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  1. (Official) Maps we haven't seen yet?

    guess you probably know that already...
  2. Peak times?

    @Carltheshort weekend: ~ 2pm - 2am GMT on weekdays: ~ 6pm - 23pm GMT someone sent this screenshot to me yesterday [20:27pm GMT]: most servers are located in Europe, but there are also Chinese servers (Dragon Clan - HK / Beijing server) and Australian ones (or was it NZ, sorry Shrewd...), not 100% sure, but as far as I know there are currently no US servers online
  3. Can't Join Servers (Nothing Happens)

    @AZ-Stalker did you change any anti-virus / firewall related stuff? you could reset the game via launcher (Options -> Reset), maybe that'll help
  4. Install Error

    yes sorry my bad, if you remove RenX from your system, the UE3 Redistributables won't get deleted. you don't need to re-install them didnt read your initial post properly, somehow I assumed you did wipe your HD
  5. Install Error

    Definitely: yes!
  6. Mammoth shells not inflicting damage

    doesn't work for @Denuvian or me
  7. no clue whats the term of @nBabs MVP calculation but snipers get extra VP for HS kills, which is daft + unfair, as other unit's (Syd/Rav / + tanks) don't get any extra VP for HS kills
  8. Teaming is NOT ALLOWED !

    @dr.schrott this is happening for weeks (if not months by now), whenever they can't stack into the same team, they'll just do exactly what you've described r.i.p. fairplay
  9. [Map] CNC-Outposts

    @TK0104 [T.O.] http://tank.stalker-contact.de/OutpostsV1.1.rar
  10. [Map] CNC-Toxicity

    @Madkill40 [T.O.] http://tank.stalker-contact.de/ToxicityV0.9B.rar
  11. Frostbite Redux

    @Madkill40 [T.O.] http://tank.stalker-contact.de/FrostbiteV1.3.5.rar
  12. Raveshaw and Sydney

    In fact the VAR deals +40% dmg against Lazarus Armor -> 14 dmg / hit https://renx.wiki/wiki/Volt_Automatic_Rifle#Damage_Table the PIC (Personal Ion Cannon) has the same dmg multiplier vs. Lazarus as Kevlar / Flak armor -> 180 dmg / hit https://renx.wiki/wiki/Personal_Ion_Cannon#Damage_Table
  13. [Map] CNC-Sunrise

    @Sarah! another 60 screenshots inc. http://tank.stalker-contact.de/Sunrise v.0.9.2.rar [mesh collisions: there are more, I just uploaded those where you can hide your character ~70-100%, I'm usually shooting at the exact spot so you can see where it is (apart from the description)] fix the harvesters please consider to add additional (visual) blockers at the "blocked road" (too easy to splash-spam the enemy base entrance with Arties / MRLS) as you already know: I suggest a shift to the new GDI WF vehicle entrance (it's currently a drawn-out gorge, too easy to defend) please add visual blockers - to the new vehicle routes / the bases (Ref / shore area) a forest is no visual blocker... for infantry ask @Madkill40 for an overview map Good luck finishing Sunrise! You're making good progress
  14. [Map] CNC-Outposts

    @TK0104 first two screenshots are just a reminder. the map looks really promising, consider to add some of the suggestions from the community though and don't forget to remove your lazy GDI walls, GDI side of the inf path is way too narrow + fix the harvesters
  15. Pick Up Games (PUGs)

    the post is not up to date. RenX PUGs are organised on the official RenX Discord http://renegade-x.com/discord