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Launcher Update/Download v0.8x released

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Over the last few weeks @AlienXAXS has been working on improving the launchers patching process and fixing some bugs.

Please note that due to a previous launcher bug, you will not be prompted to auto-update to this version, you can, and should, update manually by downloading the latest version here

IMPORTANT: You do NOT have to reinstall the entire game. You can just overwrite the launcher in your Renegade X installation folder (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Renegade X\Launcher ). 




While the launchers look and feel has not changed, a lot has changed under the hood.  These changes include:

+ Concurrent Download Support - We all know that the last launcher did not always download as quickly as some would like.  With this new launcher you'll be downloading from 4 servers at once which should show a massive increase in speed

+ Asynchronous Applying Stage +

In the previous launcher during the Applying stage it would only process one patch file at once, this now processes up to four files at the same time now (or less, if you have less CPU cores)

+ Download Stop & Resume +

In this version you're able to stop the download before it gets to the applying stage and resume it later - this should help our players who are on slower internet connections.

+ Logging +

- The launcher now logs pretty much everything it does which is really useful for us!  If you have an issue with the launcher please send @AlienXAXS the log file found within '%appdata%\Renegade-X Launcher'

Bug Fixes + Other changes

 - dot NET Connection limit upped from Microsoft Default to 50
 - Updated xDelta to the latest release
- Added RxLogger custom library
- Starting the app with '--log' parameter will show a download debug dialog, useful for debugging download issues
- Fixed launcher updating failure due to malformed JSON
- Added better error handing to the startup of the launcher to better explain why certain things might not work  correctly due to malformed JSON.


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