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  1. Server Type Interest Poll

    I agree on the rotation, things have become really interesting lately. All though being on huge clusterfuck, Snow is actually quite decent: It has some constant back and forth, both in terms of vehicles and infantry, the side-ramps to the bunker added a lot of variation. Under on the other hand is just a horrible timesink where most of the time people just siege the vehicle entrance (read: not actual buildings) and the infantry chokepoints are crowded with 1k toons of the sieging team. It's really a bummer that the map design makes it super easy for one team to cage-in the other. I'd rather play Walls three times in a row than one round on Under.
  2. We need a vehicle that repairs other vehicles

    I agree, adding random spray to non-scoped rifles is somewhat realistic (lol, this is Renegade!), but would be completely out-of-sync in regards to all other classes. Stripping armor makes snipers more vulnerable, but the actual impact of this change is rather small. Don't get me wrong, I really like these small changes, far better than stomping a class into the ground. In regards to other solutions: Their ramjet is basically a handheld skyscraper, is there a particular reason why we shouldn't make them a bit less agile? Slightly decrease their movement speed makes them far more vulnerable to close range combat as their evasion potential gets dimished. It also rewards players who take their time to sneak up at these snipers by making snipers a somewhat easier prey. Such a change wouldn't make players like the jpoi stack any less deadly, but at the same time would make it easier to kill them. Anyone who has seen them play LCG knows how deadly they can be, but also how easy it is to shove some bullets in their faces while they're basically a slowly moving brick. One last thing for all those who die to snipers in close-range combat way too often: Do. Not. Jump. Your momentum and direction is preserved while airborne, which means that the point at which you touch the ground again can be perfectly predicted, there is no deviation and no chance for you to evade.
  3. We need a vehicle that repairs other vehicles

    I really don't see a reason to add another vehicle for a repair job, that's what hotwire/techs are supposed to do! I've played active tank repair while having to face the jpoi stack and it still worked out pretty decent, but this requires teamwork. By teamwork I mean having a tank player who isn't a complete moron and understands that the tank is the only thing in between jpoi's bullet and your face. The tank player must move in a way that the hotwire/tech is protected from direct gunfire at all times, this means no sudden direction changes and to avoid to put the pedal to the metal, leaving the repair behind. You would be amazed how many people are cappable at that, if only you communicate with them. Whisper them and tell them that you're going to stick your repair gun to their metal ass at all cost! Knowing that there is active and consistent repair greatly changes how you can engage enemies and the tank can accept to take an additional hit or two, if only the repair bitch stays alive. But then again, I try to stack with jpoi too, because I can't stand the frustration of getting annihilated by them. That said, ignore me, I know shit.
  4. Server Type Interest Poll

    WallsNF adds an interesting flavor, as it changes the whole game play by a lot (except that the GT is a bad joke). On the other hand I agree with @Madkill40, there is no need for a "F5 fogDensity 0"-variation of Walls, that also comes with built-in brightness of 13e37 lumen.
  5. Server Type Interest Poll

    Tried to push the like button as hard as I could, but only a single like squeezed out. At least I tried!
  6. Stay in your tank GDI, or else it will DIE.

    Oh, so I was right hearing about an abduction taking place, I thought you were just greedy and got punished for it! It was a bit of a bad timing that a SBH hopped in and it took me too long to turn my own mammoth's turrets so in the end I took out the mammoth, but lost mine shortly after to another SBH. Well, let's blame freak for it for re-enabling the abduction spam again. @vandal33 This is exactly the issue I'm having with stolen vehicles, when all of sudden a tank behind our own frontline starts attacking you. Especially if you drove past that mammoth (at that time owned by a teammate) and like 5 seconds later it turns hostile. It takes some time to realize that what happens, time that allows the other team's player to get out a free shot at me.
  7. Renegade X: Patch 5.29 Released

    Woohoo, Fartland now hits where I aim, that is really awesome. No more point-blank 100% miss shots
  8. Stay in your tank GDI, or else it will DIE.

