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  1. Destroyed Building Mines

  2. Some Ideas.

    Powered armour recharges batteries. Done. Topic is like 1 % ideas, 99% spam after that. Locked.
  3. I'm not talking about outright removing them from the game, but the CTRL+ALT radio commands seem like they need to be A) Trimmed down slightly, and B) Replaced perhaps with similar voice cues, but used things that actually coincide with the game. E.G calling for mines in a building, or calling out that a building is clear of infiltrators quickly. Seriously, when was the last time you used 'Watch where you're pointing that' ? Seriously. On top of this, a good number of these commands have been woven into Q-spot, which is far faster, albeit unable to be used unless you can see/target the structure. Discuss EDIT: Some of the major candidates for getting replaced/removed "Enemy Spotted" [Made obsolete by Q-spot which has more detail anyway] 'Destroy That Vehicle' [Once again: Q-spot] 'Watch Where You're Pointing that' - [... Just Z-Taunt to yell at people.] 'Don't Get In My Way' - [This one's actually iffy... but still probably you can just shoot at a teammate if they are in the way] 'Destroy it Now!' - [Same as Enemy spotted/Destroy that vehicle ] Perhaps ALL of the CTRL+ALT commands if proper 'building cleared' and other messages are implemented.
  4. gun recoil

    I scope on Rifle Soldiers when I'm too drunk to remember what game I'm playing.
  5. help me!

    Delete Renegade X\UDKGame\Config\UDKInput.ini Then start the game and that will reset your keybindings
  6. Oh no, it's like GDI might need to buy at least one or two things other than Meds every once in awhile... sooo horrible D=
  7. ................ Are you sure we're playing the same game? Meds can push a field with minimal support, and hot wires that are missing several chromosomes. For LCGs to even do anymore than defend, they require Techs with at least half a brain, and they themselves need to be cognicent of how they're moving so they can be repaired. Oh... Right, and Meds don't fear anything on the field killing them suddenly in one hit. They're not THAT comparable to the point where the economic advantage isn't balanced out in other ways.
  8. Raveshaw and Sydney

    Honestly one of my thoughts. And maybe knock down the hs multiplier still since it it still has the major advantage over the ramjet of being able to eat vehicles. ... Do you just throw random numbers out? They already do more than enough to vehicles considering they, unlike LCGs and to a lesser extent Gunners, can do their damage and be relatively safe by hugging a wall.
  9. Raveshaw and Sydney

    You don't do math well do you? That's still ~600 damage... Which is more health than a heroic lcg. So it would literally be like no change at all.
  10. Death count, k/d

    They are possibly two of the most significantly portrayed scores in the current score system o. O? Left click champions are always near the top of the leaderboard.
  11. Low FPS In Game

    That's actually a known issue that can occur with it using the wrong adapter. There's a way to force it to use a particular one iirc. If someone can look into that, as I currently am not in a position to.
  12. Raveshaw and Sydney

    Twitch reflexes are ONE skill. Tracking is another skill altogether. Twitch reflexes are what COD players have. Tracking skills are what true arena shooter players have. Both are separate skills, so get over yourself there.
  13. Ren X is official ruined!

    The numbers do actually look really good on it, as opposed to always being 1000+ damage on headshot. 270 297 338 405 Headshot damage in relation to veterancy + factor in roughly +10 - 20 damage for burn.
  14. Tis what I always do. ... But still: