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  1. Drinkin' Gin and Playing Ren

    Added M07 - M10 finally
  2. [Level] CNC-Outposts

    Looks good 'nuff. Still want my air units tho'.
  3. 5.3 Feedback/Bug Reports

    I'm sorry, Kane wanted to take a bath in the river. We tried to stop him but... I mean... he's kinda' the messiah.
  4. Funny enough.... this post, and me sharing it on FB... are how I just found out someone I work with used to play Renegade for hours on end XP
  5. Possible to keep config

    Weird.. I haven't had it reset any of my settings, sans 5.3, but that's because stuff was added/removed from some of the settings files..
  6. 5.3 Feedback/Bug Reports

    They shouldn't be tied together in any way to my knowledge.
  7. Kick Vote Menu

    Literally just logged in and used it fine... What?
  8. 5.3 Feedback/Bug Reports

    @jetalpha What antivirus are you using? Granted, I don't even think the launcher has an error message like that.
  9. 5.3 Feedback/Bug Reports

    So the launcher in that topic is the latest. If you DELETE AND overwrite the Launcher folder in Program Files x86\Renegade X then paste that launcher folder in its place, then you'll have an updated launcher. See if that also throws the error. It's also a better launcher overall.
  10. 5.3 Feedback/Bug Reports

    @AlienXAXS is there even a Launcher message that throws that? @jetalpha which launcher version are you using?
  11. 5.3 Feedback/Bug Reports

    Heuristics in Antiviruses give false positives on both the UDK.exe and the Launcher.exe. @jetalpha . I have to add an exception pretty much everytime I make a new folder.
  12. Game won't load

    Either use reset game, or make sure you set windows permissions on the Renegade X folder to let EVERYONE have modify rights. The beta 5< had a tendency not to ever set those permissions... and they still cause headaches to this day. I had to do it personally on my own desktop.
  13. [Level] CNC-Cliffside (again)

    Just soon-ish. Not expecting a patch for another few weeks.
  14. [Level] CNC-Cliffside (again)

    @TK0104 @Luhrian : Is there anyway anyone can make an optimization pass on Cliffside? That tib tunnel is straight cancer to people's FPS
  15. Game won't load

    Did you already hit "Reset Game" in the launcher? If you had ever installed the game from like back in beta 1-5.0, then it may have never gotten rid of the old configuration files.