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  1. Full build Game as zip file

    As @Sarah! already mentioned, the full build is normally put up within 24-48 hours of a patch going live. Most people will still use the launcher, since the launcher just patches the existing client, rather than having to download multiple gigabytes of files every time.
  2. Halloween?

    I can do something interesting for Halloween
  3. Getting New players

    Due to this effectively being a double post, I am locking the thread.
  4. Pick Up Games (PUGs)

    The map wasn't in the rotation, due to it not being part of the default rotation. Once someone pointed it out, I added it back. Default rotation from the file: "CNC-Field","CNC-Walls_Flying","CNC-GoldRush","CNC-Whiteout","CNC-Islands","CNC-LakeSide","CNC-Mesa","CNC-Volcano","CNC-Xmountain", "CNC-Canyon", "CNC-Complex", "CNC-Under"
  5. Defince towers

    What do you mean? If you are referring to the structures then they are in the game already. If you are referring to the Skin of each building, then it is possible to implement that on a map if someone was so inclined since they would just need to replace the materials that are present on the buildings with an equivalent skin
  6. [Skrimish] Maps? Mods, Etc~

    It still works as far as I am aware.
  7. Hi Swaffelen, Do you have a screenshot of the area that you are referring to, NOD / GDI Any video of you managing to get to the position would also be helpful when identifing how to fix it.
  8. Game launcher not working.

    Hmm. Strange. @Agent / @yosh56 / @Schmitzenbergh Any chance you can recommend some action to help this?
  9. Game launcher not working.

    Ok, try uninstalling the game and re-installing the game from the MSI file.
  10. Game launcher not working.

    Hi Hayden, Did you use the following file to install the game? If so, can you confirm the version of the launcher and of the game (You can see both of these in the launcher window). If they match the following details: Launcher Version: Renegade-X Launcher v0.76 Game Version: Open Beta 5.293 You can see an example of a fully updated version of the game and launcher in this image Can you then please run the following: Settings -> Verify Game Integrity / Reset Game (Either option will work for this purpose) Then try once more, If this still fails, we will need a log file from yourself to help diagnose this issue (if one is being created)
  11. Problems when building lights in SDK

    Lights have been built to production quality without issue. I don't know what has caused this for you. However I will PM you the DL link for the light-built map.
  12. Problems when building lights in SDK

    I'm about to attempt the light building, will let you know the results soon. Appears to be going fine atm
  13. Discord GameBridge integration?

    If done in a Push to Talk style. Could use (for example) ; = Full Team Broadcast (Could be limited to a Commander) [ = Squad Leader + Commander only chat (Allows a commander / squad leader to communicate to a smaller group making commands easier to filter down) ' = Proximity Chat # = Squad Chat Would also need to implement a moving squad function (and potentially cap squad size) Unfinished list*
  14. Problems when building lights in SDK

    Hmm, please provide a link for it, I will attempt to build lights for it tomorrow if you can provide it by then (unless we can figure it out before that).
  15. Problems when building lights in SDK

    Is this a new install of the SDK? If so, then make sure you unblock UnrealEdCSharp.dll (in binaries) and check SwarmAgent.Options.xml to make sure that the file path is correct on <CacheFolder>