    I've destroyed my own teammate's tanks more quite a lot, but I give them the cash back after some short whispers. Blowing up ones tank is a great way of getting their attention. It would be great if one could see who owns the vehicle, so you could easier tell whom to blame.
  9. Server Type Interest Poll

    I like the idea of infantry wars, but then again it will just end up being a frag fest for people like poi, boi, jp and deadbeat. It's already an issue on normal game modes that these players pretty much dominate the infantry side - but at least I can hop into a tank and roll over their faces for greater justice. Joke aside, infantry wars are going to be rather strange because snipers are quite powerful and infantry units are far from balanced. The imbalance is somewhat equalized with the imbalanced vehicles, that at the end create some kind of combined balanced. That is imho also the reason why losing bar is less an issue for GDI than losing HoN for Nod. It's not that much of a secret that I favor AoW over Marathon and the reason is simple: AoW is basically a built-in stalemate resolution button. I've seen matches on Walls where GDI was pretty much stuck with ref and pp, but Nod never bothered to carry out a real attack and instead went full sniper/1k toon mode. In the very end GDI won w/ a rocket soldier rush, but it took GDI almost an hour to finally carry this out, until then all rushes ended in a wall of gunfire. The frustration levels on GDI were close to earth's orbit. Then again, boi has already pointed out that AoW isn't an ideal solution either, as it basically punishes any sort of risky/costly offensive play, even if the defending side doesn't launch a counter attack. This is indeed a real issue and I doubt that this can be solved by tweaking the game mode itself, but rather it can be adressed with maps: Introduce some kind of structures that when captured starts a countdown, possibly requiring multiple of these structures to be captured to trigger. Once the timer hits zero, a massive orbital attack is launched that will cause damage to the entire base, such as causing 25% permanent damage (ignoring the building shield). If you want indirect damage only, how about some sort of EMP that will disable the MCTs in the enemy base, which would make it invulnerable both to hostile attacks and repair beams. Defenders would then be forced to point their repair beams at the walls with a greatly reduced healing effect, which basically dimishes the effect of hotwire/tech stacks hugging the MCT, allowing for well laid-out rushes to destroy a building with rockets or tanks. There are a lot of possible scenarios where one or more strategic structures on a map could give the dominant side an advantage over the defending team. It basically forces the defending team to move out at some point, otherwise their demise is pretty much inevitable. I don't know, maybe I should have opened a new thread instead?
  10. Even easier than that: If there is more than one building alive, switch to your side-arm and shoot another building once. Now you can soak the original target building with emp grenades, the only notification that is ever going to be played is the one from the secondary building. On topic: EMPs are quite fine how they work right now, they may be a bit more powerful on some maps (Lakeside bar/hon, Under Airstrip), but in general are well within the boundaries. If you need to nerf something, then one should focus on tech/hotwire being able to one-shot a building. Again, nobody cares what happens on PUG, public is what matters for this game.
  11. A flame tank can fix that, it has enough mass to repeatedly bump into the harvester, eventually freeing willy. But I would seriously appreciate a fix for that, too
  12. Had a game on CT marathon about 5 minutes ago that lasted for roughly an hour. Was base-hugging Nod base w/ an Apache the entire game and died 3 times due to soft-boundary violations near the Nod river/forest. Each time the 10 second timer starts and no matter where I go next, the timer ticks until 1 second and then my Apache explodes and I die. @Fffreak9999 may be able to retrieve the demo from the server to find the exact location. The screenshot below roughly points at the area where I believe the issue is being triggered.
  13. This issue is quite old already and I've experienced this a couple times already, but always forgot to report this. Timed C4 that is placed on the wheel (case) gets sucked in and will be stuck inside of the vehicle model. This makes it impossible to disarm the C4, because it is literally on the inside and therefore untargetable, the C4 model is usually not visible when non-stealthed. When entering stealth mode, the C4 is clearly shown inside and rotating the camera around provides that it is stuck somewhere near the center of the wheel (on all axis!) and cannot be targeted from any direction. I would really appreciate if this collision issue gets resolved, it is really frustrating to lose a stank to a random timed c4 from a basic inf, but being unable to defuse it despite being a tech with plenty of time PS: I'm sorry, but I can't find a proper screenshot of this issue, if you need some more evidence, please let me know and I'll figure something out.
  14. We had an incident last evening on CT Mara where one med was launched into the tiberium cave due to some heavy tank glichting taking place on the bridge (outer path -> silo). As a result a medium tank went over the barrier and dropped down into the cave. The player "PIZDOS" was constantly using his med tank to ram into other tanks on the bridge, eventually manging to shove the med on the screenshot on top of his med. We all know how glitchy that gets and et voilá, the tank is pushed off, but over the bridge barrier. A few minutes later the same player managed to shove himself on top of another med and deliberately launch himself down into the cave too.
  15. Just played the best public game of my life

    Actually, we were 3 mammoths but mine exploded due to remote C4 of a damn engineer while HoN was at ~0%/7%. Bought you like 3-4 seconds, enough to kill WF. Also, the satisfaction of finally killing that Heroic Stank was close to infinite