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  1. [Tool] zTest

    zTest View File Test Submitter Cronus Submitted 04/23/2018 Category Tools  
  2. Forum is mad again :)

    looks like its working now
  3. Forum is mad again :)

    Can you link me to the post instead of a picture?
  4. Forum is mad again :)

  5. Forum is mad again :)

    Sorry I do not understand either of you guys English. Link me to something, I can't find anything wrong anywhere. iTweek your link shows up and I can click it and it previews your thread fine.
  6. Forum is mad again :)

    Whats wrong exactly?
  7. Deleting manually is what did you in... Don't ever do that Now you have a windows issue to resolve, its not really a renx thing. Try something like revo uninstaller pro free trial to wipe anything renx related, mostly registry... also maybe ccleaners registry cleaner could help.
  8. Problems updating to launcher 0.82

    Did you wait a bit? it takes a few moments for the update to apply, and the new version will just launch.
  9. Renegade-x SDK

    Did you download the SDK just released a few days ago?
  10. Did you uninstall from the Add/Remove Programs from WIndows? Check that list for anything renx related.
  11. Renegade-x SDK

    I shall fix that
  12. Hes saying https.. does CT use https?
  13. Renegade-x SDK

    @TK0104 and Others SDK Update just released, Visit the Downloads section to get it! If there are any issues please create a topic under Technical Support.
  14. launcher download problem

    What version of the launcher do you have? Look at the top left of the renegade-x launcher window.
  15. Renegade-x SDK

    Its almost done. I'm currently automating the creation.