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  1. speed ? / size? / time it takes localhost ?
  2. ConnectionTimeout= dose nothing ... its a broken setting
  3. hit the G button or the one that looks like a joystick
  4. nope it would make more sense to make a new game
  5. i worked on tcw
  6. in the ut3 mod scorpion hunter was made into a multiplayer map ... was an interesting map but with the player base at the time it didn't play all to well due to the base buildings being split up
  7. it was added as an automatic update so its not in any mod download and the update files are long gone .... unless @ZixXer has his original files its a lost relic sorry to say unless some one with a very old hdd with a fully updated renx mod is reading this
  8. scorpion hunter was a released map for the UT3 Mod but was never ported to the UDK version (current version)
  9. its a mutator
  10. She dont need to play it she is in it ... Sakura ! (yes my little girls name is Sakura but not coz of ren lol my wife picked the name a long time ago "like i had a choice in the name lol phhhhh") but this thread is not about me and my goings on ... whats happening in 2017 for all you lot ?
  11. you must of saved a package you shouldn't of
  12. Well 2016 was a good year for me and renx.... Renx got lots of cool updates as for me 2016 was more awesome then any other year in my life may of you know I got marryed and was expecting a baby in Jan 2017 but I guess my little girl couldent wait and was born on the 29th of Dec so 2017 is going to be alot of sleepless nights and lots of coffee as for renx I have some tutorials coming I just need to finish the last one and render them all... I mighr even add some more to the renx essentials series
  13. map

    you can bypass stall-z by using meshes as ramps (we had to put a hard ceiling on lakeside coz of that glitch
  14. sorry i dont have time to make a tut but ... wile in the map you are taking the mat from alls you need to do is copy the mat to your package open it up (the one you copied) and look for the textures and in the properties box at the bottom (when the texture node is selected) there will be the texture reference ... click the spyglass it will take you to the texture in the content browser ... make a copy to your package then hit the green arrow and it will be referenced to your package (rinse and repeat for all textures) if you still get the error wile saving the package /your map you missed something and will have to search the mat for more textures
  15. ahhh i take it you are pulling the mat from goldrush / some other map .... some maps have all there mats textures and assets saved to the map and not a package so the game can not open 2 maps independently like a map and package can the problem is that a / some texture in the mat are referenced to the map you copied the mat from (you will need to find copy and re-reference the textures in the mat (i say this in the vid)