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  1. You have some bad cable lines, call your ISP, ask them to check your signals, im betting your upstream signals are all sorts of crazy.
  2. Community Banner & Link

  3. Building Usa community.

    Yep Had a US and EU Server, US got activity when ddos's were happening, It died out and then ppl played on my EU Server. Eventually that died outt oo.
  4. Is allowing One Server to dominate, Good for RenX?

    Same, mine was popular when CT Had Bigger DDoS Attacks. and b0ng was busy at his new job and couldnt play whack a mole and I could. After they stopped, dead server again.
  5. I'm pushing out updates as I type this, It should slowly come back up for all mirrors shortly. A screenshot of the download failing would be helpful if you still have issues.
  6. The download on here is fixed, When you try to install the game what does it say? What mirror is it using? Also does the launcher show any servers in its list?
  7. Installer Link Broken

    Thanks for the heads up, I'm looking into this.
  8. I wasn't gonna say that @ShrewdTactician but ok I think your main issue is the extreme overhead of how it downloads and patches files. I still think its quick, alot quicker than say GTAV RenegadeX Isn't open source, so you wont find any source code anywhere @Agent could possibly reply with some specifics later.
  9. I am not a developer of the Launcher, I merely maintain some of the mirrors (the cncirc ones) Some of those are only 100Mbit capped. I'm not sure what the czech one is on, but it could be 100 or 1000Mbit, not sure. I'd love to help you more, but your english is a bit broken and hard to read. You also seem to use Mb and MB, im not sure which you are always referring to. We always welcome some criticism, Everyone else that had issues with the launcher were downloading in KBps... Since yours is hitting up to 10MBps I honestly can say thats insanely fast (Compared to the rest of our slow internets) So im not sure how much faster it could be. Do you have something more specific we can do to increase speed? Also the Launcher and Task Manager will show different speeds, thats a given, and normal, they both operate differently. Our system does use a delta patch system, so its not downloading one 8GB file, nor is it installing one 8GB file, it is many many thousands of small tiny files. If you don't have an SSD it can definitely take awhile to install. I don't think the launcher devs are gonna change this anytime soon, its an integral part of our release system and was made years ago and set in place. I'd like you to keep in mind this is a free volunteer based game, no one is paid for this, So while we'd love to have something like steams mega servers to send out updates and game downloads, alas this is not possible. I would note I downloaded and installed the game on my personal server in less than an hour. I was downloading around 20MBps (200Mbit)
  10. yes that is fast, its alot of data 7GB, and it downloads parts of files so the speeds will fluctuate. There is no issue here, you just are spoiled by your insanely fast internet. Verifying the game and then installing takes up the majority of your time it seems.
  11. So it took 15 minutes? Thats... pretty fast. Also in your screenshots, i see it hitting 5-15MBps thats Bytes, so its going around 50-100Mbit With what you posted I see no issue, It takes me an hour or two on my slow 15Mbit internet.
  12. We need some more information, screenshots of the launcher downloading will help. There is nothing wrong with the current setup, its not changing. The SDK uses different servers than the launcher. I have the slowest internet around here with 15Mbit down, and i download the game via launcher in an hour or two...
  13. Some mirrors are on shared 1Gbps connections, other dedicated 100Mbit, depending on the server load it may be slow. Report any slow mirrors and I'll remove them from the list. @MVN050 the launcher does not just have one huge file to download, it checks for new versions, downloads the manifest for what patch data to download. Many Europeans have some instanely fast internet, or those like you with 100Gbit servers... RenX can't afford all these giant pipes around the world, we do the best we can. Just let us know if any are slow and we can improve it or remove the mirror.
  14. Download Ren-x from steam!!

    correct, no again
  15. Full build Game as zip file

    My fr and uk mirrors are limited to 100Mbps, so 10MB/s is max you can get at best... which wont be while others are downloading of course.