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[Level] CNC-Paradise

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Paradise is a large tropical island featuring beaches, a tiki bar, a jungle and of course a giant volcano. Base buildings are split, Infantry and Auto Defence Structures are on the beach. Vehicle and Refinery Structures are inland. Power Plants are built internally into the cliffs which means the only way to destroy them is infiltration. Large tunnel systems are used to connect the base and structures, some of which are guarded by Auto Defence Ceiling Turrets.


Tech Buildings and Features

Destructible Security Office

The Security Office allows players to view CCTV cameras which are situated throughout the base. Press 'E' to cycle cameras. The office also holds alarm systems for all of the bases buildings and powers several auto defence ceiling turrets. If the MCT is destroyed these functions are permanently disabled. [Not required for Team Victory].

2 Tiberium Silos and Tiberium Weapon Lab

There are 2 Tiberium Silos deep in the jungle which work as normal. However, capturing both Silos will grant the team access to Tiberium weaponry which can be collected from their Refinery.

Communications Centre

The Communications Centre grants the owning team improved radar capabilities and also enables 2 additional purchase terminals, found within the tunnels.

End Game Pedestal

After roughly 1 hour of game play an additional room in the tunnels will be revealed, situated inside will is the End Game Pedestal. To win via "End Game" rules, a beacon must successfully detonate on the rival team's pedestal.

Day and Night

Time of day is decided at the start of each match, there is a 1 in 5 chance of the map spawning at night time.




Change-log Archive


** Paradise Version 4.1 - 01/05/2017 - Change-log **

*Security Office*
- Disabled security office controllable camera system due to bugs
- Added more static cameras
- Added button to change additional cameras
- Added ceiling turret status display
- Adjusted Auto-turret respawn times (3-minutes)
- Collision on MCT fixed
- Added coffee, doughnuts and bitches

*Volcano and Jungle*
- Slightly adjusted temple ruins to make them climbable without the aid of vehicles
- Grass and tree render distance adjusted
- Added a lot of jungle rocks
- Added lava rocks to side of bridges
- Small adjustments to volcano

- Fixed AGT Lag (This was caused by setting range multiplier really high)
- Added rocks to back of Infantry Barracks
- Extended rear of Weapons Factory
- Changed HON floor texture
- Added lights to HON and Obelisk
- Opened side path around Nod base cliff
- Added side path to GDI base cliffs
- Fixed GDI club lights
- Very slightly increased base entrance size, to help bot’s navigation
- Added purchasable shots of rum at McFarland’s Tiki Bar
- GDI Nightclub becomes "Club Bendoza"
- End game pedestal is now functioning (accessible after 60 minutes)

- Fixed communications centre additional purchase terminals
- Added Mini-map!
- Added Load-screen
- Added Pirates!
- Slight adjustments to cliffs
- Removed collision on every out-of-bounds object (assuming this will increase performance)
- Various other optimisations


** Paradise Version 3.0 - 14/11/2016 - Changelog **

*Volcano and Jungle*
- Lava lake now bubbles
- Removed Lava collisions
- Fixed lava kill volumes
- Rock textures changed
- Added Temple Ruins
- Added Jungle Waterfall
- New Jungle sounds
- Updated Mammoth MKII
- Placed new bushes in jungle
- Added official communications centre

*Security Office*
- Fixed camera issues
- Added second entrance to security office with additional PT and Spawn point
- Added more base security cameras
- Added Communications Centre camera (when captured)
- Removed ability to hack into other teams CCTV
- Added respawning ceiling turrets and flame turrets
- Ceiling turrets are disabled when security office is destroyed
- Added alarm system and indicators for building infiltration

- Repositioned Obelisk and AGT
- Added more rocks to beach
- Terrain Adjustments
- Removed Kane Hologram collision
- Fixed light source texture in GDI Club
- Set mine and vehicle limits
- 4 additional crate locations
- Vehicle Theater camo added
- Added more spotting volumes
- Collecting tiberium weapon sound fixed
- Various Optimisation


** Paradise Version 2.0 - 09/08/2016 - Changelog **


- Terrain Adjustments

- Middle 'Island' adjusted to block exploits

- Sorted side rope bridge collisions

- Included more spotting volumes

- Team specific endgame cam fixed

- Added collision to palm trees

- Found those missing textures

- Adjusted tiberium in cave

- Moved some volcano rocks

- Changed volcano Smoke

- Added occasional volcano rumble

- Added various vehicle blocking volumes

- Improved Mammoth MK. II Ladders

- Raised Nod Towers

- Fixed lighting on lockers

- Repositioned tiberium weapon centers

- Removed broken purchase terminals

- Communications Center now correctly activates tunnel terminals

- Added Door to Security Offices

- Installed Security Office Alarm System

- Improved CCTV Camera controls

- Layout of maintenance tunnels changed so it's much easier to defend

- Added Kane Hologram to Temple of Nod

- Added Light inside Weapons Factory

- Added Auto Defense Flame Thrower Tower in Maintenance

- Fixed ceiling turrets

- Ceiling turrets removed until a fix is found

- Various Optimizations



Edited by DoctorAnubis
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@DoctorAnubis ok, there are 14 bug / glitch related Paradise screenshots on T.O.'s ftp... mainly collision things & killing sec MCT spawns log permanently.

