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  1. Tiberian Sun Recon Bike too strong

    So far no one has pointed out recon bikes strongest perks, the ludicrous speed and tiny hitbox. If you master driving it at full speed while at the same time firing at enemies in the opposite direction you have a godlike "hit and run" machine. For max efficiency you would require to know pretty much every inch of every map, to be able to drive blindly so you can get in close enough, fire your rockets while at the same time making your way back to safety, before you get rekt. All of that is purely skillbased, and such things should always be made possible even if exceeds other vehicles average performances. It does have a quite decent damage output, but lesser range than a C&C dawn MLRS and Arty, and as mentioned its really squishy, very hard to run people over with it to. So compared to other vehicles (especially Tiberian sun vehicles) i wouldn't call it OP at all based on stats and damage. It does however have the potential to be the most skillbased vehicle ever in Renegade X in my opinion. If only you could pop a wheelie with it
  2. Black dawn

    Downloaded and tried it like 4 months ago just to see how it was. It has its own executable file, not launched via the standard Renegade X launcher, it ran smooth without any issues. only played 2 missions, has good immersion and sexy environments, gameplay feels quite cinematic. What made me stop playing after 2 missions was the bot AI thats as dumb as dirt, that and the "RETURN TO THE BATTLEFIELD OR GET REKT" map boundaries that caught me off guard to often. After defending some MLRS from NOD infantry i took a small shortcut over a grass patch to assist GDi troops and got punished hard, made me ragequit. Its really close to being good but it needs some more polish i think, maybe it has gotten some more love since then, idk. definitely plan on trying it again some day.
  3. Preliminary Patch 5.3 Changelist

    This all sounds really good, im hyped. More and better light tanks! aaawyeaah. Glad to see the commander mod making a comeback, much more immersive than having a crackling cacaphonic Discord TS, or having a few lines of teamchat that gets drowned in radio spam.
  4. Ideas for crates

    i was also tempted to suggest a jump boost crate. Maybe connecting it in some way to the jumpjet infantry from tiberian sun (the second shittiest C&C unit ever, Limpet drone being #1) If players would use it to plant beacons in unreachable places that would be a problem indeed. If players jump outside the map and falls into the void, not such a big problem, assuming thats what happens. never managed to breach the map boundaries in this game, curious whether or not it has an invisible floor under the map. those civilian vehicles and the cargo truck love it. more semi useless stuff in crates pls hahaha.
  5. What kind of music do you hear?

    I mostly listen to "Bitpop" as they used to call it, Music and soundtracks from games. I dont feel that lyrics is a requirerment to portait the meaning of a song or beat, it mostly gets in the way of the instrumental performance. all i do is play synths and PC games so... if im going into an epic online battle i want music specifically composed to enhance that experience, soundtracks packed with bloodlust, glory and danger. Renegade X already has a fantastic soundtrack, always have it on when i play renegade, Full stop is my favorite.
  6. Reporting!

    Blashpemy! the light tank is a divine multitasking wonder machine The med is definitely a strong number 2, but the light tank is more than meets the eye! Since it has a smaller Hitbox it also means that it gets hit less than a large med, it has more agility to, which means you can dodge better and run over infantry easier, and its turret can aim higher and faster than a med, which makes it better as an anti air veichle. however these perks fall kinda flat if you have above 100 ping, cant dodge crap with a delay on everything.
  7. Reporting!

    Welcome to Renegade X, every additional player is a blessing, low playerbase is the only real problem this game has, otherwise its super awesome. Haven't actually seen a cheater in this game ever over a year of gameplay, heard some story of a player being able to instakill building with rifles but thats it. seeing people blatantly accusing superior players of cheating used to be quite common though, has gotten better. Definitely leave the mining to the more experienced players, once you go above the mine limit they start to disappear from other places. If you have to mine, its 3 mines for each door as a standard, if your team have leftover mines after each door is mined they usually go on stairs connected to buildings or tunnel exits and paths leading into your base. if you see the mine limit dropping (displayed by a small counter on the lower mid of your screen) scream "MINES!!!!" in team chat and people will do a security sweep of the base, it usually means enemy infantry has infliltrated a building and are about to blow it up. some other tips. The light tank is hands down the most versatile vehicle ingame, just saying. <3 Always go for headshots, like 3-4 times the damage or so with every weapon, including tank shells and such. Tanks do little damage to infantry, even from direct hits, aiming for the ground they are standing on and using your splash damage is usually the best way to kill them unless you can headshot them (very hard), you can also run them over for instakills but you risk getting C4 on your tank. Every vehicle has a turbo, just a every infantry can sprint, hold down left shift to go faster at the cost of maneuverability. If you sprint and do a jump while letting go of the sprint at the same time, you will keep your momentum midair while not spending any of your stamina, and then just repeat it as soon as you land. a little handy trick for making your infantry unit run a bit further. A few infantry units has grenades, press "X" to select them. i think every infantry type has the grenade icon but only a few actually carry them. Press "Q" while mouse hovering over enemy units and you will report their presence via radio to your team. can also be used to "request a ride" from friendly vehicles or to request repairs on friendly buildings. Every veterancy level increases your vehicle speeds, your overall health and damage with everything, at "elite" level you regenerate health slowly. Being a field repairing technichian/hotwire i find to be the fastest and easiest way to grind the veterancy up.
  8. Ideas for crates

