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  1. Renegade-X Download

    Seite updated. (for emergency option) https://renegade-x-download.com/ https://file-server.download/Renegade-X/MULTIPLAYER/VERSION-5.31/
  2. Launcher improvement proposal

    I think we talk each other over. I'll let it be good here now. Since I see that it leads to nothing. Build your torrent and then I'll see what brings I think nothing of torrent nice evening or tomorrow still
  3. Launcher improvement proposal

    I can only say that it is not the update server. I've tested more times and at direct downloads. They were always faster than the launcher. Therefore, I can say that it is not the server. Of course it can happen again and again the hardware or something else can go defective. The failover increase makes no sense. This will be more problematic than it already is. I have proposed solutions that are quick and easy to set and not to look for new experiments around. Of course it is always better. But that could also be tested later and just make the launcher so that it downloads reasonably. You can test the torrent later. I'm not here to patch the play or repair function. I'm here for the first download. That needs in my opinion just too much time and can scare off new users and have no more desire. Complain only the least. Personally, I would first see that people can download the game quickly. The first install is nothing but a repair. "Yes, I know that it can not compare like that". But it is going very well. I mean only that it currently the installation of the game 1 hour claimed. Since you are currently faster with a fullbuild and unpack. yes I also know that fullbuild is not welcome. I can only write my opinion broadly and draw the attention of the authorities and a quick and easy solution said. But if you do not want that, I can not do anything. As I said I am concerned with the first install and not the repair or update.
  4. GitHub

    Great. I hope that the suggestions can be implemented because you look forward to the next patch of the game
  5. Preliminary Patch 5.3 Changelist

    is just the question of whether it has been fixed. but I am happy that überhaubt an update comes :)
  6. Launcher improvement proposal

    Moin I'm aware of how it works. I'm not synonymous with the repair or update. It's great for these two things. I am therefore the people who have nothing and have to download forever. now apart from hdd memory. Yes, today is the smaller problem. There are very big hdds. But I digress I would still advise against 2p2. You should not forget you should not compare it with other big games. Since the Renegade-x community simply does not have the financial resources for it. And yes, I also host many servers myself not rented.
  7. Launcher improvement proposal

