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  1. Ren X is official ruined!

    but but but but Ren X is official ruined! its official, officiali tell you
  2. Something I did again.

    ok same models then lmao
  3. Something I did again.

    tcw models?
  4. CNC-Sunrise

    hit the f key
  5. CNC-Sunrise

    needs fog and dof but looking good
  6. CNC-Sunrise

    any updated images ?
  7. Earth 2047

    well you pooped in my bright idea booooooooooo well ill just stick to my nice cozy blue UK
  8. Earth 2047

    white! I'm not silly I'm getting on a boat and living at sea no zombie tib monster going to get me
  9. Stuck spot behind bar on Xmountain

    your sbh is to fat go on a diet
  10. Light building in UDK/SDK

    some times it will say not responding but will still be working in the background check task manager for cpu / ram usage of the sdk (best to do light builds over night any way) if by the next day (if you leave it over night) it still hasn't done any thing you may have to try and get the export scene size down by bringing the light map resolution of ya meshes down 32 / 16 is a good rule ... if this fails ask some one with more ram to try building lights if they cant there might be a problem with the map but thats a problem for another post / topic when you dont use lightmass you dont get light bounces and the shadows will be black unless you use a skylight
  11. bugger towards I'll take the system home
  12. its been a known bug since it was first implemented ... we know how to replicate it @Agent HINT HINT HINT HINT HINT
  13. Ren X is official ruined!

    right i need to read this carefully first off: thats not a nice word to use when indeed you are the "n00b" second: OP hardware i didnt know players were using quantum computers or deep learning server racks to play renx (might explain why the "n00bs" as you call them are so good) as for us Developers we cant balance for cunts or cocks they both do the same thing in different ways some are bigger / smaller, wider / tighter then others... some are just very incompatible ... some fit together too well and make much friction. some think they are the best but then see some one who is better and then bitch on forums making them look even more feeble and impotent ... shit my bad i was ment to be on about balance not whinny people and... wait was i really on about the bonding of parts ... well i could go on all day but as you have seen this topic is just turned into a good source of a laugh ahhh fuck it might as well waste every ones time just like you have .... i too am pissed off that the friction of a good hard (ummm not the place for that) ahh it might be as this topic will get shut down in about 10 mins ramble ramble ramble and you are right i dont give a fuck about balance any more as the game is about there on balance i should say i dont like the word "N00b" its vile and vulgar or was that another word ?... well nice post hope to see your posts on other games like cod, battlefield, csgo, destiny and all them other shooter games that happen to have the exact same problem (or the problem just might be your attitude)
  14. Make a mesh unlit

  15. Whatchya do outside of RenX?

    did this just turn it to a dating thread ?