    Chronosphere crate. teleports the player to a random spot on the map. Cyborg implant crate. Lets your character heal in tiberium for as long as it lives. Golden pistol crate. Your hand gun/smg earns you 150 credits for each player kill you make with it, for as long as your character lives.
  9. Whatchya do outside of RenX?

    I work at a small E-sports cafe, I sell candy to kids, fix peoples computers, help noobs with basic settings, update games and software, cleaning stuff, sometimes act as a bouncer when troublemakers come in. very sporadic customer flow, ranges between "so chill that i can sit down and play games myself" and "OHGOD WHY AM I WORKING SOLO WHEN 50+ PEOPLE ARE HERE, SHOOT ME!" when im not playing Renegade X, Unreal tournament 4, Hearthstone or working, I play the syntheziser, hence my name syntharn. it roughly translates to "the syntheziser guy", have been playing clav instruments for 15 years or so. enjoy this 9 year old potato video of me playing drunk with makeshift battery equipment on a festival camp.
  10. Ideas for crates

    ooh ok, nvm then hahaha. i have never gotten that crate though, gonna asume its new?
  11. Ideas for crates

    Extra weapon crate. Gives the player one extra random gun to use for as long as his character lives. Can't give Remote C4s, Timed C4s, Sniper rifle, Ramjet rifle (to prevent SBHs from becoming mad OP) or any of the handguns, including SMG and silenced SMG. Can give bottom tier repair gun and marksman rifle. I like the idea of finding a bot in a crate, even if its just one skill level 7 minigunner bot that does generic bot stuff and dies like a fly. would be nice if he at least followed you around. pretty darn useless but funny, id name him Derpderp. i feel crates should be random more so than rewarding.
  12. LavaDr4gon's Ren X videos (again)

    Awesome stuff as usuall. I remember that light tank rush in particular, they never saw it coming hahahha, good times.
  13. Confessions

    Sometimes i run straight into the field as a berzerking minigunner even though i have like 5K credits. Sometimes i forget that im playing renegade X and not the vanilla version and press "5" for a refill in the purchase terminal.
  14. Teaming is NOT ALLOWED !

    im 100% that was me, was on Lakeside outside barracks about 2-3 weeks ago. i was so chocked by you not firing back at me i just froze for a second, wondering if you were lagging or maybe was AFK. and when i realised you were just accepting your fate without a struggle i did take pity on you, so i just stood there watching you for a few seconds before a havoc came along and saw you.
  15. I remember timed matches being alot more common in vanilla renegade, but even then i also want to remember the servers that ran marathon mode being filled to the brim with players almost always. The only situtation where i actually considered timed mode to be better than marathon was on maps such as island, where GDI could deliberately let NOD destroy their refinery and war factory so that NOD couldn't point whore it, thus giving gdi a better defense and a chance to win by points. In all other situations i very much prefer a game lasting well over an hour, i think the veterancy system should be less generous tbh, since it easily leads to one team snowballing the other a bit too fast and too often for my taste, heroic should not come before 1 hour of gameplay. Nothing more satisfying than carrying your team for 2 hours and receiving every medal at the end of the game. I cant help but get alot more invested if i know a match won't end until someone ends it, UNTIL I END IT. I know alot of players that get discouraged and demoralized as hell as soon their team lose a single worthless building, like ref. Im not like that at all, i will gladly continue fighting for hours with nothing but a minigunner and beer, and sometimes even win despite the odds. Marathon FTW!!!