    1: As for an algorithm to think hard. Since not everyone has the same presupposition. And depending on what internet access one has. Think this will cause more problems than actually there. Do not make the mirror public? You could also just rewrite the links in Denver 1 renegade-x denver2 renegade-x nyc cncirc [...] If you now put the failover crass one will no longer be able to download something. As I said the problem with the many little date and checking takes too long. But in detail, I can not say anything exactly what fails. Not on the patch server The servers can bring the power. More times tested with a 1gb file I would advise against peer-to-peer torrent. Since they are banned in most datacenters (The controls are not there, but are forbidden by most). Me to my part can not use P2P at all. Because my internet provider just blocks it. I can also play cod or other p2p games. Because I simply can not get connected. I have my internet provider on it, but well the rest you can think. This is widespread here in Germany. (exceptions prove the rule) 2: I would do it this way. Many patch services do it that way. They download packages that are split. Let's take a look at the renx is "packed" 6gb. you could split it into 1gb parts each. And then check the hash value if the file is damaged. Thus, if one has a bad internet connection, he does not have to download the complete 6gb and can gradually download. There are fewer requests and the server can send size "internet packages" to the request. Thus, the download would be much increased durability if the server is not reachable for any reason the launcher should stop, hey please choose another server the current one is bussy With the space I can not really say. Now only from my server can go out. It means that the server has to have so much paltz that 3x renegade-x fits on it. Currently it consumes 28gb then + once the "full build" about 6-7 gb are 35gb Of course you could save space if you run SDK and Blackdawn. are always 14gb But think 50gb for a patch server is totally alright. whether fullbuild is on it or not. as I said I do not know how it looks with the other server. I am firmly convinced that it is not on the server. I take the server now. Since my pc always takes although he is not just around the corner. czech1.renegade-x.com Download speed BlackDawn.exe normal download launcher from my possible 22mb / s. mind you that it is different for everyone. depending on the routing of the internet from the provider. So 10 mb / s to czech are very good. I assume that the server has 100mbits and I am already on the cap? But that can be seen from many others. It does not matter, just wanted to show that it is not the server if they are not just a defective hard drive. I deliberately did not take mine. As I said, the patch system is not bad only some where the thing has a problem. But on any case not to the server. 3: I can understand Okey and it is your decision. Just wanted to give the possible that you can test it with and can report problems. That the community can determine "a part" with. 4: With the chat system would be nice These are my concerns. I hope they do not come across aggressively lg iTweek
  8. Good evening community, First of apology, because of the English I wrote it in here in the server area. wanted to prevent anyone from writing. I do not want to attack anyone here just to point out that there is a problem that should be eliminated. I know that it is not welcomed or ignored. I am always written again on whether there is another possibility than to use the launcher. Since I know that full build is just a transitional solution, I thought about why they did not like the launcher or what the problem was. I made the effort and once again wrote to the people why they avoid the launcher. The reason is simple and in my opinion easy to solve. The following problems have surfaced in most cases. The also time months are also known. I also think that's the reason why many players stay out. Following problems: Slow download of the files Problems starting the Launcher (think this was fixed?) No chat options. Since I can not say anything on point 2, 3 how to solve it, I'm only talking about point 1. The launcher itself is great, you could make it with a few features so much more friendly. I thought about it here. First of all, the auto update server itself is a good idea. Only the problem is the launcher does not know if you get the full download speed out there. The update system could be improved. You give the user the possibility to decide which server to take. That means that one deactivates auto server search and instead inserts a dropdown menu. The dropdown menu should always come when either at the first start of the launcher, when updating, repair Of course, this should also ask for update and repair. Thus, a problem would be fixed that he selects the best server where replies but not the best server takes where you can download. yes is different for each user depending on the routing of the internet ############### Problem downloading the game slow download. The update system is good if you need to download or repair a few files. It is only very inconvenient for the people who have nothing yet so the new players. They have to download each file individually. This costs a lot of time. You could easily fix it by saying the first install as seen on the picture above. he should not download the single data from / full / but /first/fullbuild.zip (rar 7zip whatever) Thus, he can download the first install at full speed without being able to watch why it downloads so slowly => Thus, the slow download problem would be eliminated So in order to disadvantage the people who have slow internet you can also do the full build in 3 parts so that the launcher if he has finished a part he does not have to download it again. ( The update and repair function should remain unaffected, except for the server choice ) ################## So I thought about how you could relate the community more to the test. You could simply add a "tab" to the server list in the launcher. See image. As soon as you click on beta server list the launcher should ask if you want to download the beta client. With the same schema as he downloads full client. if he downloads it, he can download it in the same folder as renx and load it into a Renegade X beta server Thus one can update the beta again and again and involve the community more. ###################### I hope my idea is accepted here. Because otherwise I get no reaction I also think that many users will be happy about it. The chat system could be built that way
  9. Preliminary Patch 5.3 Changelist

    Nice one
  10. hey, I have the server new ssd install it should now go again. Thank you for the note again
  11. Currently my server is still causing problems. But I'm about to fix that. However, the computing center is easily in default .. currently you can only download with 2mb / s .. that should change soon again. Sorry guys
  12. Ok i thank you. I have checked my current server that there is another Renx on it. seems to be wrong. I'll get drunk tomorrow if I get support from rz. I will fix it the days. I thank you. I would never have noticed otherwise
  13. That's not that easy. Since Steam takes a different software and runs many RZ. Since the servers offered here are not in a CDN or similar. The performance of the line varies considerably. 100GB? you mean 1gbits = 100MB / s It also depends on many factors. How is the connection from you to the affected data center. How is it routed? you can of course try the file via wget on your server zuladen if you have a better connection to the. as an alternative I can give you a different rz than full build times to test if it downloads faster. Depending on the verumte I the RZ is very busy. try plz would interest me. is another RZ http://backup.file-server.download/ how fast does it get down there?
  14. Renegade-X Download

    Yes, I know that it does not like to be seen. But I hope one or the other likes that. If not bad too https://renegade-x-download.com/
  15. if it is not possible, would be an alternative. The problem is like other games (see LoL) the single package must be downloaded. A request to a server -> Download -> Save -> Request to server -> ... and so on. For example, WoW a complete package package and unpack it. Of course, this is a major effort to do something like that. Maybe there will soon be a solution. lg iTweek