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  1. Confessions

    Sometimes the vehicles are full and I press V + 3 really fast and end up getting a flametrooper when I had a tech
  2. Trolls claiming to be new players

    It's nothing to worry about, the mod team is here for a reason. Commendations to you for correctly responding and calling a staff member. If he continues, the team at CT will decide what needs to happen.
  3. Most Players NA or EU? Would like to come back!

    I'd say 70% of the players are EU. The rest are just everywhere else
  4. [Map] CNC-Sunrise

    There are pics on the download page New version being rendered soon so I wouldn't be too quick to download it just yet.
  5. First 'Construction Yard' attempt

    I would love to use this as decor for the background of my map. Did this ever make it into a packaged format? (Nice work btw! I know you're not as active anymore)
  6. [Level] CNC-Sunrise

  7. [Map] CNC-Sunrise

    Another version coming soon, a testing session would be appreciated.
  8. Cannot join servers.

    Most likely an error mismatch of some type with the server mutators. Search in your installation directory and tell me if you have a file called Rx_Mutator_MaxPlayers.u Also it would help if you specify exactly which server you are trying to connect to. (I see you're ingame now, have fun!)
  9. HACKS

    I just looked on the server as it is now, 21/60 players are running Steam. I don't see it as a very strong deterrent. And it would annoy other people who don't want to use it.
  10. HACKS

    Steam accounts are free to make? And that's easily the most obvious hacker ever. He was already banned with every ban type we have.
  11. I wouldn't call it lazy, mostly that sometimes little things like this can't be an easy fix, and they don't have a lot of time anyway; so instead of fixing this small issue they try to focus on larger issues with the amount of time they have
  12. sound mod (original renegade sounds)

    Indeed. I have tried something similar to this myself. The only way is to have the package installed on the server. (Which would require everyone else to download it and use it as well)
  13. If you need help with anything, I'd be happy to assist in any way possible!
  14. Something I did again.

    Actual video of me driving over Kane as a child