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  1. Purchase Terminal Freezes Game

    are you running the 64 bit version?
  2. Team changing

    CT RenX Forum: http://tyrant.gg/forumdisplay.php?fid=3 CT Discord: http://discord.tyrant.gg/ better to address this topic somewhere else.
  3. CNC-Sunrise

    as I told you ingame yesterday: why do you test stuff like this when Sarah didnt even add blocking volumes up there? the area is WIP. Sarah will add blockers when it's done. all the blocking volumes added so far are temporarily (afaik). the really important thing to test now: any BALANCE related issue.
  4. New players are always welcome - and this game is great

    cant remember the discord invitation link, but you'll be able to join the CT Discord here: http://tyrant.gg/showthread.php?tid=758&pid=3260#pid3260 [Discord Widget] just join CT Discord and ask anything you want to ask about RenX
  5. Halloween?

    Halloween should be scary. Imagine a nice Madkill
  6. CNC-Sunrise

    @Sarah! please reupload (check the link)
  7. [Level] CNC-Uphill Redux

    lol, that's not fixed?
  8. Bizzare download speed (On the installer)

    @Madkill40 the current release is: v5.293 @Comrade Maxim please change the last figure to '3' e.g.: http://czech1.renegade-x.com/Patch5293
  9. Pick Up Games (PUGs)

    Tunnel was probably not part of the PUG rotation since last update
  10. [Level] CNC-LakesideNF

    is there a change log for the latest update?
  11. hit F9 [...\Renegade X\UDKGame\Screenshots\Win32 you'll find the screenshots there]
  12. Discord GameBridge integration?

    "Watch the left side." anyone who paticipated in yesterdays PUG know's what this is about I'd never take part in a public match where players are forced to use VOIP.
  13. Lakeside Flying

    I'd say this is true for most public Lakeside matches. Depends on the situation, which units does Nod have at GDI base entrance etc To counter the arties a mix of "everything" will most likely have the best chances: airstrike the hill (order a 2nd airstrike asap) 3-4 Orcas (with Gunners / Sydneys on 2nd seat) should push out via Ref route 2 Mammoth tanks, 2 MRLS + field rep should push out of GDI base 1-2 APC (patches, gunners, sydneys, whatever inside) push out via river
  14. CNC-Sunrise

    Please fix the lighting
  15. [Level] CNC-Sahara

    rename the environment package.... it's messing up the original package