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  1. Oh, thats pretty simple. Just use the manta blade skeletal controller in the anim tree. It is the same one we use on the artillery, and also the helicopter rotor blades. It automatically revs up when the vehicle has a driver.
  2. What do you mean by ventilators? As for the suspension, the rear tires are pretty straight forward. The only thing a little bit tricky would be the front tire suspension. I did something like this on the TS recon bike which you can check out. Or even the Stealth tank suspension. Essentially you want to use an invisible physical wheel a couple units in front of the front tire. This will be the actual wheel that is interacting physically, you will also need to make sure the radius of that wheel matches the wheel radius of the front. The visible wheel will need to be a child of the suspension component, but will not be a physical wheel, instead it will only inherit the rotation from the invisible physical wheel which will solve the issue of the wheel spinning correctly. To get the suspension to shift up and down correctly, you will need to apply a "Look At" skeletal controller so that this suspension bone is looking at the bone of the invisible wheel. Do this in max first so that you get the perfect alignment before doing the same in unreal. With the look at constraint applied in unreal, the suspension bone will always point at the invisible physical wheel which will shift up and down based on it's location. This trick works 100% of the time, and can give you some really convincing results.
  3. I certainly haven't seen a bunch of the leaked footage they showed in this clip. I had no idea it had a top down commander style map view. Pretty interesting. I think I can speak for us all and say that we would love to see a reboot of the franchise, but I have a feeling that C&C has been a bit too tough on EA's wallets to see it as a potential money maker in the future. One can hope though... better yet... Let us do it
  4. There was indeed a MP version of Scorpion Hunters, it was one of the last maps made in the UT3 version. If you can find the UT3 version of RenX, the map files are all uncooked and completely accessible. So it absolutely is possible for a port. It may even end up being a decent gameplay map since it was our largest map at the time (probably the size of Arctic Stronghold), if not bigger. We don't have any of the old files lingering around any more unfortunately. So if someone wants to port it, then go for it!
  5. Seems like Reborn server doesn't work, but APB's does... So... If this does happen I think it can only be APB, unless someone can host one for Reborn.
  6. @Redarmy Yeah the vehicle thing could be a bit much. I wasn't a 100% sure on the recon bike/ tow humvee idea. I forgot to add a question mark to it. But if it was to be done, I think it could be fine if it was included in the base vehicle options when not destroyed. I feel like the biggest problem right now with the air drop system is the fact that you can spit out APCs, and when time isn't much of a factor (which in marathon is certainly the case) a team can end up filling up their entire vehicle limit with APCs (hence also the reduction to vehicle limit). They are pretty tricky to take down for any vehicle since they have too much armour and speed. It also makes them ideal for preventing rushes from rolling in by just parking them in bottle necks. Hence why I think APCs should be very restricted if WF/Air is down. At the same time a limited APC means it forces the team to be much more careful when trying to use it to rush. The reason I didn't include any tier characters in bar/hon destruction is because infantry already have the ability to purchase equipment, so it seems like a much better alternative than giving access to the purchasable classes. It certainly wouldn't go well with the combined free infantry class idea either since then they could end up having way too many weapons all at once. Having access a good anti-infantry and anti-tank weapon when bar/air are gone is definitely invaluable. But the added bonus of a character class perk such as addition health/armour/speed gives them more of an APC style effect. They become too useful to stop attacks. For example, people would often get a bunch of rocket soldiers and plant AT mines at base entrances and simply camp in the base. Chaingunner and Flak/Chem become far too useful at preventing infantry infiltration on the count of their damage and speed. I believe restricting infantry classes is more important when bar/hon are taken down. The combined infantry idea was something that was discussed during black dawn development where instead of having 15 classes, we were thinking to reduce the numbers down to something like 8. Just thought I'd throw it out there since people do find them very boring. However when you say it makes 1st tier characters less relevant certainly applies. But that could be compensated for in other means, perhaps making the free weapons lesser versions of their current state. As per the tiberium gadget, having it be personal only means it forces a member of the team to be some what out of the action. The team would be forced to do this carefully since it can cause a hole in the defences if too many people are trying to generate credits at the same time giving room for attackers to strike. It works more like a trade off. And when you say get a grenadier/flamer to get some quick credits, well that's not always possible. Half the times you'll have a couple of snipers picking off anyone trying to leave the base, or get intercepted by enemy vehicles.
