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  1. Where have all the players gone?

    Nah bro. Just nah.
  2. Thoughts on Infinite Ammo for Infantry

    Infinite ammo is not a good idea. Instead players should drop backpacks/ammo packs on death and field stay should be AWARDED not GIVEN.
  3. Officer

    I heard the officer is hitscan? That should be changed to projectile ASAP. If he is projectile (I aimed like he was and I was hitting targets ok) then he's probably fine. He's a cheap anti infantry class and he fills the role while being a semi-counter to light armor vehicles. The only class we can compare him to is the LCG and LCG > officer by far. Seems fine to me.
  4. Rocket soldier

    Rocket soldier feels fine. They don't burst because their rocket is a projectile vs. the pic/railgun being hitscan. They do shit to infantry (unless you get a lucky lucky headshot). Their projectile is dodge-able through corner play while in vehicles. They have very low field time (limited ammo). Who cares if they deal "too much" damage to vehicles per rocket. Repair it? They SHOULD obliterate light armor vehicles, it's what their class is made to do. Rocket solider counters light vehicles, does good against heavy armor vehicles, and is hard countered by infantry. Sounds like he fits the role fine to me. Is this why all the noobs are being rocket soldiers lately? Because they think he's broken? I got new for you: Vehicle + repair + sniper >>>>>> rocket soldiers.
  5. Balance Changes

    The high level players don't talk in these balance thread enough. Here's my input: 1. MRLS reload time is too fast. The rocket speed buff has turned this 450 once piece of shit into a killing machine. If it had maybe 10% longer reload time it would give a proper peeking window against it. 2. Stealth Tank still sucks. Why not change its rockets to be like the original Renegade, straight + spiral? Right now even a basic infantry is a hard counter to the stank. 3. 500 sniper head shot damage is too high. Instead of a 5x multiplier (500 dmg) it should be 2.5x (250 damage). Only the 1k classes should be able to insta kill advanced engineers and high advanced classes. 4. The shotgun needs a buff and a nerf. Right now shooting the shotgun is just a dice roll. It's not even fun. You either deal 10 damage or 350 damage at point blank range. Makes no sense at all. The shotgun needs its spread WAY DECREASED and it's damage nerfed (the spread decrease will increase the effective range too). 5. The marksman deals too much damage. He's by far the best starting class right now. 20% damage nerf should be fine. 6. The laser chain gunner is slightly too powerful for his price. He's nearly matches mobius/mendoza in effectiveness. Slight nerf needed but nothing too much. 7. The silo is too powerful. The credits per second is just far too high and the team who controls it snowballs like crazy. The Refinery change is perfect (walls feels great right now) but any map with the silo is just dreadful because the team without the silo can never win the economy game. Infact this is why Airdrops aren't even working as intended because of the money flow the silo gives. Every body is ignoring the silo issue except the game's top players. People attack the direct problem but never the root of issues.
  6. Regeneration

    Buying a repair gun is a really bad idea. What should happen is ammo/armor drops (backpack idea of mine maybe?) when an enemy is killed that can be picked up by anyone. Snipers would have to leave their comfort zones to grab these items while the close quarters combat characters should have a higher chance of getting them. If anything, I think every non engineer class should have a repair tool that is almost melee range that heals 50% as good as the normal engineers. Also while doing it their movement is slowed by 35 - 50%. Make it a dedicated weapon slot (same slot as remote c4??).
  7. has Renx got to the point of team stacking

    Team stacking is a problem, but most of the time its NOT intentional. You NEVER know how well a team will do by looking at a few of its players. I got a new insult today I've never had in any game, I was called a "fucking vet" from having a super high score with super high K/D. I don't understand, this is the ONLY era of online gaming where players will get mad at others for being more experienced than them, instead of adapting and sort of emulating the good players? I notice a lot of NOD players just ragequit because SBH tactics rarely work now, so they won't even adapt to the current "meta-game". If you really want to prevent team stacking, just make the game shuffle the teams after the warm up. This will kill friend groups though, which kinda sucks, but shuffling will be the best way to prevent intentional stacking. Lucky/unlucky shuffles are another story. Just play the game and try your best (even improve!). Ah, another defender. Glad to know I'm not truly alone. What sucks is when our team is full of good attackers and managed to keep the enemies at bay without us moving a single finger at all, just aimlessly patrolling at base and stayed on the bottom end of the score list. I don't mind scores myself though You have a low score because you're not actually doing anything. Defenders usually have the highest score, but only proper defense (repairing vehicles, defusing beacons, and repairing buildings). When you have a low score, maybe you don't need to do such heavy defense anymore? This is off topic, but think about it and there's no need to reply.
  8. Improved Communications Menu (?)

