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  1. CNC-Eyes

    Well i will change it on the next version
  2. CNC-Eyes

    In the config i set the minelimit to 35
  3. CNC-Eyes

    Updated Download Link Greez. DaKuja
  4. CNC-Eyes

    Cheers! I'm back for now 3 Weeks where i finally can spend some time to fix Eyes and i'm already working on it and currently nearly done with most oft the fixed and changes (detailed List of Changes and fixed down below) I will release a previous Version of the final fixed Version so thats the chance to find the last Bugs and problably to figured out if the Map still crashing. I will still be very happy if feedback is left in the respective thread to improve the map List of Balancing Changes & Bug Fixes Balance Changes : Nod Refinery moves near to the Air Strip - Now the Obelisk are able to see and shoot the Enemys which tries to infiltrate the Nod Refinery from the short Tunnel near by the Bridge Nod Turrets - Both Turrets get slightly more Range to get a fair chance to fight back Medium - and Mammoth Tanks - Also the Turret on the Back Entrance get moves bit forword to give the Backside of Nod Refinery additional Cover GDI AGT - The AGT was moved a little farther towards the WF to give him a better overview of the base and to protect it more effectively especially in the direction of the back entrance which was in a 30-40% Blindspot GDI Turrets - Both Turrets got a slighlty increased Range to deal with mid-range and stealthed Units - The Turret at the GDi Refinery was moved slightly forword to the Entrance to give Nod a higher chance to successfully infiltrate the building GDI Tiberium platue - Infantry can no longer go to the plateau to get an immense view across the field, the plateau has been reworked and inflicts Infantry damage over time GDI Infantry Path/Bridge - The Infantry Path which got reworked et additional Cover against the changed AGT to increase the chance to successfully infiltrate the base General : Silo - GDI Infantry can feel more secure in his own base, the viewing radius from the silo to the GDI base has been severely restricted, and allows snipers no longer to hit the Infantry directly in the base. In return, the GDI is no longer able to effectively attack the silo with snipers and tanks from the base. Crates - Removed the Crate on the Upper Field & Silo - Added additional Crates on both Bridges Covers - Increased the Numbers of possible Covers on the Field Vehicle Limit : - The most of you waiting for this and here it comes : Vehicle Limit got increased from 8 to 14 Bug Fixes : - Some stuck points on the Nod ramp to the Tiberium Cave have been fixed - Fixed a stuck spot at the GDI Vehicle Path between Base and Bridge - Fixed Stuckspots on the Nod Bridge - Fixed missing Collision on the Nod Laser Pillars at the front Turret - Some errors that occurred during the map were analyzed and corrected & missing culling values get set in order to provide additional stability Upload the new version in the course of the day ! [ https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByG-mxdc6YijS1VwVXpFUjRXbzQ/view?usp=sharing ] Greez. DaKuja
  5. CNC-Eyes

  6. [Map] CNC-Toxicity

    Keep up the good work, i will check out the next version maby i can find some stuff which you can use to improve the map
  7. NEW FEATURE?! [Bot Bug]

    Yea, bots are able to take the seats of the Turrets
  8. [Map] CNC-Toxicity

    keep up the good work!
  9. [Map] CNC-Storm

  10. Looking for Artists - Join us!

    Renegade-X VR I knew it!
  11. [Level] CNC-Tomb Redux

    Yea, the harv paths / dump notes are really tricky
  12. First 'Construction Yard' attempt

    Thanks, Havoc89 I'm sure i can do it better if got some freetime to get back into 3D Modelling.
  13. Pick Up Games (PUGs)

    At least every Dev can just change the Limit to 12 or what ever, it dosn't need my work too, because lack of time and very slow connection. Its more easier if some of the Dev just change the Number and put the new Eyes into the next Patch.
  14. First 'Construction Yard' attempt

    Well actually i dosn't take thaaat much. Actually you can done such Building pretty fast but looking shitty because of less details, that takes the most of the time. Then just unwrapping and texturing the Stuff and done
  15. First 'Construction Yard' attempt

    Not that far, sadly i can't spend much time on this one. At the moment I do not have time to work on it, since the training demands a lot and also free time of me. Probably i hat to redone much of this one, cause it was created in my first 50 hours of 3D Art. I think i can do it much better