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  1. Renegade-X Battle Royale?

    It won't work. Battle Royale games requires HUGE playerbases in order to fill up their matches quick and fluently, It can take seconds to die but up to 30 minutes or so for the match to end. Renegade X has just about enough players to fill a 100 player match during weekend peak hours, but thats assuming they all want to play BR and are ok with waiting a small eternity for another match to start after they die. The very same suggestion was made and discussed in the Unreal Tournament forums a while back in hope of bringing over Fortnite players, Epic owns Fortnite and UT and have moved ALL their resources over to Fortnite since a year back, this has caused alot of despair regarding Unreal Tournaments future. The idea was quickly shot down with the argument that a fast shooter can't have a respawn timer taking up to several minutes, it clashes with its core concept, just as it was clear that a 100 player server couldn't support the same speed and accuracy UT is known for over such a large map. I think the same goes for this game, Renegade X BR can't have respawn timers that are even LONGER than mere minutes, its a TDM shooter game. And then we have the shitfest Robocraft, who also decided to move over their resources from their original game to create a BR version of it. They left their original RC in a bad state while at the same barely having enough developers to work on a brand new BR version. No one asked for it nor had any major interest in it, and when the playerbase saw the developers had no interest in fixing their original game they left it, FreeJam just jumped on the bandwagon without thought, from a 25K playerbase to a 1900 playerbase because of greed and neglect over the course of 4 years...
  2. Add More TS Units?

    Im not really expecting any of this to go further than the forums either. Im no programmer wizard and the few ones that are have limited time to spend working on this game. Forums make my work day go slightly faster though : )
  3. Add More TS Units?

    Mobile sensor array in GDI WF on the outpost map, its an awesome map but a nod map mainly because of stanks and all the open ground. Price: 750 Health: 600 Armor: light Speed: MLRS/Arty Seats: 2 armament: weaponless Special: Deployable, Reveals stealthed units and regular units (cus why not) within its sensor range while deployed, on minimap and regular map. I have no reference point to determine sensor range by but i expect it to cover something like roughly 1/4 of the field if i deploy it on the GDI hill, just nearly enough to cover both vehicle entrances to the GDI base. considering that its stationary, weak and weaponless I don't think that sounds OP at all, also i imagine the big antena being extremely vulnerable. and yes I know there's a comm center on that map, but it doesn't seem to help GDI all that much. A vehicle for drinkers and possibly something to balance out the map with, its usefulness would depend on the number of players.
  4. Escaping certain death thanks to c4

    I like how those guys troll with you the first seconds. High mouse sense is beneficial in games where enemies come from all angles at all times, like FFA deathmatches. It doesn't matter much in Renegade X, whatever feels comfortable is the best.
  5. Post your RenX screenshots

    im usually too mesmerised by the gameplay to even think of taking a screenshot, unless its versus bots. Their behavior have never ceased to baffle me.
  6. Remember them ?

    yep, can't remember what they were good at but i do remember seeing them on the noobstories server quite alot.
  7. C&C Movie and Tv series

    Command & Conquer easily have a story rich and detailed enough to be worthy of the big screen, I have thought about it many times. Video games that get turned into film or series tend to fail hard though and have never been especially popular or frequent. such media must follow the ingame lore and world accurately enough to avoid disappointing (or enrage) the playerbase, while at the same time being easy enough to digest for an audience that haven't played the games, it seems to be a very hard mix to get right. I can only think of three examples that hasn't been complete failures. Resident Evil, those movies have enough action and hot girls to stand strong as generic action movies. The World of Warcraft movie, Blizzard had a MASSIVE playerbase to market it to. The Netflix Castlevania series, actually made by competent people that know what they are doing, simple but detailed story with top notch animation. The Command & Conquer universe takes place over such a long era of time, the first tiberium war is the least interesting one but lays the foundation for the rest of the story, its basically good guys versus terrorists in the 90s fighting over radioactive mold, very meeh. Most of the interesting stuff regarding tiberiums effect on earths civilizations and the development of Kanes charachter doesn't happen until later in the series. It would need some good writers to flesh out the story for it to be more than just Havoc blowing stuff up and coining catchprases.
  8. Frustration therapy

    When im right in the middle of a huge battle, explosions, tank shells and bullets flying everywhere, tryharding my best to turn a bad situation around (and loving it) while some wieners vote surrender when im too busy to notice.
  9. What kind of music do you hear?

    When I was the top dogfighter interceptor pilot in the now unplayable piece of crap game robocraft, this was my favorite tune. I can't begin to describe what a legend I was up until they made aerial movement automated by force, killed my playstyle and most of their own playerbase. Some other favorites.
  10. Team Stacking - good or bad?

