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  1. Balance suggestions

    What doesn't make sense is Syd/Rav are labeled ANTI TANK but they dominate tunnels and easily outkill Mobi/Doza that also cost 1000 credits, much like Hav/Saku before their nerf. Sure you can keep their 1-hit headshot against ONLY up to Tech/Hotty & T1 infantries, but not against T2 & T3 infantries.
  2. Renegade X: Patch 5.292 Pending Release

    They should nerf Syd/Rav against infantries especially that one punch headshot multiplier, then buff them vs heavy armor.
  3. Renegade X: Patch 5.292 Pending Release

    And yet they can still do "no scope no spread" exploit by clicking both mouse1 then mouse2 simultaneously. Devs should have thought of adding scope transition like Marksmans before no-spread can be applied.
  4. Balance suggestions

    for Rav/Syd nerf vs infantry and buff vs GDI tank camping. and also... - Mammoths should have their base stats stay as it is, but greatly reduce or remove their damage gain on veterancy but keep their RoF gain. - Give Light Tanks a buff vs heavy armor by giving them higher RoF (same DPS as Med) to compensate for dealing against a Mammoth with Hotwire behind it. - Give Flame Tanks a speed buff so that even Meds cannot outrun them, then same base speed as Light Tank on elite or heroic.
  5. Raveshaw and Sydney

    If Syd gets bonus damage to SBHs, then Rave should get a certain specialty, like... minor amplify damage debuff to heavy armor, or something else? Not that powerful when damage are lowered to infantries but they deserve a specialty that tank campers should fear of, yet they should remain very weak vs most infantries.
  6. Raveshaw and Sydney

    Agreed with nerfing/improving Syd/Rav. They're supposed to be anti-tanks, not a CQC no-scope anti-infantry, so giving them adjustments may fix it: - infantry damage from 180 (0.9 value included) to 150 (multiplier not included), and headshot value from 5x (which can 1-hit a heroic LCG even with a recruit Syd/Rav) to 1.5x (still enough to kill free & T1 infantries). Also 1.33x bonus damage to SBHs. - raise their damage against heavy armor. - range from 5600 to longer than 6000. - round crosshair and little spread (around 10%-25% of snipers) on hip fire. - fire delay from instant to 0.1-0.5 sec (decreases with veterancy). - no ammo clip just like old Ren (faster reload with veterancy). - new effect - pierces through enemy units (allowing them to kill repairmen behind tanks and durable infantries, not cheating from behind your allies, terrain, and buildings).