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  1. Make a mesh unlit

    Thanks! I've adjusted to the settings shown, time to render!
  2. Make a mesh unlit

    What settings do I need to change in the mesh settings to make it unaffected by shadows, but still lit/visible from across the map? (background trees)
  3. Download Ren-x from steam!!

    What kenz is trying to say is that EA won't allow TotemArts to distribute the game on any platform. So, unless you go to EA and somehow make them or allow them to distribute the game, it won't happen.
  4. Whatchya do outside of RenX?

  5. Whatchya do outside of RenX?

    When are you going to cook for me?
  6. CNC-Sunrise

    Very sure, i think some setting is messed up.
  7. CNC-Sunrise

    FIle uploaded and new version now available!!! It is rendered in production lighting, ignore that it says render lights, it lies.
  8. Fill Up Servers!!

    I think the problem is that most people want to join action already, they just check to see if there are players, if not they load up a different game. There are a few people who join at low player count and try to get people joining, which I would guess are already in the CT server.
  9. 60 player limit

    The 0 players do
  10. 60 player limit

    I do know transferring people between servers is possible, at least I remember something like that happening before. I am a strong proponent of this, as it would probably end up with a higher player count. A few things to keep in mind: Would people want to be changed? Maybe they only joined because of the 50+ players. (Very few, probably) If people were with friends? It's possible they wouldn't be on the same server. A small inconvenience. It was something good, but I forgot. Possible edit later. Emphasis on the underlined part, I think this applies specifically to my map as well. There is no way it can hold 60 people. Anyways, I am only a proponent of higher player count until we can get something like automatic server switching, as described above by Schmitz. While it does ruin some aspects of the game, I don't think having a 40/40 server during the high-times would allow as many people to enjoy the game. This might lead people to not even starting the launcher or even bothering to check, which I wouldn't like.
  11. Suggestions that could Improve the game.

    Wait for the day you have any character and CampinJeff kills you with McFarland.
  12. CNC-Sunrise

    Added a background story to the map in original post, will expand later.
  13. The only auto balancing I am aware of beings in the pregame (when you can fly around as a camera). Other than that, it's all manual, as far as I know. Strange.
  14. Basically you'll have to run on the very lowest settings.
  15. Team changing

    I think the more players, the better. This game is suffering as it is. While you make a point, it is impossible to make a max player limit per map, because what if the next map is higher than the current player count? While you could assume they could disable joining until it reaches max player count, it doesn't make much sense. And if it's on snow, the majority of players voted for it, so oh well. It's abuse because they never intended for it to be that high. The original purpose of the setting is defeated by the way the admins are using it.