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  1. Community Poll. Unlimited timed matches be default.

    Not exactly how it works, but close. Basically, the server that is played for the day is determined by whichever server the first person joins. Or, whoever seeds.
  2. Frustration therapy

    When people spam I need repairs when they are 2 inches from the repair pad...
  3. Frustration therapy

    *looks at my pug videos* Basically 99% of me in pugs is repping
  4. Frustration therapy

    When people vote Canyon then complain about lag.
  5. Community Poll. Unlimited timed matches be default.

    This can be hard, as not every setting works for every map. It also depends on the players as well... or just the luck of a sneak or something.
  6. [Level] CNC-Prototype

    Added to public map testing server
  7. Abilty to buy back destroyed building

    It does, actually... a little bit. Engineer: 20, 22, 24, 26 Hottie/Tech: 40, 42, 44, 46
  8. Yeah we do have a test server already setup. I will look at mutator see if I can get it to work
  9. Preliminary Patch 5.3 Changelist

    First link is in private forum by the way
  10. Preliminary Patch 5.3 Changelist

    The problem is, it's up to the choice of basically 4 people. Boxes/Freak for CT and AlienX/Me for AGN. The 60 player limit itself kind of breaks the game mode, but it is necessary to accommodate the amount of players there are. It's very hard to split them up to 30 player matches, as that would usually result in people just leaving. It's a very weird situation. Would you rather let more people play, with an arguably lower quality of gameplay, or let less people play with an arguably higher gameplay quality?
  11. Failed to Create the D3D9 Device error

    UDKSystemSettings... Lines 63&64 ResX ResY
  12. Failed to Create the D3D9 Device error

    The error usually occurs when something else is in fullscreen, if I remember correctly. F11 while you're ingame will swap you between fullscreen and windowed mode. Does if you change that setting?
  13. Basebuilding Gamemode ideas

    2 weapons on 1 vehicle was really buggy back then, and it didn't really work that well. Up to the devs to decide whether or not to bring it back. I have no intention of adding it to AGN though.
  14. Abilty to buy back destroyed building

    Also, at most, I think it's HP should be at 50% if not lower.