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  1. Beta 4 wishlist.

    Yeah, this is a big one I'd like to see something done about.
  2. The Making of Canyon

    Oh hell yeah! Canyon was one of my absolute favorites. Plz make Under soon too.
  3. Beta 3 initial thoughts

    After playing for a while longer I am very happy with this release. Haven't crashed once and that was the biggest issue for me in past betas. So good to have a stable release to play.
  4. Beta 3 initial thoughts

    Very positive initial impression, and Volcano is really well done. Will play more later tonight. Good stuff devs!
  5. Beta 3 will be released on October 8th!

    Hell yeah! I stopped playing beta 2 a long time ago due to crashes but if those are fixed in this release, I'm back into it. Good to hear it's almost here!
  6. Many players eagerly awaiting patch.

    Yep.. still watching and waiting.
  7. It is time to release the Beta-3

    Same. I'll play again when the game is in a more polished state. But I don't want them to rush it either. Perfectly fine with waiting so long as the result is a much more complete release.
  8. Many more crashes now....

    I just had another crash on map switch. Here's what the game copied. We had about 20 players and were switching to Whiteout. Rendering thread exception: Fatal error! Address = 0x0 (filename not found)
  9. Renegade X - Open Beta 2 is now available!

    After playing a few hours, yeah, this is certainly a more polished experience than beta 1. I have experienced two crashes, but both of those times every player on the server also crashed out (even though the game kept on going) which leads me to believe it was probably a server issue. All the new little features like being able to see who's in your vehicle are great touches that add a lot to the experience. There's still more polishing to do like making sure reload sounds play even in third person view, but I am very happy with this release. Well done devs!
  10. Renegade X - Open Beta 2 is now available!

    Wooo! Just in time for the weekend. Downloading now.
  11. Upcoming game update

    Hell yeah! All of these changes are excellent. I'll be getting right back into the game now that the major bugs look to be fixed.
  12. Personally I'm waiting on the patch before playing again. The consistent crashing made it not so fun.
  13. Open Beta 2 is it out this weekend 22nd or 23rd

    "We found some important issues that we had to address before releasing the next patch, therefore we postponed it until somewhere this week. Sit tight everyone!" https://www.facebook.com/CNCRenX/posts/ ... 4490032431
  14. Music

    I'd prefer some nice smooth jazz
  15. Patch?

    Good to hear. I don't mind waiting a bit longer if it means more fixes.