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  1. He has shamefully no right .. otherwise the full build download
  2. Just run it. It should go after a few minutes. The Launcher does not show it. If it is not download try another server or full packet download.
  3. renegade-x download

    Links updatet to V5.283 Link dead then pm to me
  4. Take antialiasing times out then it should go again
  5. What happens at 3.318 GB? Any errors? Time Then you could in the server (apache2 / nginx) after kucke what happened.
  6. hello @medicrtcw A little more information would be good
  7. renegade-x download

    Hello @Arch-nemesis i have added have fun with it
  8. The problem we had ever or still still the Launcher seeker
  9. the patch server now available for thnk to agent and Cronus for settings help
  10. nice, The offer is still yosh :-D
  11. Times trying to reinstall the game?
  12. According to the hoster, this data center has a direct connection to china. Have also just tested loaded there from CN to USA with 16Mb / S Could also provide the server as a patch server if it is wanted. @yosh56 Or is a singapore server better? @Cronus I can get it if necessary.
  13. Thank you for your feedback times look what makes leave
  14. renegade-x download

    Added Hong Kong For our china friends and the others in the region
  15. LEAK FAT, the new orca looks so Cool