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  1. Video

    Um, it depends on your system. I personally just run everything 1920x1080 and hold steady 60fps. @Boomerruns it in 4k for some reason, and a few people run it in 2K resolutions. Again, just depends what you have.
  2. No? Also No. Except I'd try it on sniper rifles. As Jeff said, this isn't COD.. even though the hilarious thing is that's all most snipers in this[moreso OldRen] game are playing. They literally swear by their one skill of twitch reflexes... which is 100% COD. Yet, they bash COD.... which is where they should be. The irony there has always been hilarious.
  3. I was there.... It was not an amazing victory in the least.. Just bad GDI spamming Meds at LCGs and not comprehending 'this isn't working'... Right.. and 60 people in a single chokepoint.
  4. Because we definitely need to play 30v30 Snow ..... ever.
  5. I just threw up a little.
  6. No. Also losing the IRCclient.dll shouldn't do much since it isn't actually used atm. And the launcher -used- to flag Trend Micro, but that hasn't happened since the Launcher Downloader was disabled by default
  7. Patch 5.29 Notes Launcher Update: Released Full Build: PENDING [Link will be at bottom of this post] TL;DR version: +Added 64-bit binaries [requires either starting from the install folder, or waiting on a launcher update to access] +Surrender is no longer an instantaneous game over +Shotgun spread is normalized +EMP grenades greatly affect vehicle repair speeds, meaning you should probably not get EMP'd +Comm Centre no longer shows enemies on the overview map; just the minimap +Removed a bug that let you rapid fire bolt action weapons ala beta 1
  8. Add actual weapon pick-ups to the sniper maps and boom... make them DM maps... ALSO WHERES MY ALL DECK ALL DAY!? 16 person ADAD at least
  9. The fuck is this a thing?
  10. I tend to just play Nod, be an LCG all game and role-play as "Man-Tank The Destroyer" ....
  11. What's second of all? But really, I'm only going to believe that if I sift through them, which I'm not going to do unless I get really really really bored.
  12. Bye, Felicia. If you're that good and 'competitive', go get paid for it instead of killing off servers. I also wouldn't brag with that many VAC bans under your belt. ^ See above. As far as I'm concerned, it's gone from kicking people for hacking, to banning people on the grounds that they ruin the entire game outside of PUGs where it's expected and generally counterable. Would stand behind @Madkill40's decision.. .even if I still haven't quite figured out if Madkill's crazy or not.
  13. low fps

    @SeanYong Gratz on being a guinea pig.. At least it went well.
  14. But on a side note, let's not forget in the first 4 months of RenX's there was a mod for TMX that was found to be hacking, so I don't rule any of you out. I'll permaban any of you assholes without a second thought... 'cept @DoctorB0NG...