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  1. lol why not just limit the game only to onboard graphics or Pentium 2 cpus or make people use a N64 controller it makes no sence if you can afford a 122hz+ monitor thats what you use ... if you can afford a titan XP thats what ya use .... its called pay to win! well not Pay to win coz you can still be a shit player
  2. if you wonna use it
  3. Yoo.... ! the time i took on making the map has nothing to do with the dates i posted the vids ... add up the mins / hrs of each vid then add 20+ hrs of light builds and prep time + bad recordings (there were alot of bad recordings witch meant the entire vid had to be remade) hope you inspire more peeps to make maps coz the game is nothing with out a community that has passion
  4. Yooooooooooooooooooooo Lies !
  5. ok ok you got me .... i am mad and have never been declared mentally insane also i'm not the guy in my avatar i'm the girl and my maps is bad dont have kids they take over ya life
  6. use a mesh / csg with a masked material (look at the hanging leaves on canyon the pots use a masked material) then you dont need to mess with collision
  7. did you build geometry / all ? as when a volume is updated the geometry needs to be re built for the change to take effect
  8. soft world bounders just plain suck ... the code needs redoing .... hint hint for the millionth time
  9. full logs ?
  10. bots cant be told to deploy weapons like remote c4 or beacons .... but you can spawn tem with say a volt rifle and be told to hit a mct
  11. you can modify the "internal" health ( same way i got the building health in kismet here but using a modify node ) but i believe the building wont update to the destroyed state
  12. only way is to use a bot to fire at thew building / mct
  13. lake side uses gravity volumes around the trees i believe
  14. dont get what the problem is
  15. maps

    look at the landscape light map res