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  1. [Level] CNC-Uphill Redux

    change log ... its a good habbit
  2. [Level] CNC-Tomb Redux

    always nice for people to know for testing and future reference
  3. [Level] CNC-Tomb Redux

    no change logs ?
  4. Why is not there a single "DVD-box" cover yet?

    ffs like we even have a dvd rom in our pc's any more but i know alot of you play on dinosaurs so here you go an epic cover for you oldskoolers
  5. Mesa Poll

    i already said why mesa is the way it is
  6. [Tutorial] Map Optimizations

    The gameplay profiler is a tool that makes use of data captured during profiling sessions allowing you to dig deeper into gameplay code to analyze time spent performing functions. It is meant as a replacement for the Script Profiler. well here is the link https://docs.unrealengine.com/udk/Three/GameplayProfiler.html but as i said its really on for custom assets code and fine tuning
  7. Frostbite Redux

    go to colission view (all in turn) and look for flickering stuff or colission that's not meant to Be there click it and delete it replace with new less complex non concave volumes
  8. Frostbite Redux

    built paths?... but i would need to see t by e map to find out what's going on... what was said above is most likely the colprit... but last time i seen your map I told you about all the artifacted volumes you had coz the volumes were to complex and had concave parts
  9. [Tutorial] Map Optimizations

    last one ... with all these vids you should be able to get some good fps in you custom maps
  10. [Tutorial] Map Optimizations

    well i agree it can be very handy to find out what is killing fps in areas ... but what i show in these vids if applied to all the meshes, emitters, decals, ect mappers should get there maps to a very reasonable level of optimization the profiler is for very specific problems i recorded all these vids before i had a baby to contend with and dont have alot of time / peace and quiet to set up and record more (but dont think there would be any point in others as i go though the most important stuff) any way vid 3 is up
  11. [Tutorial] Map Optimizations

    mehhh i dont think thats needed as most of the community mappers arnt making there own assets
  12. [Level] CNC-Tomb Redux

    Console Command "stat fps"
  13. [Tutorial] Map Optimizations

    as i said in the first vid you lose some feachers when converting lights there is always compromise in optimizing things
  14. [Tutorial] Map Optimizations

    Vid 2 is up
  15. [Tutorial] Map Optimizations

    enable composite dynamic and you may need to change some light / environment settings i go over this in a future vid (need to render and upload when i have time) EDIT ... revert ALL the light environment settings back to default in the world properties