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Renegade X: Patch 5.32 Released

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Server Update: RELEASED

Client Update: RELEASED

Feedback and bug reports can be addressed in THIS TOPIC.


TL;DR Patch Notes

+Fixed EMPs on vehicles

+Fixed the plane flyover sounds for the Mig/A10 

+Fixed Cruise Missiles not being scary enough




5.32 Changelist 


+Losing a building increases a team commander's CP tick rate by +1  





+ Increased commander's defensive buffs from +25% resistance to +30%

+ Increased commander's defensive buff cost from 600 > 800CP

+Damage Resistance crate: Decreased effect from 33% to +20%  

+Cruise Missile: Increased damage modifier vs. vehicles/light armour from 25% > 40% ; Increased Health from 50 > 100 ; Armour type changed from LIGHT to HEAVY ; Can now damage buildings if they impact them (they still airburst, but clever placement can still hit buildings) 

+SAM/AA_Tower:  Damage vs. HEAVY armour increased (Which hopefully will not come back to bite anyone] 


-Grenade Launcher: Reduced MCT multiplier from 1.75 > 1.30 

Quality of Life

-ALT+C works for opening the commander menu

-Steam API re-enabled by default

-Moved Initial CP and Maximum CP values to Default/UDKRenegadeX.ini

-Added 'setcommander' RCON command

-Added 'GIVECP' command 



-Fixed the Tac rifle's ammo display

-Updated Nod's voice over for the Unity Through Peace buff

-Commanders are limited to 2 messages displayed at one time mid-screen, and both of these slots reside beneath the other mid-screen texts

-Commander's messages are a very light shade of pink to stand out better

-Updated Cruise missile explosion effects 

-Cruise Missiles state when they've been intercepted and destroyed


Bug Fixes

+Infantry damage resistance is now added to their initial armour bonus (so FLAK would be +30% + Damage resistance vs. explosives) 

+Fixed friendly fire on buildings 

+Fixed harvesters simulating credit dumps for the enemy team

+Fixed harvester attack/destroyed messages 

+Fixed Cruise missile indefinitely sounding off

+Fixed Rate of Fire not updating from buffs mid-firing 

+Team credits should be visible with 'V' again

+Swapping teams with somebody else as a commander now remembers to remove your commander status

+Fixed some scaling on the mid-screen messages

+Fixed support vehicles (I.E Cruise Missiles) not updating their health on clients 

+Fixed commanders not being marked for their team when inside a vehicle

+Fixed the Missile launcher not locking on to commander support vehicles

+EMP'd vehicles can no longer just sprint out of being EMP'd 

+Fixed Mig/A10 flyover sounds in netplay



-Fixed floating ramp behind GDI Bar 

- Fixed end game camera clipping issues

- Blocked off all tunnel entraces with vehicle blocking volumes

Field X:
- Adjusted Post Process settings inside the tunnel
- Adjusted Post Process to have a bit more of a sky bloom effect
- Added Sun Lens Flare
- Vehicle Camo changed to default Gold/Red instead of forest
- Adjusted the water colours/reflections to not look like night time
- Lowered brightness in the Tunnel's post process
- Removed light cone meshes on the bunkers since it day time and the lights are off


- Removed lava volumes on cliffs

- Removed some floating rocks from the river

- GDI learned how to pour a foundation for their power plant

- Fixed package that had been overwritten

- Airstrip lights have collision



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