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  1. Basebuilding Gamemode ideas

    Quite ambitious what you have in mind there. The basic RX gamemode would need to be heavily modified, in particular how buildings are handled by the gamemode... Don't know if/how your idea would fit with RenX, or might overcomplicate things... Maybe check out this discussion: In any case, the SDK and most of the code is out there! Why don't you give it a go and see what you can come up with?
  2. Disable Beacons in Small Matches

    If you would just disable beacon purchsse instead of placement that could work.
  3. Game mode suggestion

    Yes, "some things" are probably much to tackle alone... With C&C Hammerfest, I had some intentions similar to the above, but I also had a few months time... and still I couldn't get at everything I wanted to before life took over^^ Some ("personal") word of advice: try to break down your project into "manageable" components; in the above case, e.g. convoy movement, player respawn system, scoring, or in the case of assets, modelling, unwrap, texturing, rigging, import, uscript Setup etc. Try to make a detailled to-do list, with every little step along the way. That helps you stay focused, work towards your goal and make real progress. Start with small little tasks, something that you can finish within reasonable time. And anticipate that things will take longer than you expect, EVEN if you anticipate that - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hofstadter's_law?wprov=sfla1 Thanks @Henk I cannot infuse you with motivation, but perhaps this helps you to regain and keep up the motivation and to finish your projects! And if you need resources or have questions, browse the forums or ask people
  4. Game mode suggestion

    Yeah, I agree, some variation from box standard C&C mode could be great fun! A few things might be possible just with some clever level editing: E.g. you could put the Refinery and TibField navigation points far apart, and block some paths in between to force the Harvester to follow a certain route. Also, you don't have to place every building on the map combined with VehicleFactories you can create Siege and Defense scenarios. We also have capturable MCTs. You can spawn bots in Kismet and give them orders like "enter vehicle", "Move to" etc. There is already a good amount of tools at your fingertips! I guess the main difficulty at the moment is to tell the game about a "custom" victory condition, other than time limit or base destruction; i.e. when to end the game and who has won. And the other, probably bigger, issue is gameplay balance for both teams in a new gamemode So, if you have some ideas, just give the SDK a go and see what you can come up with or build yourself ! Or just share your ideas for someone else to try and implement them! At some point, I would actually like to write some new Kismet nodes that allow you to trigger certain game mode events, victory conditions etc. to make tbose things "easier" for fustom maps (these things should be possible, this is the UDK after all)
  5. Back in game. thoughts

    I dont think that's a good idea. The surrender mechanics (promoting the dominating team to heroic) are meant to bring about an "inevitable" result (as perceived by the surrendering team) more quickly, since the game would continue until every single building was destroyed. A timed game will end with certainty, but might be a close win/loose. The nature of these games is more competitive (just like most sports) since every score counts. And in those tight games, both sides will fight even harder in the last minutes to gain victory. After that you shake hands, admire the effort ("gg") and go for a new round. In marathon however, only perma-damage to buildings will decide the winner. Anything else may support that, but will not be relevant for victory otherwise. The loosing team is of course free to surrender at any time, but that is up to them, and I think less likely to happen in timed games in the first place...
  6. 95% of Radio Commands are Useless Now

    I think we should revisit how to deal with comm spamming. "Focus fire" is already helpful. But as pointed out before (can't find where and who) sometimes people can only communicate with regular text chat, which gets flushed away within seconds. Is it possible to reorder the item to the top, when it gets issued again while being displayed? Regardless of what the underlying mechanics to use that command; e.g. CTRL ALT or Q spot, or commor rose menu or whatever.
  7. Back in game. thoughts

    Hm... to be honest, I don't know why "AOW" needs a seperate name - it is just a server setting, though which affects gameplay and strategies, but the goal is still the same - destroy the enemy base while protecting your own. The scores/points should reflect the efforts/effectiveness of either team towards this goal. The timer just helps to avoid games from dragging on and getting stalematy, and just takes a snapshot of the total war efforts till this point. Yes, it also entices players for desperate/crazy actions in the last minutes since there are no consequences to it, but this is Game Theory 101 and unavoidable :-P It is unfortunate that "AOW" does not seem to be that popular, in terms of active player numbers and/or servers hosting it - though, I don't know who to blame, or what is the cause...
  8. TiberiumWars Models in RenX

    But still, I think it's just impressive what a difference it makes to use the same models in a W3D engine vs. Unreal (even without updated shaders) Those models could already serve as decent placeholders, if you want to take this to the next level
  9. [Map] CNC-Outposts

    Looks promising
  10. Download Ren-x from steam!!

    I didnt know that - that actually makes some sense, still a pitty though...
  11. Idea - Tutorial Map

    Geeez, time flies by - sorry for the sudden silence... As some may have noticed, I have fortunately been invited to join the Dev Team after working on this tutorial project for some time, though with my own plans in mind. All I can say for now, is that there are plans for an official Tutorial, and that I am occupied with unrealscript. That's why there haven't been and won't be any further updates on this thread. Close thread.
  12. Some Ideas.

    Just to clarify: this was not meant to be patronising @Comrade Maxim, we have already been working on the "usefulness" of the SBH ironsights... Now, can we please stop arguing about how to argue^^, and juet focus on real issues/suggestions? By all means, @Comrade Maxim feedback and suggestions are always welcome, but they will be discussed before implementation in the game
  13. Discord GameBridge integration?

    Yeah, the scoreboard integration might be a good idea, perhaps also/instead on the TAB scoreboard, since the screen is already quite cluttered with the scoreboard. See Battlefield: I would however use more simplistic icons similar to those on the minimap, and new ones for classes. A lot of weapon profiles are difficult to read/interpret at that scale... By the way, the map view [M] already displays the vehicle and class counts. In either case, it only improves situational awareness, but does not facilitate communication to actually do something about that.
  14. Download Ren-x from steam!!

    I don't understand their perspective either, especially from a business stand point. It's not like we are competing with any of their products, quite the contrary...
  15. Looking for Artists - Join us!

    Great to hear that you are enjoying your course and developing your skills! Try to look at some real guns to get inspiration and a better idea of proportions Keep going!