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  1. Renegade-X Download

    U are amazing I love u (in a totaly straight none gay way af course ) Mush apreciated man
  2. Renegade-X Download

    so pretty pleaaaaase .... can u make torrent file for the new SDK
  3. Renegade-X Download

    slow is not even close to describing it (its very unstable..... it goes from 30kb/s to 180kb/s back to 2kb/s ......) it also breaks down a lot
  4. Renegade-X Download

    unless u are in a third world country with constant power outages and 30kb/s download speed (Which is my case ) so pretty pleaaaaaase (if its gonna be a pain in the ass then forget it )
  5. Problems when building lights in SDK

    i tried it .... and it worked like a charm on the default templates of SDK but my map still has the same problem god know what i clicked in the world properties and light propreties, now when im building lights on preview quality SDK dont crash but if i take it up to medium its back to crashing i tried tools/check maps for errors and i got some errors... the below errors to be exact (dont know if they have anything to do with the issue i found the thread in forum somewhere on how to properly set up Swarm but that is not the problem..... even after i build lights on preview quality this is what i get i am willing to send the map .udk file if that will help get a better look at the problem thank you guys for your assistance
  6. Renegade-X Download

    is there a torrent link for this please
  7. hello PS: Sorry in advance if this forum already exists but i couldnt find anything related to it so i created my own thread so i'm currently working on a map , but my problem is whenever i try to build lights, SDK crashes i don't think i have hardware or software issues ( just in case something might be wrong here is my PC specs) core i7 5th gen nvidia gt 750m 250gb ssd 1tb HDD 16gb ram when i was building the map i converted some static meshes into movers .... im still new to SDK so i dont know what that is but i did bcz when i was laying out the track decal (to designate the vehicle path) the decals were overlapping the static meshes that i was using ... converting static meshes into movers got rid of the problem i tried building lights for a single selected object...low resolution... preview.... but no matter what i did it kept crashing please advise and thank you in advance
  8. [MAP] CNC-Prototype

    advise well noted... thank u
  9. [MAP] CNC-Prototype

    Naaaaa man trust me.... i am an architect and i know how shitty it is to copy someone else's work This map is all me... ill upload it and u can see for urself (im still learning by watching ur vids anf kenz's.... and i have a loooong way to go) I may have stolen ur outpost idea ..... but just the idea ..... its design is all me
  10. [MAP] CNC-Prototype

    upload where ? and how i would be greatful if u can take a closer look
  11. [MAP] CNC-Prototype

    the NOD base with 2 strips is the destroyed base from the first assault on the facility (i was thinking of adding a capturable MCT and a vehicle PAD) the active bases are the ones above the river line (normal bases with 1 bldg each) so far im almost done with the basic map layout but i still have a looooooong way to go ..... i still also have the Kismet work ( i have below 0 experience with kismet but i will learn) i will also have to rework the inf path .... add decorations.... fix terrain....add river.....add landscape elements....... pfffffffffffffff so much work but it will get there ..... eventually im open to any suggestions
  12. [MAP] CNC-Prototype

    The original Mammoth MK II Outpost Map plan (So Far) Paths
  13. [MAP] CNC-Prototype

    The destroyed GDI base entrance The destroyed GDI base Mammoth MKII spawn locat The Active GDI base Map Top views
  14. [MAP] CNC-Prototype

    to be honest i dont really know if mammoth is functional or just a decoration im working on this map to scale fit a mommoth in it (Even tho work on it has slowed down cz work is killing me )
  15. Player motivation / teamstacking

    I read most of whats been said abt this topic and i totally agree Lately public servers are becoming a bit frustrating due to the almost abscence of teamwork and communication You couls apend a lot of time calling for a rush only to find yourself only with 1-2 players actually joining... and this is frustrating.... u can call on team chat... team syrvey but no one responds bcz everyone has his own plan for the game Renx is a team game and a team always needs a leader Befor the vote team commander option was removed u could see the commander able to maintain some sort of plan-order-teamplay.... but nowadays just like i said befor its almost every man for himslef most of the time For those who played renx for a while now, the players with commader skills are well known and they actually know what to do So in my opinion it would be great if @yosh56 could bring it back to the game .... we really need it