    I didn't go into any detail regarding strenght in numbers, but it did pass my mind. However I know that there are quite a few players who can surpass the average performance of others, veterans that arguably hold the value of 2 newbies. I can count on a player such as Poi to likely take out more than one person in the field before dying (understatement of the year), just as I can count on players such as Ryz or Slow to hold the defensive line better than anyone else in their mammoths, or myself when it comes to sneaking into a building with a hotty right under their noses. Im not saying im in favor of encouraging 15 vs 20 matches, but maybe something like 15 vs 17 could be acceptable if one team clearly has superior players. Without forcing players over to the losing team mid-game, i believe it may be overall beneficial. Of course the function to freely change to an undermanned team wouldn't work with this, too many scrubs who dont want to play in a losing team without a barracks or whatever. im just throwing it out there as a crude suggestion, may very well exist better solutions. it doesn't account for AFK players or players who use Pseudonyms after all. Overall im more in favor of having more balanced and longer matches over the freedom of playing with your friends, the playerbase is small enough for everyone to have friends in both teams anyways, or at least players they have played with several times before.
  11. Team Stacking - good or bad?

    Team balance can't always be trusted to players to handle themselfes (especially when its an ongoing process), for several reasons. Not everyone knows everyones strenght, players may not notice or even care that there is an inbalance, or they just wanna play in their friends team. A team that loses a building also often loses a player, or several, a situation in which steamrolling as a concept may begin to apply. If i feel that I have contributed hard enough to give my team the upper hand it currently has, im not gonna change team even if i notice an inbalance. Im sure others have felt the same way. One of two options that doesn't sound completely crazy in my head is a match maker, or a "team maker" if you will. Implement a team maker system and some sort of player average win/lose/points stat value for it to work with when building teams. something like the leaderboards (heck il even install steam if so). It would work best if it had some extra time to gather the players each new match and to structure the teams based on player stats before a match actually starts. ingame however, players are free to come and go with no string attached during ongoing matches, so the question becomes wether or not the team maker should prioratize player stats over balancing out the number of players in each team. If Nod have 15 elites with a combined player stat value of 1500, versus GDI with 16 average players with a combiner player stat value of 1000, do the team maker put the next connecting player in the gdi team or not? it kinda has to I think. if no new players connect at all it won't matter though. There's also the possiblity of having a pre-game lobby of some sort, allowing players to customize suggested teams themselfes as long as the player values don't lean too much towards one team, with a player vote of approval to start the match. A team maker isn't even required for that if the players are responsible enough and somewhat aware of eachothers skill levels and areas of expertize. And then there's the crazy ideas like adding weird incentives to encourage players to actually change to a losing team. Something like being given a free veterancy level, a big wad of credits and a shiny light tank when changing to a team with -2 buildings.
  12. Team Stacking - good or bad?

    I may be wrong here, but from my understanding the teams are made based on the order of which players connect. whatever the randomiser does doesn't wait for all the players to connect to the new match, it just makes sure the teams are even in numbers. Even if it did wait for all players to connect before it balanced teams, there are no stats other than the leaderboard for any sort of MM to work with. i dont even use the leaderboard myself, because i think steam is bloatware.
  13. We want more game modes!

    yeah secondary objectives such as tech buildings and the reservoir secret path are awesome, adds alot of flavor and versatility to the gameplay.
  14. We want more game modes!

    Other than the win condition being different i feel that the standard renegade mode pretty much is TDM but with siege gameplay elements and maps. Quite uncommon for players to actually care about KD and winning in unreal tournament TDMs/DMs (which i play alot), skills speaks for itself, everyone is just there to shoot stuff and improve themselfes without having a grotesque respawn timer to slow things down. Without reworking the idea of connecting and leaving mid game with no strings attached, I dont think anyone would actually care in renegade X either. If you join a deathmatch halfway through and someone already has like 30 kills, you aren't gonna bother with catching up, you just go out and have fun. The win condition of having most kills by the end of the timer is mostly just a reason to change the map and shuffle players around, at least in casual games. In my opinion Renegade X is built on a TDM shooter basis and play very similar to one if you focus on PVP. If its one gamemode I myself would like to try out it in renegade x it would be "Vehicle CTF", like in UT3. some rules would have to be changed but not that much really, like making buildings invulnerable and removing any kind of base defenses. flags wouldn't be able to be carried from inside vehicles because thats too OP, drops upon entering vehicles. A SBH carrying a big shimmering flag is quite alright though. i think it would work ok with pre existing maps such as walls, just add 2 flag points at this point in each base, displayed by my random google pic. however im really satisfied with just the having the default renegade mode to, no pressure intended.
  15. Possible to keep config

    This is fantastic, ended up editing this file C:\Program Files (x86)\Renegade X\UDKGame\Config\UDKXSettings.ini