  7. The problem with tech buildings hank is that usually the offensive team would have the upper hand and would likely be the ones with map control and thus holding onto the tech buildings. Redarmy has a good point where the major factor is the map itself. However it is far too much work to completely re-invent all maps at this point. I like the idea of having a personal harvesting tool, it seems like it could work pretty well without negating the reward for the winning team. A lot of great ideas here but the one thing I am noticing is that people have mixed ideas on the kind of access you get with a destroyed bar/hon and wf/air. I personally don't think there should be more options to chose from. If anything I feel like you should have less options but more accessibility in that whatever the options remain are more attainable. I feel like having access to tanks or artys/mrls would only slow down the game even more making it that much more difficult for the winning team to finish off the game. I've been thinking about this since the last PUG and here are some ideas that I've come up with. My intention here is to reduce frustrations by reducing the strain caused by crippled economy, and instead shift the focus of the penalties into limitations. So as stated about, less options but more access.
  8. Not true. The tiberium used in the ut3 mod version is actually a blue crystal that came with UT3 which we just made green. That asset was not in the UDK so we had to make new Tiberium. Also I dont think the ut3 mod version tib looked closer to the original TD tiberium.
  9. Thats pretty cool. How will it function as oppose to the standard PP? Or is this just supposed to be the same purpose but the option of having an Adv PP?
  10. I did some digging around and was able to replicate the damage issue 100% of the time on all air vehicles. It has to do with air vehicles rotating past the 90 degree mark. This has already be fixed and will be in the next update. As for the orca turbine collision issue, that too has be adjusted so it doesn't snag on to obstructions as easily.
  11. Hehe, fair point. Proportions are indeed a bit different but not by much. Scale wise it is roughly the same since I did model it over top of the old orca. With that said, gameplay wise there is no physical difference. Flight controls and physics have gone un-changed. The style of the old orca always felt a bit odd since it looked so much like the C&C 3 Orca with a modified shape. I know this design isn't something out of TD nor Ren or even TS, it certainly is a tad bit different. I wanted to make a design that could be grounded in reality but still feels near future. Every orca design I've seen has never been able to properly justify the turbine functionality, and the orca in all games has always been a weak unit, so I chose to make an exposed gimbal with large turbines that helps to portray that feeling, but at the same time can be intimidating/menacing to come across. @MBT808 We are not going to be upgrading any models/textures for any vehicle in the future, specifically because there is nothing visually wrong with any of them, and they look pretty good all things considered. Sorry.
  12. Thanks folks. Well The orca was the only vehicle that wasn't made by the developers. It was donated by katzsmile from back during the ut3 mod days. We've used it since. It is also the reason why it was the only vehicle that could not support the camo system. Before launch we had a concept artist design a new orca but due to lack of time we never got to making it. However once the camouflage system was set in place we didn't want it to be the only vehicle with not supporting it. It became a bit of a no brainer for us to finally make the concept art a reality. Because of this the orca was never really considered as a redo, since it was our first attempt at making one, and so there is no way the other vehicles would be getting an upgrade.
  13. You will have to add it in the Utilities tab.
  14. I recently found ActorX Plugins for all versions of Max and Maya, including 2017. I've tested 3ds Max 2017 with the plugin and it works flawlessly! You can donwload it from the site below: http://www.gildor.org/smf/index.php/topic,1221.0.html
  15. Oh hey its Horologue! That was a neat map back in the day. Whiteout is the official predecessor to Horologue while at the same time paying tribute to Hourglass.