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  1. Game stuck on loading screen

    In the launcher options, do 'reset game' 9/10 it's just old/bad configuration files.
  2. Most Players NA or EU? Would like to come back!

    The original idea still stemmed from what I said. Would literally only be me B0ng and one other person there to back it up. Whatever; back on topic
  3. Most Players NA or EU? Would like to come back!

    No actually, it wasnt. It all came about from a random three person game where me and B0ng just got someone from OldRen on TS, and they implanted the head in our idea
  4. Is allowing One Server to dominate, Good for RenX?

    ... Ren[X] has literally been run by one or two clans after the first few years. Old Ren had Jelly/RC and now RC/MPF mostly from what I see. RenX had EKT before they died off of every game and became a Mine craft clan. They had TMX right beside them, till TMX dissolved. CT isn't even a clan. It was purposely made to not be. It's just the remnants TMX, and then whoever else wants to play together. It just happened to get bigger than expected because @DoctorB0NG went 3 kinds of insane with building a community, and fighting the good fight in the great DDOS blizzard of 2016 (of which is still a problem, just ask BHC, and probably a lot of server owners.) Also, all the mutators CT runs, that I know of, are posted publicly, like the player count modifier. Cant speak anything on ping, as it's 300+ no matter what server for me, sans the Chinese one.
  5. Should be resolved roughly as of this post. Was just server issues as you might suspect.
  6. This ^ I live in Japan, and even before we had a Chinese server I still downloaded at ~5-10MBps. Need to know what mirror is actually doing it.
  7. Drinkin' Gin and Playing Ren

    Might as well start posting these again since I'm stuck at home. M06 added.
  8. Most Players NA or EU? Would like to come back!

    But all the best ones are in Asia =o @BiZoELiTe I think you're the reason PUGs are even around in this game... Assuming you're the guy who put it in me and B0ng's head
  9. sound mod (original renegade sounds)

    Wrong engine. Modding sound would require you to be in one specific server or else just be booted for version mismatches
  10. Drinkin' Gin and Playing Ren

    M04 and M05 added
  11. Drinkin' Gin and Playing Ren

    M03 added in all its beachy glory
  12. Drinkin' Gin and Playing Ren

    Updated for M02
  13. Marathon is one of the main reasons I quit OldRen, as I always found it dull, boring, and honestly so uneventful because nothing felt like it had impact EXCEPT the end of the game. RenX ... I actually prefer marathon with veterancy, as there's always something to work toward, and the game comes to a natural conclusion that doesn't always have to take 3 hours, but still isn't nearly as futile feeling as it was pre-veterancy when it DOES take 3 hours. AOW just always had the issue of 'And then the game was over' .... but I do miss some of those last 2 minute rushes to point whore the hell out of a building to try and win by points.
  14. HACKS

    Switching to UE4 is literally illegal for us at this point. So don't bother bringing it up.
  15. Already try Reset Game in the launcher? Generally hangs at the beginning are just caused by outdated/corrupt information in the configuration.