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  1. Question

    No. You are getting mixed with the Renegade X UT3 mod. That was the old version released in 2009(?) and no one has played that in years.
  2. Can't post on this forum on PC

    I tried to make a post today, and all I could do is put the title, and nothing else. Under putting the content, there was nothing. Just a blank space. I tried this on Firefox, chrome and opera. On opera I used a proxy from France, same problem. This was from the UK. I tried on my phone (what I'm using now, Firefox on a Nexus 6P) with a VPN from Canada, and it works fine. Unsure of there is more than one server or not. I thought maybe it was my account, so I tried to make another one, but the security check was missing , and if I tried signing up it said "you did not pass the security check. Please try again." Unsure of this is related, but I downloaded the launcher, then when it came to downloading the game it was only around 50KB/s. Then today I try and download the development kit, and it was downloading at 35KB/s. Maybe something is wrong with the server? Thanks
  3. HUD causes lag.

    So the other day while playing RenX, I joined a server, and I noticed I was getting noticeably higher frame rates, which I thought was odd. Anyway, I looked and noticed my HUD was missing. I pressed tab, and the HUD came back, but then my frame rates were worse again. Anyway, I found out if you press tab at anytime while playing, I get better framerates. So it can only by the HUD.
  4. Totem Arts watching us ? ....

    Half life 3 confirmed
  5. C&C_Field_Reversed

    Yeah, I don't think this is going to work as well as I thought. The airstrip is way too big, and it is very crowded. But the GDI side is lot of empty space, because of the airstrip.
  6. C&C_Field_Reversed

    Hi, Here is an concept of an idea I had, C&C_Field_Reversed. It is basicly the same as the other maps, yet the sides are reversed. For example, What would be GDI side is the Nod side and vice versa. I got the idea from a game years ago, but thought could port it to Renegade X. This works, sort of. You spawn in the wrong team, AI don't work, and lighting is bad, havester tracks are not made etc. If anyone wants the map, I will try and upload it if anyone wants it. Its mainly because it could be confusing, bit of fun and why not? I have played maps before where it is like this, it can get confusing at first, but it is great fun and just why not really? I think it will be a lot better with Under, but had some trouble doing it with under, but field was pretty easy. Screenshots:
  7. Swapping the map around?

    Where abouts are they? I looked (RX_SDK_March_22_2015\Maps\RenX\) and all there is CNC-PTLevel,CNC-TestMap_MP,RenX-FrontEndMap and RenX-MenuMap. On the game, in that diectory (but instead of RX_SDK it is Renegade X Beta 4) it has all the maps, and the above as well.
  8. How do you report a player for suspicious activity?

    Either do !modrequest or !showmods if you know for a fact s/he is cheating.
  9. What is "EVA: Speed Hack Detected"?

    I have had that too, it says "Speed hack deavtivated too". I think it is a problem with the ping, it all depends where abouts the server is and the speed of the server.
  10. Yes, I am getting that too.
  11. Swapping the map around?

    I got an idea, I remember seeing this on some game years ago (nexuiz), but thought could try on RenX, it is where you swap the teams around. So for example, where the Obelisk, you replace with AGT etc. So, on under, you swap the sides round, so what GDI would be, it is the NOD side and vice versa. I prefer changing pre-made maps rather than actually making whole maps. Mainly because I suck at making maps. How easy would it to do? I have made maps with the Source SDK before, but not UDK. but source is much simpler and it was Portal 2 (portal 2 authoring tools, not the ingame map maker) so therefore there was no AI. Thanks
  12. Uh... what happened?

    Yes it is a free game, but I think some people might be put off by the word "beta". When the final version is released, I would expect 500+ players. If they do get it on steam, I'd expect 5000 plays and more. The word "free" has also changed a lot. A couple of years ago, a free game was free. Now free often means you get a bit of it, but pay for upgrades. People unfimilliar with renegade x will proberly think its just enough pay to win game. Which it isn't, and won't be. When you say there is 4 people online, it really depends what time zone and what servers you are looking at. I have noticed not all the servers at the top of the list are the most busiest. For the time zone Im in the UK (UTC+0) and there is often around 80 people online. If you are in AU/NZ then your daytime is most of the players night time. I'd suggest if you are maybe play in the middle of the night.
  13. Renegade to english - noob's guide

    There are some people have no idea what "WF" or HON" means. Here is where I explain it all. Before you know it, it will become a everyday language. You can finally but another actual language on your facebook profile instead of putting UK and US english. Buildings: GDI: AGT = Advanced Guard Tower WF = Weapons Factory Ref = Refinery PP = Power Plant Bar = Barracks. tech = tech building NOD: OBI=Obilisk of light Air= Air strip Ref = Refinery PP = Power plant HON = Hand of nod. tech = tech building Vehicles: GDI: hummer = Humvee MRLS = Mobile rocket launcher system. APC = Advanced Person Carrier Med = Medium Tank Mammy = Mammoth tank Trans = transport helicopter Orca = Orca Nod: Buggy = buggy arty = Mobile artillary light = light tank flammer = flame tank stank = stealth tank trans = transport helicopter Heli = Apache Charaters: People don't use renegade language for most charaters. but here are the ones you kids will hear: GDI: Engie = Engineer Hottie = Hotwire Sniper = Havoc Nod: Engie= engineer Tech = Technician SBH = Stealth black hand Sniper = Sakura Weapons: As well kids, these are not used much too: GDI: rep= repair gun Ion= Ion cannon becaon Noobjet = Ramjet rifle Nod: Rep =repair gun Nuke - Nuclear strike beacon Noob jet = Ramjet rifle Please correct any mistakes here. Thats it kids, have fun and play.
  14. Random next map insted of voting

    It seems like everyone on renegade x always wants walls flying. It really gets annoying because every time you go on a game it is normally on walls, and it gets boring. What about random maps instead of voting? It should make it even.
  15. Change the Kill shound

    No! I love the boink sound!