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  1. I may be the one person that completely understands, since I've gone through this phase before several times in the past. I'm glad you tried though, it looked very promising. Good job!
  2. I personally find the sound a lot more satisfying. Not only is it actually difficult to hear if it goes off near by, but the sound also has the perfect timing to match the rate of fire. I think its completely psychological in my case, but it feels like my pistol game play has improved because I'm timing my shots a bit better. Probably a placebo effect, but just feels like a silenced lethal weapon rather than "pew pew".
  3. Would love to have your help!
  4. @tintin OMG TINTIN! I'd love to have you back on the team, its been years! Sent you a PM. @Madkill40 @djlaptop We're not looking for Voice over work just yet. But I may get in touch at some point. @TK0104 Thanks for applying, but as of right now we have quite a few level makers. I'll let you know if something opens up in the future. @YagiHige Dunno what to tell you man
  5. That's looking pretty darn awesome. Nice work!
  6. That's looking really cool!
  7. Would you guys have a demo we can check out?
  8. That's great! I'll be in touch.
  9. We would absolutely love to see your work.
  10. @CoreDefender Absolutely yes. Building Artists is a great idea. @TK0104 Awesome, good luck with your studies! Show us what you can do.
  11. Hey community! Are you a 3D artist? If so we want to hear from you! We're looking to expand the team and we're looking for both aspiring and veteran 3D Artists specifically specializing in Characters, Vehicles & Weapons. So give us a shout here in this topic, or if you prefer to remain anonymous then private message me! Character Artist: High / Low Poly Modeling Create animation friendly geometry Unwrapping / Texturing Vehicle Artist: High / Low Poly Modeling Unwrapping / Texturing Weapon Artist: High / Low Poly Modeling Unwrapping / Texturing 1st & 3rd Person Optimization (Optional) If you aren't specialized in any of these categories, but still wish to help, then let us know anyways! We're always looking to expand the team, and with your help we can make everything more awesome!
  12. Oh... well... nothing... maybe... or something... Its something... we have one
  13. I still remember the day we launched the first release. We had over 300k within 24 hours.
  14. Yeah please dont make the game behave so randomly. Its hard enough for developers to balance the game as is, we don't need another variable in the mix (especially one that we have no control over). If you want to play custom games then setup a secondary server for that purpose. This server is the most popular because it is well maintained and offers a good balanced experience. Making drastic mods will only complicate things.
  15. Appreciate the whole investigating, but we've done the exact same thing for... well since we first got the humvee ingame in the ut3 version. Vehicle physics, and physics in general cannot be compared, especially in older engines like w3d, and a not as old engine being ue3. Neither use "real" physics, they both use simulated physics that are less computational heavy and thus easier for the engine to handle. And depending on the requirement, simulated physics can be extremely simple (w3d), or a bit more realistic (ue3), granted udk did update vehicle physics a tad bit. Simulated physics are custom mathematically derived equations that are far less complex and have less variables then real world counter parts. Thus the math behind the physics in w3d and ue3 will be completely different. To compare the two is like comparing mario kart vehicle physics to halo 1 vehicle physics. They are VERY different. You actually can indeed edit vehicle properties in the editor while playing in game, by looking at the vehicle and typing in "editactor trace". This is what we used to dial in vehicle physics. Originally when I brought in the humvee into the ut3 mod, I did exactly what you're doing which is comparing every little detail to from w3d ren. Trust me when I say this, it is not possible to achieve ren's vehicle physics since in udk. At the same time I would argue that ren's physics aren't all that great. They feel extremely floaty and do not give you the feeling of driving around in a vehicle capable of blowing shit up. I personally like the more grippy more weighty, and more responsive vehicle controls in renx. The only problem with them is that they are entirely server side and thus lag like no tomorrow, and they can climb up 90 degree walls. I do like the idea of having a more "bouncy" approach to collisions since that forces the vehicle(s) to separate and not adhere to each other like glue. I'm sure we can work that part of it into the physics, but might be at the cost of other elements of the vehicle physics we may not want to remove/edit. Only way to replicate ren's physics is to create an entirely custom simulated vehicle physics system, which means it wont run natively and hense may be just as expensive to process even if it is less complex. But like I said, I don't agree with replicating ren's vehicle physics 1:1 I think renx vehicles are successful in other means, and the biggest draw back for me is the adhesion and server lag problems. If those two could be addressed then we'd be far more successful with how they operate and feel.