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  1. Combat Harvesters

    Harv request for next patch... Kawaii harv...
  2. Preliminary Patch 5.3 Changelist

    So just throwing this out there as an idea for Commander Mode! Instead of voting the commander every round would it be possible to instead award commander status to the players who won MVP, Support, Defense, or Offense in the last game? It would not only create value for those awards, but also motivate better team play as people strive for one of those top spots. So at most you would have 4 commanders per team. I don't this that's too much saturation, and would allow everyone a chance at the role. Unless you only want a single Commander. Stay awesome!
  3. Is allowing One Server to dominate, Good for RenX?

    i like the 60 person games cause then i get to hang out with all my friends in one place. c:
  4. The Rene X Discord has cultivated an awesome community focusing on all levels of discussion from pug debates to best eats. Most importantly, it's active in a way that allows reneX fans to hang out. I check in on it before work each morning, and since the game lacks an in-game chat, it has become my go-to hub for all things reneX. Thing is, the barrier to entry is a little tough because there's no simple way to join, and despite this, it has grown with members from all sorts of cool backgrounds and origin stories. Would it be possible to put a GIANT button/link on the front page so that it's easier for newcomers to join? Something like, "Join our community on Discord!" Stay awesome!
  5. Should Any Maps be Removed From PUGs?

    Mesa and Canyon both need to go. Imo they need entire reworks in design which would open the door for other maps... What about the possibility of introducing new maps from the community? A new maps patch perhaps?
  6. Peak times?

    If you're in the US. You can join the CT Marathon server 11:30am - 4pm (CT). There is always a full round going on. Before and after that it tends to slow down.
  7. At some point, during late games, k/d seems to trigger a breaking point with that stated goal. Where the amass of kills overrides everything else. It's as if veterancy kills snowball and overwhelm all other stats. The person who has 50-3 during 30+ min matches will be MVP (usually) regardless of what happens offensively, defensively, etc. (Except for the losing team where MVP is usually awarded to the most defensive/support player) I'll snap some screens later when I get the chance. I'm not saying that person shouldn't be the MVP, especially when they are contributing to other efforts. It just seems that the snowball effect of veterancy kills need tweaking. It can be especially noticed during late games when game sense (taking down another teams tower/tanks) should be the focus in a marathon match. I do think a combination of Offensive/Defensive/Support scores is the best strategy for MVP. To me, it just needs to be tinkered a bit.
  8. Have you noticed how the length of a game weighs K/D more than Game Sense when it comes to MVP? Almost always the MVP of a 30+ minute match will be someone with a k/d of 30-2, 40-4, etc. Which is strange and counter-intuitive because it would seem to me if a match is going that long, the MVP should the person who has created the most offensive output in taking down the other teams towers. IMO I think the analytics in calculating MVP should be tinkered with. Maybe the veterancy points awarded per kill be cut in half? Thoughts? STAY AWESOME!!