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  1. Fair Play Inc - New Server - Prizes and news

    I'm glad you're excited! TomUjain, myself and others have worked a lot on this recently and we hope it will make a positive change in RenX. Glad to hear that I clarified that for you.
  2. [3D] Generic 3d Models for scenes

    I don't think you realize the need of stuff like this. As a mapper myself, it is very hard to come across assets in the SDK that no one else has used. These would definitely be useful to help create more unique environments. Though I don't know how great they would look ingame, as the rocks ingame look very different compared to those ones. Great work, though!
  3. Fair Play Inc - New Server - Prizes and news

    The system is definitely still able to be finely tweaked, but all the special points (Best Offense, Voted MVP, Most Kills, etc) will only be awarded in the monthly matches. I do believe the rest of the points will only be coming from public matches. You can see your points using the !rank command. All of these points will come directly from the in-game points you have at the end of a match. I think it is a fair system by mostly using the in-game points, as points are acquired from doing (mostly) everything. As you said, it can be easy to get high on the matches leaderboard if you're contributing to the team. Killing people, damaging buildings/vehicles, repairing infantry/buildings/vehicles. I may have interpreted your message wrong, if I have, let me know and clarify.
  4. Fair Play Inc - New Server - Prizes and news

    The dedicated box is currently located in France.
  5. Delete Account

    Hardly a month away, though.
  6. Renegade-X Battle Royale?

    Someone open up the Rx_Game.uc and get working
  7. Delete Account

    Sounds like a Agent request
  8. New Vehicle: Tesla Tank (Red Alert 2)

    Looks great! Hadn't heard from you in a while. Good to see you again.
  9. Renegade-X Battle Royale?

    UDK. As stated above, the problem lies mostly within the realm of hosting. The single threaded-ness of the servers doesn't allow for a higher player cap without a performance decrease.
  10. Delete Account

    There is none.
  11. What kind of music do you hear?

  12. ANY change to mines/ info for noobs??

    I started working on it, but lost interest. Too many custom assets needed for it.
  13. Renegade X Squad Wars

    Depends on when it is, but I think I may be able to do it.
  14. Add More TS Units?

    I would think that the bomber would be the easiest one, lol. I might actually try doing that, it seems like fun.
  15. Place Map name on the Map

    Showing it when opening the minimap or the menu seems to be the most logical.