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  1. Full build Game as zip file

    or so is also a possibility
  2. Full build Game as zip file

    or the user via dropdown menu to choose which server they would like.
  3. Full build Game as zip file

    Best server to download. Have already written somewhere that it does not work. It always takes the same server that is not the most optimal. If you restart the client it takes another. Have already times that somewhere suggested how one could improve the launcher. But it was not. With many gibts halt problems with the thing (although not with me) if you open the launcher several times, he has at some point the right server. What also causes a lot of problems and the performance is the many small date which he has to download all single download (At patch okey) but the first time. it can last forever because one is my opinion with a full build at the beginning fastest. I do not want to talk the launcher badly or something. There certainly is also a quantity development time behind it. lg
  4. Renegade-X Download

    First contribution changed. 1GB Parts and DLC for Jdownloader Have fun Lg iTweek
  5. Full build Game as zip file

    However, you should always use launcher to improve it if it is improved. The second would be "the .bat" file to select a server itself. Since the lauchner comic white never takes the best server. as a last possibility because http away. Since many would prefer to have Torrent but the 8gb is too much for the internet line I will make the fullbuild in parts and as a container for jdownloader. This would be much easier for many.
  6. Renegade-X Download

    https://file-server.download/Renegade-X/SDK-EDITOR/08.03.2017/Renegade_X_SDK2017.zip.torrent update first post
  7. Game launcher not working.

    Try compatibility on win7 and Administrator mode.
  8. Renegade-X Download

    hm that is of course bad 180kb are indeed as good as nothing : D
  9. Renegade-X Download

    Do not make any more torrents. There are too few who really need it.
  10. zero servers showing?

    re install the game or repair lg
  11. v5.293 - Client sided graphic bugs

    Oh, have not seen it until now. Strangely, the server times installs. Evt the serverfiles are defective. I do not have a demo. Servers are just at install sorry guys
  12. Renegade-X Download

    updatet -> Upload in progress -> apply to 5.293 Hotfix
  13. Renegade-X Download

    Update. Is currently uploading
  14. Renegade X: Patch 5.292 Pending Release

    nice good job