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  1. Patch 5.284 Notes Launcher Update: RELEASED Full Build: PENDING (Thread linked below)
  2. Patch 5.284 Notes Launcher Update: RELEASED Full Build: PENDING (Thread linked below)
  3. Dunno.. I just had it changed in Default from the patch and it worked fine for me.
  4. Kind of... except a lot of the environment/vehicle/character packages haven't been touched since like beta 2-3... Would probably save a lot of download time, but a fresh install would probably also guarentee you don't have more issues.
  5. Sucks. You might be able to save yourself like 4GB of install if you just download the new launcher on the main page, then overwrite your launcher folder with it.
  6. Check the folder permissions on the Renegade X folder so that EVERYONE (no that's literally the group name) has full permissions to the folder. If it's doing an endless cycle then it's probably just not actually able to swap out files. Also make sure you apply that to all sub folders when you do that, otherwise you'll have more weird problems with updates. Was resolved in a more recent release, but the old releases didn't set permissions on the folder during install.
  7. That's not a process of any kind or anything...
  8. Because snipers definitely needed that to be annoying at long range... Also it's a bug everyone was saying needed to be fixed since like............. beta 1. It just always got forgotten about. Not really that much of a nerf... And besides, @Canucck you don't even buy characters anymore, GTFO. Not really a nerf, so much as making them work as actually intended.
  9. Honestly the easiest way to do it is just restarting your computer then doing it. That way you know for a fact there are no latent launcher processes that didn't close hanging around in the background.
  10. @Agent is aware. It still downloads, but has a tendency to not show the download speed anymore.
  11. Also @Fffreak9999 have you tried setting this up on CT's server again?
  12. Kinda' got caught up and wasn't home to actually release it. Pushed
  13. Patch 5.283 Notes Launcher Update: RELEASED Full Build: RELEASED (Thread linked below)
  14. Pretty sure the CnC community as a whole can make a better CnC game than EA's proven to over the years. But better still... just take the concept they're not using and totally make a different IP.. viola
  15. I had fun... even if I started getting really bored after the bridge wall was built and nobody tried to jump the border. Twas living proof that Trump's on to something!