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  1. renegade-x download

    Unfortunately, I can not offer any more torrents. 1 makes it a lot of work for which it is not really used. You can try if the http takes too long sorry Note: You must change the BAT file to one of the URL's provided below. This due to an update to the game. Download the attached file -> ForceDownloadViaServer.bat Place in your Renegade X\Launcher folder Run the file This should make you download via the Amsterdam server which should be fine (Tested) On a side note, you can change the server you wish to download via by opening the bat file in your favourite text editor (NOT MS WORD) and replaceing the url after the = sing in this line: "--UpdateGame=" or a nother server
  2. lg
  3. Unfortunately you have to take the 32 bit version. Or 64 bit server runs but is not currently included in the list. Init: Base directory: E:\RenegadeX\Binaries\Win64\ -> Init: Base directory: E:\RenegadeX\Binaries\Win32\ E:\Renegade-x\Binaries\Win32\UDK.exe
  5. I will not do Torrent any more. Since it is very complex and takes for me a lot of time. Since there are only 2-6 people use these. I ask you to load the game viva launcher or full client viva Http. Thank you but
  6. Start the luncher with Administrator.
  7. nice ! 64bit Clients and server nice^^
  8. Wenn Probleme hast kannst du dich gerne bei mir melden.
  9. I think that is very fast. However, it is only later that the full versions can be updated. Server is currently causing problems. lg
  10. renegade-x download

    Updated. As under download section new is available. Https://
  11. renegade-x download

    It will be released when Agent announces. Since he always gives a time and I count an hour more on it. The Publication ~ 13 hours But first try the launcher. This is only a emergency solution if nothing more goes
  12. He has shamefully no right .. otherwise the full build download
  13. Just run it. It should go after a few minutes. The Launcher does not show it. If it is not download try another server or full packet download.