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  1. [Level] CNC-Outposts

    change log ... ???? i would like to see them in every Version X.X.X is Released! Check it out! post
  2. [Map] CNC-Storm

    you could do it with 3 levels (1 with buildings main... 1 with non storm and the other with the storm) but it would make the transitions very abrupt and the buildings would look funky after the transition
  3. performance issue

    ok put it in the simpelest of ways... your cpu is not powerfull enuff to feed all the data to the gpu so you get a drop in frames the cpu is the bottle neck the more that goes on in the map the more a single core will get bogged down and other processes will have to wait for it to catch up thus getting lower usage its a problem with all fx cpus on ue3 there is nothing more to say on this matter
  4. performance issue

    main menu doesn't have any bots, players, projectiles, vehicles, ect or any thing that makes drawcalls as everything is loaded in the cam view if you could play a game on the main menu map you would get massive drops in performance when the game makes drawcalls its all about them calls of draw
  5. performance issue

    i also have a fx8350 and have crappy fps ... the problem lies with the way unreal engine 3 uses the fx cpu ... the engine only sees 4 physical cores bulldozer and pile-driver architecture is odd and misleading take the 8150 - 8350 they say 8 cores but in fact the chip is set up with 4 modules that have there own cache that is shared between the 2 cores on the module most programs see the modules cache as 1 core and will tell the cpu to only use that one core per module or even just one core in total ue3 thinks you have a quad-core and as the ipc (instructions per clock) are crappy you get crappy frames due to drawcalls ... mem > cpu >gpu ... cpu is a bottleneck sorry i have the exact same issue in most unreal 3 games
  6. Game Elements Missing

    try using the 64bit exe
  7. [Map] CNC-Storm

    my implantation of the day night cycle was 100% dynamic storm uses a "semi dynamic" system mine had the light "rotate" wile changing colour wile storm uses a light that never moves but only changes colour (afaik i havent took a good look at maps kishit)
  8. Game Elements Missing

    delete the entire config folder and then do a repair the issue might very well be the amd driver have you updated it lately ?
  9. Game Elements Missing

    can you share the last log ? Launch.log C:\Program Files (x86)\Renegade X\UDKGame\Logs
  10. Game Elements Missing

    ok try resetting your settings by: go to you install directory (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Renegade X) navigate to the config folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Renegade X\UDKGame\Config) find UDKSystemSettings.ini (not DefaultSystemSettings.ini) delete UDKSystemSettings.ini (not DefaultSystemSettings.ini) run game to rebuild the settings see if its fixed if fixed use settings menu to find best settings for you and report back to help others in the same situation if not fixed report back and we will go to the next step
  11. Game Elements Missing

    you might not have enough vram ... was the game ok before the update ? (if you played before the new update 5.31)
  12. Game Elements Missing

    hardware specs ?
  13. Question

    100% standalone download install play
  14. [Map] CNC-Sunrise

    so much work and just like that mehhhhh ... get it out there and let people play it !!!!!!! get off ya arse and finish it !!!
  15. Update?

    stuff happens, stuff needs fixing, stuff brakes some more, stuff get fixed for the 100th time, then we find out its not the stuff that brakes and its the shit that brakes so we rinse and repeat shit happens, shit needs fixing, shit brakes some more, shit get fixed for the 100th time, then find out people are asking were the update is and we tell the story of the stuff and shit and then say It's done when it's done but all seriousness we are all working hard ... well not me coz im lazy ... to get stuff and shit out there for the community to enjoy but like all good things there are obstetrical that we need to address before we make the update public