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[MAP] CNC-Snow

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I'd make a vehicle route which goes up to the wall from each base, add extra walls so vehicles can't fire at the base from on top and add more stairs to allow infantry onto the top.

Essentially creating an S route over the wall, literally just a route which brings vehicles out at the Barracks/Airstrip sides of the map.

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I'm not adding that, I tought about extra paths that go around the map, but it would make the map just so different from what Snow originally was, that it wouldn't be Snow anymore. Besides that I think it works pretty well now with the changes made compared to the original. Like the extra path, and moving the WF further back.

You can go ahead and make a variation on the map, but name it differently, like Snow 2 or Snow X :P

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A small preview of what's coming in the next update..


those openings are connected, they give healers more cover on the one hand, and give attackers a way to flank on the other hand. The planks are destructible of course. The terrain inside the tunnel is also a bit flatter, and the tunnel is wider overall.  
I think this is as much as I can change it, while still keeping it close to the original Snow as much as possible.


Silos are captured by default (Can still be stolen)

The icicles break from weak weapons too now

Post Processing inside the building improved, and the transition is improved.

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