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  1. Frustration therapy

    11 flame tanks (at once) are a performance issue
  2. Abilty to buy back destroyed building

    If this ever gets a thing.... make it really expensive only once per match possible commander feature? maybe spend team-VP instead of cash? it shouldnt be possible to "repair" the building instantly - maybe 15-30 minutes after destruction (so the team that destroyed the building has time to use that advantage)
  3. TiberiumWars Models in RenX

    can we expect forcefield generator upgrades from tech centres?
  4. As far as I know vehicle wreckages were part of an early beta, they got removed due to performance issues.
  5. CNC-Eyes

    @DaKuja update from T.O. http://tank.stalker-contact.de/Eyes/Eyes.rar @DaKuja hier noch zwei screens, bei dem stuck rutscht man zwar nach ~30 Sekunden wieder raus, aber bis dahin ist man tot ^^ glaub du hattest an der Stelle schonmal was gefixt. zwischen den Felsen bleibt man noch hängen floating crystals
  6. CNC-Eyes

    @DaKuja + GDI can still attack any (!) Nod building from their bridge while Nod can only rocket rush Bar & PP
  7. [Shrewds Dev Blog] PlayArea Volumes

    @ShrewdTactician is anyone using PlayArea Volume for 5.3 maps? couldnt find anything in the prelim. notes. especially maps like Field (outer vehicle path) would be much more enjoyable if you didnt die inside the map due to "OUT-OF-MAP-TIMER"
  8. Ideas for crates

    Each unit has a limited number of weapons / devices for a reason. Giving any (at least: most) units additional stuff or changing damage stats is compromising the game balance. For me thats reason enough not to play on modded servers.
  9. [Map] CNC-Sunrise

    @Sarah! just added the mesh spots inside the bases again, there are still a couple of spots outside the bases, just check my previous uploads + some stuck spots and other things edit: the GDI harvy commits suicide from time to time. guess it gets stuck eventually, never observed it though - probably already known Regards, Sn4ke
  10. [Map] CNC-Sunrise

    uhm... the map from the download section is not the current version? I'm confused. you've posted that it's updated @Sarah!
  11. [Map] CNC-Sunrise

    the silo/mushroom cave looks great just took a brief look at your latest release, not sure about the lighting yet. at least the main vehicle path is too gloomy for my taste. but please @Sarah!.... for the sake of Kane... FIX the damn MESH collisions!!!! I'm aware that this is some rather tedious work but it needs to be done.... looks like nothing changed since v0.92x onwards, there are so many spots where you can hide a character inside some rocks [I did post some 100+ screenshots about this issue in the past] that chinook @Madkill40 Sunrise deserves one of your nice n shiny minimaps
  12. Combat Harvesters

    I wasnt serious I dont think that any changes to the harvesters would be a good idea (apart from the path finding [going in circles etc.])
  13. Combat Harvesters

    yes, great idea - make harvesters HEROIC. let me farm more team-VP
  14. CommCenter as an actual basebuilding

    Veyron was working on a Tech Centre (dunno how to @-poke his ☢☢☢☢ forums nick...)