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Renegade X: Patch 5.286 Release Notes

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Patch 5.286 Notes

Launcher Update: RELEASE

Full Build: RELEASE




Patch 5.286 Release Notes






Tactical Rifle: Increased Grenade's damage to all vehicles, since it got overnerfed with base damage at one point


MGs: Increased weapon damage to all infantry armour types by 10% | Increased damage to light armour 13% | Increased Damage to aircraft 5% 


Laser ChainGunner: 
Laser ChainGun: Spin up time reduces with veterancy

Bug Fixes

+Fixed camera stopping to follow you after switching seats in a vehicle that was moving. 

Map Balance


+Turned down the bloom to levels not reminicent of A Path Beyond [#ShotsFired] 


+Fixed several stuck spots as reported on forums

+Changed blocking volume near Nod field to vehicle blocking volume ( you can now walk the rock near harvy )

+Made the tunnels not look like they were made for dwarves

+Fixed floating rocks

+Removed several rocks where you could hide superweapon beacons in


+Changed airstrip tower position to take first hits from silo side

+Changed angle of airstrip itself

+Moved Nod HON and REF further back

+Reworked both harvester paths to have equal timings

+Did some landscape polishing

+Fixed several stuck spots

+Moved up the GDI WF towards the middle (no more killing WF and GDI REF at once)



+Tac Rifle and Autorifle moved to Hitscan at Elite/Heroic respectively, as opposed to just excessively fast projectiles. 

+Updated Gunner's rocket launcher effect at Heroic

+Added icon to window title when in windowed mode.

+Made the MRLS 1st Person camera slightly higher

+Integrated the icons into the exes so that the RenX logo shows up for the game on the task bar, and other shortcuts.

+Fixed some hand alignments with weapons 

+Removed CnC-Storm

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Now that TS vehicles are being looked at, maybe consider recon bike having 250hp and larger splash as well as hmrls to counteract loss of lock on

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Very nice polish being put in various places. I think I greatly like each individual change in the list. TacRifle, Bloom, Hitscan, Camera adjustment, Map bugs, Map adjustments for balance and functionality, all very solid improvements. Nice job on icon for exe.

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There was a player on the the CT server that was reporting that he misses his Healtbar\Statusbar when he was aiming at other players or buildings.

This happens with the following characters : Havoc, Deadeye, LazerChainGunner, Sydney

It can be solved when they buy a repairgun.

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4 hours ago, YagiHige said:


QFT. Waiting on someone to tell me no guns do damage and buildings are indestructible. 

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