I'll post the screens until tomorrow midnight... if I don't do that - slap me ok?

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On 26/11/2016 at 6:44 PM, DarkSn4ke said:

@DoctorAnubis ok, there are 14 bug / glitch related Paradise screenshots on T.O.'s ftp... mainly collision things & killing sec MCT spawns log permanently.

I'll post the screens until tomorrow midnight... if I don't do that - slap me ok?

@DarkSn4ke how do I view these please

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7d1f7dc345514b42924883747c0539cc.pngsuicide spot



b278567f5e2c48dd9c0541586404a888.pngLava Bubbles

4f4caaa6cbe64046a8464ce0cc3c5715.pngchar flickering [?]

57f334dde8734358a0cd093c7a8ca94a.pngstuck under hovercraft


79bc5977aa394b59b4497e4e9281b945.pngbad collision on WF top (emplacement)


32115ca0f58d410aa1abd5afa29f4bb8.pngdue to missing collision...

8fe16380724343028ccee873b52ee184.pngI blame Gliven for that :P

0b36a814f9f1414a9e5b47f0235b5e70.pngglitched c4 taking no dmg

5231bcb2934f45f69bf6301e71d24fd0.pnglog spam after destroying CCTV MCT



fdf87b737ca749bdb88ea188529ab5a1.pngTry found Anubis lair

755f631b6fdc4c048a9eb8098eb2b407.pngAnubis likes to torture GDI units (there's more to find.. I just don't want to post everything)


Wanna know where the lair is? Go and play the map to find out xD



PS: sorry for the late posting... :o

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Hello @DoctorAnubis, today we played this map. 

Few things I noticed:

- It (still) looks really nice!
- I had a strange bug where I watched the ref from above, while I was still inside. If I moved around long enough I could access the PT or open the doors. Never managed to get out... Had to suicide. No clue what caused this and I cannot replicate it. Happened at GDI ref suddenly
- Does the turret regenerate / reappear on purpose?
- Minimap / map is missing (important feature, since map is pretty large)

Hope you can do some more fixes to this map. With the new launcher + ingame download the map can be pushed to clients easier now!

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Just Updated 4.2



** Paradise Version 4.2 - 12/06/2017 - Change-log **

*Security Office*
- Fixed security office console spam
- Building notifications draw distance increased
- Fixed Nod ventilation shaft alarm trigger
- Added texture for Nod ceiling turrets
- Lowered MCT health
- Added additional camera (PP entrance)

*Volcano and Jungle*
- Added more rocks to lava pools
- Bubbling lava edited
- Added lava emitters
- Lava sound is now a sound spline
- Dimmed tiberium lighting effects
- Fixed cave kill volume bug
- Added more emitters to waterfall
- Jungle heavily optimised

- Added more containers to GDI Base
- GDI end game pedestal code fixed
- Removed collision from trees inside Barracks
- Cosmetic changes to GDI beach
- Added reflection effect to weapons Factory floor
- Added more crates inside of WF
- Additional walls in WF now display as damaged when building is destroyed
- Changes around Nod Air tower beach
- Adjusted positioning of Nod turret to increase its effectiveness
- Added blocking volumes to stop pirates bombarding buildings so much
- Fixed refinery roof exploits
- Added static lights to both bases
- Added actual door to end game pedestal rooms
- Added lights to end game pedestal doors

- Added grassy side paths to centre infantry route
- Added additional entrance to base via volcano path on both sides
- Updated minimap
- 1 in 5 chance of "Midnight Paradise"
- Number of active crates changed to 6 from 5
- Sea sound is now a sound spline
- Added tiberium decals
- Fog and global lighting slightly changed
- Cliffs edited
- Spotting volumes adjusted
- Fixed some shadow errors
- Fixed water materials
- Various "stuck spots" fixed
- Various texture changes
- Package size reduction
- Further optimisations

Edited by DoctorAnubis
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3 hours ago, Chrisjh0223 said:

What is a sound spline?

Does this have anything to do with the numerical interpolation of some waveform? O.o

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It makes the sound come from the spline, instead of from one point, which makes it ideal for rivers/creeks and coastlines.

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