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  1. nice ! 64bit Clients and server nice^^
  2. Wenn Probleme hast kannst du dich gerne bei mir melden.
  3. I think that is very fast. However, it is only later that the full versions can be updated. Server is currently causing problems. lg
  4. renegade-x download

    Updated. As under download section new is available. Https://
  5. renegade-x download

    It will be released when Agent announces. Since he always gives a time and I count an hour more on it. The Publication ~ 13 hours But first try the launcher. This is only a emergency solution if nothing more goes
  6. He has shamefully no right .. otherwise the full build download
  7. Just run it. It should go after a few minutes. The Launcher does not show it. If it is not download try another server or full packet download.
  8. renegade-x download

    Links updatet to V5.283 Link dead then pm to me
  9. Take antialiasing times out then it should go again
  10. What happens at 3.318 GB? Any errors? Time Then you could in the server (apache2 / nginx) after kucke what happened.
  11. hello @medicrtcw A little more information would be good
  12. renegade-x download

    Hello @Arch-nemesis i have added have fun with it
  13. The problem we had ever or still still the Launcher seeker