials that are present on the buildings with an equivalent skin
  14. [Skrimish] Maps? Mods, Etc~

    It still works as far as I am aware.