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  1. They're actually not that terrible... I use them like that all the time. Officers hard counter the hell out of snipers that can't see/target you, considering it's a lot more disadvantageous for them to fire blindly with a single-shot weapon than it is for you to spray and pray your ass off in the general direction of their head.Especially on a map like Reservoir where you can flank and smoke so they're blind and have no idea why they're dying. That said, they could probably use a buff to either coverage area or length of time. Or just make it so you can't target even people you've already targeted through them. Also IR smoke blocking base defenses is one of the few things in this game that actually makes sense.
  2. It did in beta 3 (4?) .... There were no vehicle rushes in those betas. None that were effective anyway.... unless the defending team was broke.
  3. Not really. After looking at it for about 2 months it literally is 100% in correlation with when the Xen/Deadbeat combo or jpoi stack joins that the server dies. It's actually half of what the 'stacked teams' argument comes from, especially considering the true CT-stack only ever happens after a PUG, or rarely on a Thursday night. The complaining out loud 'helps', but yes, totally reducing infantry combat to 'just forget it' does cause people to leave.
  4. You know my thoughts from day 1 to day ... whatever this is.
  5. I think the biggest reason for complaining about the automatic weapons being spongy is actually... because OHKOs exist. That's what I've seen from my stealthy ventures into PUBs and people's random thoughts. I honestly don't find sniper's long range abilities all that crazy, though I rarely get sniped since I just kinda spam shift in the weirdest patterns possible, and rarely ever jump. Bunny hopping actually makes it easier to hit you in this game considering there's no real acceleration in the air... About the only thing I can really accept when it comes to snipers, as somebody who doesn't really have that many issues with them, is that they still seem kinda' strong in CQC.. Maybe a true health nerf, like Engineer levels of health nerf, or hip-fire nerf. Other infantry combat seems mostly adequate... People die fairly fast even from the basic weapons now, just not so fast that infantry start feeling useless.
  6. Depends what team you ask. Crash Site was about the only one I liked.. Mesa was the beginning of me going from casually drinking... to ending up through 3/4 of a bottle in an unacceptable time-span.
  7. See poll topic. Personally not a fan of the new sound. Makes it harder to judge rate of fire and end up with lots of dead clicks, especially if you're in third person.
  8. Admittedly IRC is notorious for being a gateway for botnets, but I think several lesser anti-viruses have a tendency to pick it up through either overzealous heuristics or just what Cronus said.
  9. I'm also fairly certain the launcher can do without that dll. Honestly should have just been taken out of the user build forever ago.
  10. Complex in a nutshell from my end.
  11. Was supposed to be removed from the patch notes. fixed
  12. This isn't even remotely hard... It just went overlooked because A) Nobody brought it up enough, and B) the original writer for the UI never actually added a scale multiplier for the parts that weren't done in Flash. The UI's already being worked on. This'll be part of it.
  13. Filled it out. Pretty much just made me realize why back in the day of OldRen I switched to APB (After APB had gotten itself together). I absolutely hated vehicle combat in Old Renegade. Granted I still would tick A Path Beyond's vehicle combat higher than RenX's... but that's just me.
  14. Nope. @Xeon Wraith holds that as an Arty on Islands. Got to Heroic in ~22 minutes vs. a very very very bad GDI team.
  15. Going to try to keep it up with at least 1 video per week. I have more to be rendered already, though some are old.... like pre-veterancy kind of old.