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  1. Game stuck on loading screen

    my bet its a custom map and the shaders are building (it may take a wile but you can check if it is building shaders in task manager ... cant remember the process name but it will have shaders in the name and it will max out your cpu usage) if it is the shaders building just leave it it will finish soon and you shouldnt have to rebuild them again (for that map / map version)
  2. the games and the sdk use diffrent file structures
  3. Ideas for crates

    tankers crates (gives buffs / de-buffs to vehicles) only vehicles can pick the big metal crate up
  4. Ideas for crates

    "CANT SHOOT !" crate = steals all your ammo
  5. Please recommend me a new gaming mouse

    i love my G5 best mouse ive ever bought (had to get a new cable and pads for it but its still going)
  6. Please recommend me a new gaming mouse

    best to go to a store that has demo models and find one you like the feel of then search for the cheapest one... mosue is all down to personal preference depending on you hand size grip and features you want
  7. (Official) Maps we haven't seen yet?

    dont go looking to me to me about all these maps piek was Zixxer's map the Arabic map was Nielsen's map daybrake was HappyConscript's map i have nothing to do with these maps and for a few months i wont be doing any thing for renx as i have just had major surgery and need to recuperate
  8. (Official) Maps we haven't seen yet?

    last map is piek... maps are unfinished and unlikly tp be picked back up
  9. UDK issues

    https://docs.unrealengine.com/udk/Three/ViewModes.html View modes are mutually exclusive rendering styles. A viewport can only have a single active view mode. In the editor, the view mode is selected using the associated buttons in the viewport's toolbar. In the game, the view mode can be changed using the viewmode console command.
  10. Ren X is official ruined!

    but but but but Ren X is official ruined! its official, officiali tell you
  11. Something I did again.

    ok same models then lmao
  12. Something I did again.

    tcw models?
  13. [Map] CNC-Sunrise

    hit the f key
  14. [Map] CNC-Sunrise

    needs fog and dof but looking good
  15. [Map] CNC-Sunrise

    any updated images ?