    In tribes we would be flying around at 120mph strafing left and right dodging auto rifles and spinfusers while being able to spam out 4 commands in less than a second (all unique commands). The voice commands were so efficient (both from the way they were set up to the amount there were) that voice chat was not even needed for high level play. How it worked: pressing V would open up a large menu. This menu would quickly branch out depend on what you pushed next: A -attack submenu, D- defend submenu, G- Global menu, S- Self menu etc. then those sub branches would have their own full commands OR sub branches (never went past 4 total keypresses). Pressing VDF = defend our flag pressing VGTA = voice - global - taunt - "aww that's too bad" Generally it was Vxx or Vxxx to use a command. In renegade I highly doubt you would need more than 3 keypresses for all the voice commands to work. It is extremely fast and efficient. Just download Tribes: Ascend and see it for your self. People got so good at the commands that they could string multiple commands fast enough so that the voices would say different strings. When you get used to the commands (almost everyone got used to the voice commands in Tribes faster than the actual gameplay of the game) it takes 0.1 seconds at the MOST to choose the desired command. The menu system was instant, made no noise when you selected an option, no transition screens, it just did it and it's by far the best system for in game voice ever made. It's been there since Starseige: Tribes (and that one had even MORE in it) back in 1998. Also I'm a fucking BLAST at parties, but that's usually because the people at parties are what I expect. I don't expect a developer for an arcade shooter to have never even PLAYED another arcade shooter, especially one of the few games that is SIMILAR to Renegade. Loosely similar. EDIT: Also the keys were around home row left keys. Most FPS players use WASD but I use ESDF and it still worked extremely well. All keys within the shape of QYBZ were used (in that quadrilateral). I think only ONE command had "O" in it and nobody used it because of that.
  9. Improved Communications Menu (?)

    Just use the Tribes system, it's the best voice system in any game ever. It's not even debatable. That shit just clutters the screen. It's stupid. Tribes VGA system. Why rip things from shitty games when something better already exists and has existed for about 17 years?
  10. The Chainguns' magazines

    Chaingun is fine leave him alone. Actually his magazine pool should be 600 not 400 (unless we can get ammo drops from dead bodies).
  11. What makes a map good?

    Here's some general ideas to have a map FUN. 1. Distances between bases should be short. Lakeside is the worst map in the game right now because of this. Taking more than 30 seconds to get from base to base is not fun. 2. Infantry only paths need to be arena shooter in style. The tunnel system in complex is by far the best because of its multi-level arenas. 3. Buildings need to be close together like the original Renegade maps and like the original command and conquer. Goldrush and Xmountain suffer greatly from this. There should be only 12 seconds at most for a player to travel from a building to the furthest building. 4. In choke point base defense maps, the "midfield" needs to be able to have a tug-of-war style built into it. Strategic positions for both teams vehicles to help win the midfield. 5. Sniper angles need to be obvious. Hidden snipers are not a good thing in this game. This is what hurts Under (its only flaw) and Xmountain. 6. Harvester timing should be very similar. Gives players something to do and fight about at the start.
  12. Gunplay issues: Bullet spread and ADS.

    Ran some tests. It does have random spread. Or at least it really really looks and feels like it. Would explain all the shots I've missed for no reason.
  13. Gunplay issues: Bullet spread and ADS.

    I remember this thread. The devs mostly responded and a lot of spread has been nullified. The chaingun still has too much spread but I guess we can't have everything perfect. Right now the normal auto rifle is pretty powerful (I should know since I'm the only person who can use the damn thing in this community). It's really stupid right now that the marksman rifle has ANY spread to it at all. Whats the point of a semi sniper if the bullets go around my long distance target randomly.
  14. Air Drops & other balance changes discussions.

    The ref giving trickle credits after dying would be a good idea if silos didn't exist, at 1c per ~3s. 1/s is too much either way. With silos, refs they should give nothing after death. Silos give way way way too much money as is, it's just like having another refinery. SIlos should give at most 1c per ~3s, the current rate has always been really over the top. I'd love to see some stats that compare winning team to silo control time per map... Having an objective to fight over in the field is a good idea, but most of them are poorly placed (or there is just no place for them on the map at all) and end up giving a massive advantage to the team that manages to get slightly ahead. It's completely a 'strong get stronger' mechanic atm. (Under has the only decently placed silo imo) Yep. Right now Volcano and Walls feel pretty damn good to play, even when buildings are lost. Silo's need a credit nerf, but in return they should give other optional bonuses like more tiberium tech. I really can't think of any examples for this, since we're limited to only 3 weapon slots for most classes (I really think grenades should have a dedicated slot, same slot as remote c4).
  15. Air Drops & other balance changes discussions.

    The ref change feels fine to me. I mean you only get 300 credits every 5 minutes, that's not exactly a whole lot. Also without a Power Plant that 300 credits effectively turns into 200 credits every 5 minutes (because prices increase by 50%). In terms of economy, the real problem is the SILO. Having the silo gives an additional 1.5cps with whatever ref bonus a team has. Right now when a team loses the ref they can just grab the silo and still be an "advantage" in terms of income unless the other team never loses their harvester. Here's some numerical analysis: Ref up = 600 credits/5 minutes (harvy bonus) Ref down = 300 credits/5 minutes Silo = Additional 450 credits/5 minutes Ref up + Silo = 1050 credits/5 minutes (harvy bonus) Ref down + silo = 750 credits/5 minutes I don't think the ref change is the money problem here... Also I think the power plant feels fine. At the current penalty I don't feel as if I need to camp the base with my 1k class in fear of losing something worth 2k+. It allows room for more risk = less camping =? less stalemates. ?