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  1. New Vehicle: Tesla Tank (Red Alert 2)

    looks beautiful. though I didn't know Einsteins Chronosphere sent Teslas to Kane. Or did Yuri send them?
  2. Renegade X Squad Wars

    Let's change the topic from maths / logic to RSW again First of all - a shout-out & thank-you to all the participating players & teams. Without you this event would not be possible at all. [representing their teams, I'll just poke the captains here:] @Hakase | @boxes | @Madkill40 | @ObeliskTheTormentor We're very happy that the RSW is actually happening! The current event is our very first try - but nevertheless I want to apologize for any inconvenience caused by us (organisation team) or anyone else. We can only learn from the past (and our mistakes), so there shall be changes to the organisation process in the future (focusing on communication / announcements). Though the first tourney is still in the works, we're already planning & organising future events in the background (note: planning at the current stage means a lot of debating, communicating with other people which takes it's time). About a week ago, we started a small survey and as all teams now have at least completed one round (played one match), more participants (and also players who did NOT sign up) will be questioned soon. When the survey is completed and the results are discussed & analysed we'll probably start a public survey / poll about future events to get even more feedback. We're trying to organise this for the whole community after all. If you have any suggestions - feel free to post them in the RSW feedback topic or PM @SilentKnight or @ObeliskTheTormentor or me on Forums or Discord. See you on the battlefield soon! Keep on fighting, good luck & have fun Regards, Sn4ke +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Next match: Sunday | April 22 | 17:00 UTC | ChemAddicts -vs- Lappen | watch LIVE on stream
  3. What kind of music do you hear?

    sad story, beautiful song
  4. Renegade X Squad Wars

    whats the matter? exdee has only played one round so far. your team is the only one with two active (rather: completed) rounds atm.. the only column which is not exact is the "Match W-L-T", there should be 1 point / map each, but it's just a screenshot from a tourney site (https://challonge.com) anyway - next match round #2: ChemAddicts -vs- Lappen - Sunday April 22 - 17:00 UTC | 19:00 CEST | 18:00 BST - watch live on stream
  5. Frustration therapy

    Rust is getting better and better (in general) gameplaywise... but every patch the performance gets worse and more players use hacks n bots n shit. WHEN WILL FACEPUNCH LEARN THAT *EASY ANTI CHEAT* IS A PIECE OF SHIT TOOL?????
  6. Report Problems With Your RenX Launcher Here

    you didn't mention the Black Dawn Standalone i nyour first post... anyway... WiFi could be the problem..?
  7. Report Problems With Your RenX Launcher Here

    https://renegade-x-download.com/ full build, unofficial though, make sure to install the UE3 redist. https://renegade-x.com/files/file/55-ue3-redistributable/

    haha, Sarah trolled me. didnt check the actual site, just seen that screenshot yesterday on Discord http://prntscr.com/j5g0qh http://prntscr.com/j5g0xq these names...
  9. What kind of music do you hear?

  10. Launcher patch failed

    @Bulbaga well..in the meantime you should try @iTweek.s full-build download the latest full-build here: https://renegade-x-download.com/ note: this is NOT official! iTweek created the full-builds to help players who got issues with the launcher. make sure that you install the UE3 redist !!!
  11. ANY change to mines/ info for noobs??

    apparently there are no plans for a Glacier remake @TheDeadlyWolf was working on Glacier for RenX though. think it's cancelled or abandonned atm
  12. ANY change to mines/ info for noobs??

    nah, it'll be almost impossible to get a base fully mined on a public server (unless the server is maxed out)