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  1. What's the plan ?

    There is a patch in the works with the goal to release hopefully this year, but afterwards we are planning something significant. We will likely have smaller patches down the road, but a larger update is in the works. I can't tell you when it will be dropping or what it will contain. But to answer your question, yes there is a road map.
  2. Something I did again.

    Hmm, are you exporting animations with Y-Axis as up? Its hard to say what could be causing that. This seems like either the skeletal mesh or rather more likely the animation contains the issue.
  3. Something I did again.

    Hahaha, the size is actually kinda cute. I'm imagining a GDI soldier riding on the top as if it's one of those large toy cars that kids drive around in.
  4. Something I did again.

    Keep doing what you're doing sir!
  5. Drinkin' Gin and Playing Ren

    This makes me happy! but... needs more gin. Also this is making me want to play the campaign as well now.
  6. Something I did again.

    DO IT! Personally I don't think EA would care at all. If they did C&C wouldn't be dead... Plus its not like RenX is a commercial game, so do as you please... Just dont tell them.
  7. Main Menu Concept

    They were never in there to begin with. This is a concept art for what those menus were intended to be. We never got a chance to do all of that.
  8. Mesa Poll

    You can cause havoc with enough infantry on any map in the entire game... Which is why those should not be used to guage a map's fun factor because that is a universal aspect of the game. Umm... dont confuse rushes for infiltration. Rushes are large assaults on a base that are loud and obvious, while infiltration are stealthy sneak attacks done in much smaller numbers. Both are ideal tactics in the game and in every map. That's true in every other map, and in the entire game as well. Harvester bumping into vehicles in the cave is not way more fun! Not by a long shot. I use air strikes all the time! They are great at giving you a chance to push enemies back. That's especially true when there is no cave ceiling above your head.
  9. Mesa Poll

    Classic Mesa was terrible, same with old field. Don't let nostalgia cloud your judgement in this case. Classic Mesa gave infantry absolutely no infiltration options except for harvy walking and in case you don't remember harvester also used to go in the middle where it would endlessly bump into vehicles because they're camping like mad. It also means you have no airstrike options to fend off the carnage in the middle. It was a pretty aweful map, and I would not advise it what so ever. Old Field... Unless you're playing in a game of 24 or less players, Old field becomes a bottle-necked thing of chaos. So... again, its not as great as you think it was. Don't get me wrong I had tonnes of fun games on it, but none of them were above the that player count.
  10. Do we have our own rights to make skins for the game?

    I dont think support for skins are even possible with this engine. There cant be different versions of a file on a server and a client. They have to be in synced. Unless there is a UE3 game that has done it, but I can't recall any.
  11. [Map] CNC-City Flying (Unofficial)

    Hey TK, Just as an FYI, you're more than welcome to create recreate City, however I would like to inform you that the official map is under development already. Whether you still choose to make your own variant is up to you.
  12. TempleX(On Hold)

    I may be the one person that completely understands, since I've gone through this phase before several times in the past. I'm glad you tried though, it looked very promising. Good job!
  13. Silenced Pistol Sound

    I personally find the sound a lot more satisfying. Not only is it actually difficult to hear if it goes off near by, but the sound also has the perfect timing to match the rate of fire. I think its completely psychological in my case, but it feels like my pistol game play has improved because I'm timing my shots a bit better. Probably a placebo effect, but just feels like a silenced lethal weapon rather than "pew pew".
  14. Looking for Artists - Join us!

    Would love to have your help!
  15. Looking for Artists - Join us!

    @tintin OMG TINTIN! I'd love to have you back on the team, its been years! Sent you a PM. @Madkill40 @djlaptop We're not looking for Voice over work just yet. But I may get in touch at some point. @TK0104 Thanks for applying, but as of right now we have quite a few level makers. I'll let you know if something opens up in the future. @YagiHige Dunno what to tell you man