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  1. v5.293 - Client sided graphic bugs

    So you do it.. get an unfair advantage, and don't post anything about it on the forums.. Cool. I didn't even know it was a thing. Great reporting and beta testing ethics there. You know what people who exploit glitches and don't report them get? Labeled glitchers, exploiters, and, under more tyrannical eyes, banned. ^ That as well. And unfortunately, nothing your friend said has done anything to exalt him considering the nature of the accusations, and the fact that he literally murdered his own credibility with his 1st actions. Saying this only opens you to the question of "who?".
  2. v5.293 - Client sided graphic bugs

    Who was it? Give me a name. That's not a graphical big. It's a known exploit in UE3s coding that works in most anything built in UDK. You do it by accident ONCE. You do it on purpose multiple times, especially when you know no mods are around because it is very easily detected now. Also, if he already was planting rediculous beacons then hes fuc*ed in terms of credibility as far as I'm concerned. Ignore the line below. Phone won't let me delete it. Also @Fffreak9999
  3. ... I lol'd harder than I should have.
  4. Repair infantry - make it history

    Pretty much... Is actually easier to just ram your gun barrel down somebody's throat and pull the trigger
  5. Pick Up Games (PUGs)

    @TK0104 : Way to miss one of the actual good, balanced ones =\
  6. Renx won't install

    Check if your Anti-Virus is blocking it. That's my general problem with the launcher trying to update.
  7. Renegade X: Patch 5.292 Pending Release

    Edited for 5.293 fix list @iTweek. : You 'Can' make a build, but you do not 'HAVE' to make one.
  8. Patch v5.292 issues

    Read the bottom of the main patch notes. Was already known. Farland's clip was untouched since like February. Reservoir needs a light rebuild apparently. The refill sound when grenades recharge is intentional, though is kind of a stand in sound. MCT c4 just wasn't included in highlights.. Could be. Infantry regen got caught up in a last second 'undo' command. Fixed
  9. Patch v5.292 issues

    I don't get like... any of the grenade UI bugs. would need a video.
  10. Renegade X: Patch 5.292 Pending Release

    Known. Not intended, but was noticed late and kinda' not important enough to rebuild an entire patch over.
  11. Renegade X: Patch 5.292 Pending Release

    EDIT: Regeneration rates are in per-half-seconds, not seconds. They've always been per half-second, so that's not a random buff.
  12. Renegade X: Patch 5.292 Pending Release

    Too late. Also current version up was still barely holding 30fps on my laptop when I was just standing outside doing nothing... vs. every other map being 60fps easy
  13. Patch 5.292 Released Launcher Update: RELEASED Full Build: RELEASED Full Build Link : Link To Full Build Synopsis: Patch 5.292 focuses mostly on map bug fixes, a new and frankly improved grenade/ability system, and more nerfs to sniper's ability to single handedly hold an entire team back while fully exposed.It also further refines several UI elements, and makes it significantly more difficult to switch teams at will during the early portions of match startup. In reality, 5.292 is just a brief update preceding a content update later this year. TL;DR Patch Notes: +Grenades are no longer tied to the weapon list. They have their own UI element and are switched to with the 'Grenade/Ability' weapon. Default is 'X' [ala Tac-Rifle] +Added spread to sniper rifles out of scope +Frag Grenades actually work now no matter what weapon you have out when they explode
  14. Preliminary 5.291 Changelist

    HP Regen is barely noticeable even at Heroic on most units. +1/s literally means you would have to wait over 2 minutes behind a corner as ELITE as a rifle soldier to get all of your armor back @MapStuff: New Tomb lags A LOT in comparison to current version with nothing going on. Complex... probably still needs to be reverted Snipers and Ren were already basically playing COD... may as well go the whole 9 yards and force you to quick scope while you're at it. @Fffreak9999: Limited.. and unlikely to change.
  15. Preliminary 5.291 Changelist

    TL;DR version: +Grenades are no longer tied to the weapon list. They have their own UI element and are switched to with the 'Grenade/Ability' weapon. Default is 'X' [ala Tac-Rifle] +Grenades are more affected by veterancy +Frag Grenades actually work now +AutoRifle and Tac-Rifle have appropriate vapour trails and sounds when hit-scan now. +Added spread to sniper rifles out of scope