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Renegade X: Patch 5.331 Released

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Server Update: RELEASED

Client Update: RELEASED

Feedback and bug reports can be addressed in THIS TOPIC.


TL;DR Patch Notes

+Tokyo Drift wasn't even a good movie. Got rid of it.  [5.333 Mini-Patch]


+Fixed the GDIron Curtain [5.332 Hotfix]


+Fixed cruise missiles killing through buildings

+Evened out stats on offensive commander buffs

+Received a swanktastic new intro





5.333 Mini-Patch Changelist 

Bug Fixes

+Vehicles should actually start driving again when EMP'd while empty, then re-entered 

+Vehicle turn rates and speeds should be replicated more accurately to clients, so as to remove some weird choppiness added in 5.3

+EMPs no longer give excessive erroneous +VP messages on clients 



-Out of map spots fixed
-Rocks that could fit beacons inside them fixed
-Spawning in the air fixed (comsetic issue that was around since beta 1)

5.332 Hotfix Changelist

Bug Fixes

+Fixed GDI's Offensive Initiative power giving 1000% Defense instead of 10%

+Fixed the loading screen for maps that have no loading screen

+Fixed command target elimination text in multiplayer for commanders not being coloured right, or saying CP 

5.331 Changelist 




+Commander EMP/Smoke bomb:

-Increased health from 20 > 300 so they don't explode because they were stared at awkwardly; Increased mass so they don't get blown around so much by AA

+Cruise Missile:

-Damage to buildings increased from 30% > 50% 


+Offensive Initiative:

-Stats evened out to +20% ROF/REL/DAM; Damage resistance increased from 0% > 10% 


+Peace Through Power:

-Stats evened out to +20% ROF/REL/DAM; Speed increase from 7.5% > 12.5%

+Laser Chaingunner: Base speed increased from 0.8 > 0.85 

Quality of Life

-You are automatically commander in Skirmish

-Increased the maximum transparency of commander waypoints


-Updated intro with @IonTech's contribution 

-Lowered the brightness of the cruise missile's smoke trail

-Updated Cruise missile death icon

Bug Fixes

+Fixed static commanders overwriting both commanders with one commander at match start

+Fixed the Cruise missile killing through buildings

+Potentially fixed Medium Tank explosion causing freezes

+Fixed a bug with defensive VP modifiers not always applying when they should

+The quick-kick menu should work/display correctly now

+EMPs now check based on if a vehicle's collision box is in their blast radius instead of just their location 

+Fixed the M2 Bradley's name being blank when Q-spotted

+Fixed support vehicles (A10/MiGs/Cruise Missiles) showing blank when Q-spotted




-Rock climbing Fixed


-Strip elevator working correctly now
-Blocked off a Nod base to dam sniper spot

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